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Rating guide to 2500 mysteries and detective stories This includes an A Z encyclopedia of authors divided into categories such as American English Thriller and Police Procedural Contains a short synopsis andor opinion of each by Bourgeau and a rating system of from one to five daggers

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    4 Stars This one I like Why? you say? Because Bourgeau is was the owner of Whodunit? a mystery bookstore in Philadelphia and he provides a rating guide for 2500 or of his favourite mysteries as listed by author He divides them into four categories American English Spy Novels Thrillers and Police Procedurals Some are subdivided such as the American section which attempts to differentiate intellectual detective stories from the hard boiled ones like Mike Hammer That might be taking it too far; surely some fall into than one sub category But it's his rating system that springs out at you He has five different ones similar to Goodreads although he's tough to match Take Bourgeau's colourful One Dagger which is described as Only Read This One When You're Drunk In order to do 2500 of them he must be a voracious reader And blessed with an excellent memory Someday I may look closely at his 5 Daggers True Classics and find a way to list them separately done 2020 02 02 Sadly no evidence of a later edition As I put together my Basic Mystery and Thriller Compilation this book was helpful May 2019

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    As said by others a useful book to discover unknown or overshadowed mystery writers

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    The Mystery Lover's Companion by Art Bourgeau Crown Publisher's 1986 8230872 This book summarizes the author's favorite picks in four grand divisions of mysteries the American Mystery the English Mystery Thrillers and the Police Procedurals The author defines “Thrillers” as quintessential spy stories a character operating under an assumed identity steals military or political secrets of an important or sensitive nature and must transport them back to his own country before he is captured The terrorist novel is the current hot item in this category Thrillers also encompass adventure novels and mercenary novels In the category of “Police Procedurals” there are five types of story Misdemeanors Felonies Manhunts Trials by Jury and Ultimate Humanity “Misdemeanors” are novels of squad rooms and creaking gunbelts screaming sirens and justice handed out quickly “Felonies” are novels about the investigation of a crime committed by someone with a motive which is usually love or money and which usually takes place in a small town where the crime is felt all throughout the community “Manhunts” are psycho novels where the detective pursues the bad guy The bad guy is the pretty boy so to speak and the detectivestraight man goes on his plodding colorless way until the criminal is caught “Trial by Jury” novels build up to and center around a trial for a particular crime think “Perry Mason” or To Kill a Mockingbird Finally the last category of Police Procedural is stories of “Ultimate Humanity” These are stories of “True Crime” such as Truman Capote's In Cold Blood or Joseph Wambaugh's The Onion Field The author has included blurbs about many mysteries; the edge is taken off this book's recommendations when it becomes apparent that the author has simply forced the mysteries he has read into one or another of his designated categories as described above Finally the larger problem with this book is that as of today's reading this book and its recommendations are thirty years old Many if not most of todays most popular writers were not yet penning mysteries in 1986 when this book went to press A great number of those books are no longer available at one's local library My recommendation is that the reader who is looking for mystery recommendations should focus instead on the book Thrillers 100 Must Reads which was edited by David Morrell and Hank Wagner and which was published in 2010 It's a much current reference and contains most of the current bestselling authors among its featured selections My rating 710 finished 3616

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    Up to a limited point this is a useful reference for the complete novice but the book jacket describes it as a guide for aficionados and by that standard it is a failure When I first started reading mysteries I discovered writers like Christianna Brand Edmund Crispin and Clayton Rawson by browsing this guide at the library but I very soon outgrew it The book is riddled with factual errors claim that Gaudy Night is the second Harriet Vane book wrong date for The Mousetrap a major error in plot summary of Roger Ackroyd etc Taste is idiosyncratic There is no attempt to be comprehensive and many very important mysteries like Sayers's Murder Must Advertise and Christie's Death on the Nile are not reviewed Many reviews if that word is even appropriate consist of a one sentence plot synopsis and a dagger rating with no word about quality to justify the rating Some second or third rate mysteries by major authors have 5 daggers lavished on them Carr's Skeleton in the Clock Queen's Roman Hat Mystery Christie's The Mousetrap I share his love of Crispin but other than The Moving Toyshop he gives the highest marks to his weakest books He also favorably reviews books written by himself and his wife He neglects to assign a dagger rating to The Thin Man The reviews are confusingly organized into four not mutually exclusive categories so that some writers like Thomas Harris appear in than two categories while others have their eclectic oeuvre arbitrarily assigned to one and even confusingly the dust jacket claims they are organized according to an entirely different system He praises Dorothy Sayers for her feminism just after he has joked about her looking like FDR in drag

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    Beware of author misspellingsExactly the kind of book I was hoping it would be good introduction to lesser known mystery writers Wish he would make a newer one now

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    Not in library or iBooks