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Danielle Monroe is determined to use her new job in DC as a stepping stone to a high powered political career But the secrets surrounding her father's death continue to overshadow her goals Her family thinks she holds the final piece of the puzzle but she doesn't even know what the puzzle isuntil an attractive and possibly dangerous stranger shows up in her lifePatrick Kane is searching for answers about his own dark tragedy not realizing that the beautiful Danielle may not just hold the key to his mystery but also his heart They have to stay alive long enough to find out

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    The third book in the Lightning Strikes series by Barbara Freethy Danielle Monroe is back in Texas for her sister's wedding and while she is there she attends the dedication ceremony of a park There she meets Patrick Kane the son of the woman who the park is dedicated to When she loses her great grandmother's ring she goes back to the park to find it and rescues Patrick from a mugging that involved knives Patrick and Dani end up together seeking the truth about her father's and his mother's deaths Both died in plane crashes but years apartI enjoyed the series for the most part but I have to admit I got a little bored at times during this last book Normally I like books that investigate crimes but for some reason this one just got bogged down with all the details and different people involved etc Still I was interested in finding out how it ended and who the baddies were and all that jazz The story did pick up for me towards the end and I was almost sad when it was all over

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    Author Barbara FreethyFirst published 2016Length 368 pages 4487 kindle locationsSetting Contemporary Corpus Christi Texas and Washington DCSex Hand wavy InfrequentHero Investigative journalistHeroine works for a politicianAnd we conclude the trilogyAn enjoyable read A good mystery A couple of threads slightly untied view spoilerlike the mystery of the Dad I don’t think that was satisfactorily concluded hide spoiler

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    This was a well crafted complicated plot that left no stones unturned Excellent story that brought in characters from the first two books to give the series a defined arc While I rooted for Dani and Patrick their characters weren't as satisfying as Jake and Katherine in Book 2 It was still a satisfying read and I recommend it

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    Loved it A great completion to a unique series

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    Dynamic characters riveting storyline weirdlightening seen by a pilot who then disappearsan airplane explosion with two US Senators onboardafter meeting with an anonymous whistleblowerWhat is happening? What is being covered up?Dani Monroe a legislative assistant for a US Senator in Washington DC lost her father when the flight he wasflying disappear Her father was nicknamed “ Lightening Man” claiming he saw lightening with gunfire Then hedisappears What was he seeing? Dani ‘s grandmother sends her a ring with the prophecythat she will discover the last piece of the puzzle leadingto her father’s disappearance Now the strange adventure ensures It begins after she attends a job related dedication of a park This park is in Texas in honor of a US Senator who lost her life in a plane explosion along with the other US Senator Both Senators had meet with an anonymous source prior to thecrashWhat had they discovered? What did they uncover? Whois involved? How high up in the government does this cover up go?The ring falls off Dani ‘s finger Retrieving the ring leads her to an unexpected lead to solve the missing piece of the puzzle She connects with the deceased Senators son Patrick Kane He is an investigative reporter who wants to meet with the Dani ’s boss but is being blocked Everything go down hill when they team up togetherThreats attempted murder arson political intrigue actual murder combine with plenty of suspense great chills thrills with unexpected twists An uniquely different unpredictable plot weaving together romance intrigue and mystery from the past and present effortlesslyThis is the third book in the Lightning Strikes series but can be read as a stand aloneExciting readThank you to the author for this eBook My opinion is my own

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    Final installment of the Lightning Strikes series The first two books focused on Dani's siblings and this is her book She has never put much faith into her siblings belief in lightning and it's ability to guide them where they need to go and what they need to see Dani has moved to DC to work for the senator and meets Patrick an investigative reporter whose mother died a in plane crash similar to the circumstances of her father's death Patrick approaches her for help to meet with the senator and from there they begin to work together as a team to solve the mysterious deaths Intrigue corrupt politicians and corporate types abound Good story and resolution to the series and the introduction of FBI Agent Wolff who may appear in future stories

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    Great third book in the series it wrapped everything up nicely and let us know that there is another book coming about Agent Wolfe

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    Summer Rain Lightning Strikes Book 3 is by Barbara Freethy It is the conclusion of the series and it is perhaps the best of the three I like the way she uses the Mayan myths of lightning in her books Dani Monroe has finally made it to Washington DC as a legislative assistant for Senator Dillon of Texas She hasn’t made her mark yet but she is learning Now she is back in Corpus Christi for her sister Alicia’s wedding After the wedding she will attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of a park in honor of the late Congresswoman Kane who died in an unfortunate plane crash Since her death was so reminiscent of Dani’s father’s death Dani took some time to look over the rose garden As she did she played with her great great grandmother’s ugly heavy wedding ring she had worn because Alicia wanted her too Now however she couldn’t get the ring off After paying her respects to the Kanes and giving Senator Dillon’s condolences she started to leave After a quick phone call from the Senator’s chief of staff checking on her Dani realized her ring was missing and went back to find it When she got to the roses she saw Patrick Kane the son and a hooded man fighting She watched as Patrick was wounded Then she reacted attacking the hooded man with her purse then mace The man ran away and Dani set her sights on Patrick to help As she was helping him to the car she found her ring in the grass Now to get Patrick to the hospital Patrick Kane had heard a rumor that his mother and Senator Stuart had been having an affair which was why the two of them were on the same plane He wanted to interview any witnesses to prove that rumor wrong He needs to get to Senator Dillon but can’t get through his chief of staff Would Dani be a way in? After all he did need to see her to thank her for saving him Will Dani help Patrick find out the truth behind his mother’s plane crash? Is there a connection to her father’s plane crash? Will they be able to figure things out before they are killed? The tangled thread continues from DC to Corpus Christi to Mexico and back Can they unravel it?

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    Summer Rain was a enjoyable third book in this suspenseful series I liked all the characters in play especially the main characters Dani and Patrick and how they met and connected through lightningThe author has done a wonderful joy of piecing the three stories together each book being centered upon one of the family members and how they were compelled to search for answers after the loss of their father in a plane crash Patrick was added to this story and linked to Dani through a similar loss in his life his mother who was killed in another plane crash Barbara Freethy created strong resilient characters who are not afraid to venture into the unknown in spite of danger at every turn This makes for some exciting and suspenseful readingI look forward to reading the next series involving one of the FBI characters that will spin off from this book I’m sure the author will have satisfying stories to tell that will keep this reader engaged

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    My initial reaction was to give this book 3 stars because I was impatient to finish it But it had everything I normally like good continuous storyline without a lot of annoying side action some sex but not the kind where they're in a life or death situation and everything comes to a grinding halt while they spend 6 pages on it likeable characters interesting premise which means it was my mood and not the writing that was at fault And unlike some books I'm impatient with I didn't just skip to the end after the first 100 pages just to get it over with so that was also a good signal that it wasn't the book's faultI like Freethy's writing and would certainly read other books she's written