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Everything Was Fine Until That Innocent Little Rich Girl Walked Into My Garage Since The Second I Laid My Eyes On Her, All I Ve Wanted To Do Is Get My Dirty Hands On Her Pure Body There S One Minor Obstacle Standing In My Way, But I Ve Got A Plan All I Ve Got To Do Is Claim Her, And She Ll Be Mine Forever Warning This Book Is Over The Top, Insta Love There S Nothing But Steamy Scenes, Babies Trying To Be Made, And An Obsessed Bearded Alpha Hero Claiming A Virgin Who Will Be His Forever If You Want It Hot And Dirty, This Is It Whispers There S A Sweet Smutty Surprise At The End

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    I liked this one but not as much as the first one At times I found my self bored and for a quick read it took me all day to finish I kept getting up, walking away from it and finding other things to do like the dishes So yeah I liked Paine and Penelope s story than Law and Joey s but neither wowed me Oh well on to the last book.

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    Mechanic is book two in the Breeding series by Alexa Riley What is it about AR s books I just can t stop reading them They are insta love, and insta sex times a million, and I love every single minute of it This one, as freaking hot as it was, had a fantastic story equipped with evil Dad And what a surprise at the ending with the bonus chapter Paine owns a garage He has devoted all of his recent years to making it a success He has not had time nor had any interest in women Until the day that Penelope walked in to his shop He didn t even know her name He knew she was way out of his league with her fancy car She radiated rich girl But he can t fight the attraction He instantly dubs her his Duchess and he will most definitely make her earn her crown Penelope was sent away to an all girls boarding school when she was just a little girl She has actually spent very little time in her home town But right after graduation from college, her father forced her to come back, and informed her that she is going to marry his lawyer Her father is holding something very near to Penelope s heart to make sure she does exactly what he says.Paine, though, has other ideas He has claimed his Duchess as his own There will be no wedding, no fiance He will be the only man to touch his Duchess, whether she likes it or not To know I m the first to touch her makes me want to shoot off a cannon and plant a stake beside her that reads This land is claimed She s an undiscovered country, and I wanna be the king of it I loved every single page of this book It was actually pretty intense regarding her evil father and all Certain parts kept me on the edge of my seat, and certain parts well, you know Best of all, there was a totally unexpected bonus chapter at the end with Joey and Law s story It ran simultaneous to Paine and Penelope s story Simply amazing It filled in lots of holes.I suspect I could start at the top of AR s book list and just go down the row and would love every single one of them They never fail to brighten my mood.

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    2.75 Smut Scale StarsAs I ve said before, Alexa Riley is my go to smut author Like the book equivalent of a morning quickieHard, fast, and dirty while sometimes lackingfinesse, all parties are still left satisfied, amiright So there s that Right, Self You re welcome.Anysmut, this book once again deals with the whole breeding thing, which is apparently a thing, but I don t care Sure it s kinda creepy when brought into the Dirty Talk repertoire, but whatevs, I dig it But, with that said, this was not my favorite Alexa Riley Sorry, Self.Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed it well enough However, the whole initial interaction between the H and the h when he view spoiler tells her he won t accept any other form of payment but a piece o pussy in exchange for repairing her car hide spoiler

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    So going into this book, I new there was going to be a lot hot dirty sex And Miss Riley did not disappoint Do it, Duchess Show me what a dirty girl you can be I rub my chin on her clit, letting my beard soak up her juice That s your payment, baby You can t get your car back until you cum on my face Now wipe the pussy on my tongue and earn it And if you re one of those gals with breeding fetishes, this novella is just the thing for you Tell me you want my cum, Duchess Tell me you want it deep inside you, coating your unprotected womb I got you, she whispers, and I take her mouth I kiss her roughly, then break away to suck on her tit She moans when I bite down on one, then lick it better I can t wait to breed her and have them dripping with milk.

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    Warning This book is over the top, insta love breeding There s nothing but steamy scenes, babies trying to be made, and an obsessed bearded alpha hero claiming a virgin who will be his forever If you want it hot and dirty, this is it It did what it said on the tin Quick, hot read Bit repetitive at times but worth the buck I paid for it.

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    I liked a book by Alexa Riley that I ve read a while ago but I admit, I bought this one mainly because of Franggy on the cover.There s a warning at the beginning This book is over the top, insta love There s nothing but steamy scenes, babies trying to be made, and an obsessed bearded alpha hero claiming a virgin who will be his forever If you want it hot and dirty, this is it And that s exactly what you get, so if you look for something deeper, it s not here But if you like it dirty, insta, OTT and overly descriptive OMG, all those body fluids , you will enjoy it A girl needs some simple, dirty smut from time to time and this one did the trick, I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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    A dirty and smutty little secretI ve had Mechanic sitting on my kindle for a couple of weeks I d heard the rumours about this smutty little treat and was curious to see if it lived up to the hype Was I going to keep it a secret that I read it If I did read it, would I review it This book is flat out and openly a Smutfest and everyone would know my secret I like big smut and I can not lie, you other smutters can t deny, that when a book comes out with smutty smut taste and an Alpha with good face, you get sprung.Yep, I m a smut lover.Holy shamoly The words and actions by the main characters were rude, crude and socially unacceptable but you couldn t help but be turned on by them Paine, from the get go, knows he wants his Duchess forever He had no hesitations and made it very clear to everyone that she was his It was ownership and complete devotion It was actually really sweet.It was also kind of funny Every time the word bred, breeding or breeder popped up I snorted The dirty talk was extreme and the marking of her a bit gross But you take the good with the bad What s one person s gross is another person s nirvana.There was an actual story and it kept my interest from the beginning to the end We are also given a bonus at the end with Joey and Law s story Their story is shorter but just as filled with dirty talking possessive sexy times as the main one.This was my first story by Alexa Riley, I enjoyed it and it will definitely not be my last.To buy Mechanic from , for the bargain price of 1.00

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    SHE S LIVE Get your dirty little hands on her.

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    5 Bearded Hot Mechanic Bonus Sheriff Stars I was not expecting to love this book so much after just enjoying the first one in the series Mechanic has been such a great read for me LOL Let s see why, shall we First, this is the second installment in Alexa Riley s Breeding series and as you can imagine our heros and heroines are quite obsessed about breeding and having babies which I still find a little bit weird LOL So this time, in Mechanic, Riley gives us the story of Paine a super hot bearded mechanic who finds himself super atracted to an innocent rich girl and Penelope said innocent girl who happens to be the Mayor s daughter and a young woman who is being forced to marry someone she does not love There s something passing between us, and it s intense This is unlike anything I ve ever felt before, and I can t explain it Being in her presence is like being punched in the gut and jerked off at the same time It s overwhelming and amazing Well, Alexa warns us in the sinopsis This book is over the top, insta love There s nothing but steamy scenes, babies trying to be made, and an obsessed bearded alpha hero claiming a virgin who will be his forever If you want it hot and dirty, this is it And yeah, that s practically it hahaha Just saying that if you re in the mood for smut, Riley s writing will not disappoint you Her couples have amazing and insta chemistry and the sex is off the charts You re the only woman I ve ever had in my house, Duchess The only woman who s ever been in my bed And after tonight, you re the only one who s ever going to be in it again I m gonna eat that sweet pussy before I take your cherry I want you nice and relaxed when I get inside you But after you cum and I get my cock in you, I wanna fuck you hard I want you to remember this first time forever As you can see, the heros are quite good with the dirty talking OH What do I mean by heroS, in plural Well. after Mechanic there is a bonus story about one couple that we see throughout the novel Joey a.k.a Josephine one of Paine s worker s and a kickass but sweet innocent heroine and Law Penelope s brother and a smokin Sheriff that happens to be super in love with her Go out with me, he says, I ll cuff you and take you to the station until you agree He leans in to whisper into my ear Or just wait for everyone to leave the station and eat your pussy until you agree Yep Another awesome dirty talking, obsessed with breeding and fucking hero I am not complaining, right Two always better than one hahah I really loved this short bonus story too Josephine, my sweet Josephine Think of all the ways I ve worshiped your body Made love to you every night You re it for me Nothing else in this whole world matters if I don t have you Therefore, my rating for Mechanic and its bonus short is 5 STARS I really enjoyed the two novellas and as I said, if you want some smut Alexa Riley is a very good option for you I am really enjoying her stories And this one is now my favourite, so I highly recommend CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

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    2.5 StarsSoooo, basically there s some of this That s right, Duchess This isn t a bit of fun This isn t a fling This is real Now , you getting on my bike or do I have to tie you to it Because I brought rope and some of this Soon I ll be fucking you, Duchess You ll take me inside your little cunt until I fill you with every drop of cum I have Then I ll do it over and over again until you beg me to stop and can t forget about this Answer me, Duchess You taking anything to keep me from breeding you Tell me you want my cum, Duchess Tell me you want it deep inside you, coating your unprotected womb Yeah, that pretty much sums it up Unfortunately even the sexy times bored me.The blurb gives fair warning that this is an Instalove, breeding kind of story and that s most definitely true Still, if you re in the mood for a growly man who knows how to use his hands and a virginal gal who hasn t quite learned to make her own decisions yet, this smutty little tale might be right up your alley.For me not so much.ETA I enjoyed the Law and Joey bonus story a whole lot than I did Paine and Penelope s I guess I can handle the breeding smut as long as there s not an over abundance of giggling