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Read Love On Life Support for 99 cents until November 18 Matthew Kailen a respected paramedic has two rules 1 I don’t date guys from work 2 I don’t do relationships The son of a homophobic father Matthew learned to stay deeply entrenched in the closet for his own protection He remained under his father’s radar until his sister Meredith and her husband were killed by a drunk driver When Matthew became the guardian of their two young children his life got complicated Trent Paleck completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Lake Community Hospital outside of LA Despite the abundance of hot surfers and muscle studs he longed to get back to the east coast When a position for an Emergency Room doctor became available at Amity Hospital in Trent’s home town he jumped at the opportunity to move home Trent never expected to find what he did when he found himself working alongside Matthew A reluctant attraction quickly blossoms into something deeper Can Matthew find in Trent the one thing that will cause him to break his own rules? Is Trent ready to trade in California surfers for the father of two young children? Both men are faced with what appears to be insurmountable challenges when Matthew’s father takes actions to prevent Trent from having the man he wants and Matthew the children he loves Can they climb over the hurdles to find the love they desire? Download your copy of Love On Life Support Today

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    Trent was never afraid to be himself he knew he was gay and told his parents at 14 and in high school he never allowed anyone to bully him He always knew he wanted to be a doctor and he did just that after years spent on the West Coast he finally gets a position back home what he wasn't expecting was the boy he ludted after throughout high school to grow up into such a gorgeous man and though he always thought he was the token straight athlete finding out he was gay is another perkMatthew's life has been anything but easy He knew he was gay but because of his homophobic father was forced to spend his time in school so deep in a closet he wasn't sure he would ever be able to come out of it Going to college he found a way to explore the side of himself he was always forced to repress and decided that when he came home he would no longer hide While his father may have disowned him his sister and her husband loved him enough that he never cared but when she and her husband tragically died he was left picking up the pieces Love became something he desperately wanted in a partner but because of circumstances thought he would never get in so he learned to close himself off until the guy he lusted after in high school comes homeThe attraction between them is expensive but Trent's forceful approach leaves Matt reeling back in order to protect himself Add the two get closer forces conspire to keep them apart Will they find their way through it all together or will it push them to the breaking point? Trent in comfortable in his own skin always has been He's not afraid to be upfront about his own lifestyle choices and for anyone who tries to put him down because of it he doesn't even care it just rolls right off of himMatt has been scarred by circumstance by doesn't let it stop him from being himself any He might keep things closer to the vest but with friends and family there to support him he is open to trying things even if he didn't realize itThey have their share of troubles mostly revolving around one specific character in the story but I love to how they both opened up and we're accepting of each otherThe characters are well developed and I enjoyed getting to know each of them feeling that they were so real their struggles were your own And by the end tissues were definitely needed as you felt everything right along with the characters

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    Overall I really liked Love on Life Support In the end it packed a satisfying romantic emotional wallop–my favorite kind of story In fact I had to wipe a few tears from my eyes The love between Trent and Matthew is so honest and the way they work to find their way to each other is heartwarming Add to this a wonderful cast of side characters most lovable and endearing and one hell of a villain and you have the makings for an excellent story It was really of a long novella so the book progressed rather quicklyDespite the many positive attributes to this book there were a few things which distracted me as I read Most notably was in how the author chose to tell us about characters’ emotions rather than show them on the page At key moments throughout the book the author would tell us what particular emotion a character was feeling whereas I would have preferred the actions spoke for themselves One of the characters took a while to clue in to the needs of the other as well which made him seem a bit insensitive until he figured out the best way to approach the man of his desiresAll this said I would recommend Love on Life Support as an enjoyable weekend read perhaps when you are in the mood to capture an emotional ride crank out some of those tears just to give yourself an emotional cleansing If you find yourself in that situationas I did this weekendthen this book is for youReviewed by Taz for The Novel Approachhttpwwwthenovelapproachreviewsco

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    Love on life Support by John Charles5 starsMM RomanceTriggers Homophobia deathI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow ReadsMatthew is an EMT who is just trying to make it through life without too much trouble He came from a family who did not have the best role models Then he has to come to grips with the fact that even though he has worked incredibly hard to never mix business with pleasure he finds himself lusting after his old high school mate who also happens to be the new ER doctorTrent is new to town but only because he left for college When he sees Matthew again he is immediately attracted to his old high school classmate He remembers Matthew is straight and tries to tamp down those urges When he learns that Matthew is not straight his days are looking upI really liked how their relationship developed Trent through patience and love allowed Matthew to come around to the notion that he could develop a relationshipThis would not be a complete story without some drama and boy this has it in spades What I liked most about the issues in this book were that they were not really centered between the two main characters Outside forces were the main issue and I think it helped to create a strong bonded couple

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    I feel like I should say something if I give a book 2 stars so I'll just say that the idea of the story was a good one but it read stilted and weird An editor would have been a good idea also

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review from the authorAnytime I start reading a book by a new author to me I’m always a little apprehensive as to what I will find Like all the books I read I want to connect and be pulled into the story I want to believe what I’m reading and be moved by itLove on Life Support by John Charles is a book that gave me what I needed It’s not overly long but the author manages to get a lot of history into the story that gives the reader a visual of the characters; where they came from where they’ve been and where they are goingThe two main characters Trent and Matthew have a history from years back They went to the same high school together but were on different playing fields Matthew was a jock football star and in Trent’s eyescompletely untouchable and straight Trent was the nerd who displayed his rainbow colors in a magnitude of ways for all to see and proud of itTrent knew at an early age he was gay His parents accepted loved and supported him 100% therefore never leaving him to doubt where he stood In school he was out loud and proud and never backed down in the face of bullies or conflictSkip to present day Trent is a successful ER doctor and has just moved close to home He’s living with his parents at the moment until he can find something of his own He loves the rush and the fast pace of the emergency roomWhen an overdose patient is wheeled into his department he is taken back for a moment when he realizes the paramedic is MatthewMatthewwow His story will break your heart but uplift you at the same time His perseverance is astounding and remarkable He’s had one tragedy after another it seems but through it all he continues to conquer his demons and be the man he needs to be for the two children he now claims as his ownRunning almost literally into Trent in the ER has started old feelings to surface During high school he fantasized about Trent but always knew it would never go beyond his own dreams He kept himself embedded in the closet in order to survive Where Trent’s family is everything any child could hope for Matthew’s is the exact opposite His father is abusive loud and a drunk and his mother lives under her husband’s thumb afraid to look upBack to present day Matthew no longer hides his sexuality but he doesn't flaunt it Matthew and Trent start out on hesitant ground but realize they have something that each have wanted for a long time It’s not all roses getting there either Matt is an ass to Trent on than one occasion and I wasn’t feeling the love for himHowever Matthew has a lot of demons to overcome lessons learned from past mistakes will have to be laid to rest in order to give Trent a real chance But it’s doable and it’s definitely something they both want for their future However Matthew’s father is worse than ever and he has other plans for his son Will they even get the chance to see where their relationship goes?John Charles has written a powerful and heartfelt story that will have you smiling from ear to ear one minute and the next tears will be pouring down your face The emotions and fear the characters experience are real The author writes with a wisdom that speaks of inside knowledge and I often wondered if the author knew first hand of what he is describingTrent and Matthew’s story is not necessarily a new story line but there is an originality the author writes with that will keep you invested in the storyThe author’s descriptive narrative has a lot of hospital jargon and at times I would start to think it was a little overkill but then the scene would switch and I would think okay we must be on the same wavelengthGreat stories imo need strong secondary characters that help to form the whole picture Grace the nanny among so many other roles she takes on is an amazing woman and someone everyone would be fortunate to have in their lives Without her support Matthew would be in a world of hurtPat Matthew’s co worker and friend is also very supportive Then there is Shelley Trent’s co worker who I really didn’t like at allI thought she was nosey and put in her two cents when it wasn’t asked for I think she probably meant well and possibly was only looking out for Matt but she definitely rubbed me the wrong way Regardless to how I felt about the characters I like the fact that the author was able to evoke such strong feelings on my endI would definitely recommend this to other readers who love this genre The author doesn’t shy away from the hard facts nor does he sugar coat the bad times Matt and Trent go through And there are some really horrendous moments that will get your blood pressure pumpingBut importantly there are many beautiful moments these two share as they begin their path together Whether it’s time spent in the bedroom or out in the open with family they really have something special and it’s worth reading aboutThe writing isn’t perfectly clean but it didn’t throw me out of the story either like some do The sex is or less off page but again I really enjoyed the story

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    I really wanted to love this book because it had several things I really like in stories; doctors EMTS and single fathers Sadly I did not enjoy this tale for many reasons Not only are there some plot and character issues there is also enough grammar and punctuation issues to make it even harder to enjoyRight away there was a massive information dump with a ton of backstory Authors take note do NOT do this Readers don’t care about backstory for characters they don’t even know yetMatthew is a closeted EMT who is raising his niece and nephew following the death of his sister and her husband He also has to deal with a stereotypically homophobic father who can’t even control himself in a public placeAs shown in the blurb Matthew has two rules Redundant rules If he doesn’t do relationships why add that he doesn’t do relationships with co workers? Doesn’t one preclude the other?Trent is a doctor recently returned to his hometown He and Matthew knew each other in high school and both had crushes on each other However Trent was openly gay while Matthew was not When they meet up again the attraction is rekindled but Matthew is hesitant to act on it because he has those rules against relationships and dating guys from workEven when they do go out Matthew doesn’t tell Trent about his adopted children because Well I’m not exactly sure why He’s had bad reactions in the past when he’s told men about his kids but that doesn’t explain why he isn’t upfront and honest As a single father myself I think that any guy who doesn’t want to be with a man because of his kids isn’t worth a second thought It’s far better to find out early on than discover the truth laterThe whole deal with Matthew and the kids was handled very strangely At one point he tells Trent about the death of his sister but not that he took her kids That and other information is revealed rather dramatically over the course of many pages not only by Matthew but also a co worker None of this was remotely realistic and just a way to increase the tensionOne of the over the top reveals about Matthew’s life is told to Trent by the co worker It involves the death of Matthew’s sisterWith her last breath she whispered ‘I love you’ She died in his arms Trent” sicThis was all made to be so very dramatic and I’m not actually sure why It’s romantic when a dying character’s last words are to someone they’re in love with but from a sister to a brother I don’t see it as quite as important The death is the significant factor not her final wordsOne of the main troubles was that I didn’t find either of the main characters all that interesting Hell there were times their voices were so similar I had to go back and look to see whose POV I was in Neither one had a defining personalityThe characterizations of the supporting characters are even worse Nobody is all that realistic and most are just cardboard characters with nothing special Even the kids and the nanny sufferedThe dialogue was often stilted and failed to flow This was due to the characters often not using contractions Not using contractions can be used to create a character’s personality especially if the person is wealthy and sophisticated However here it was several characters who did it It just didn’t workOften I can look past grammar and punctuations mistakes and still appreciate the tale but that wasn’t the case here Even if I had liked the story the punctuation issues would’ve been very hard to ignore There was a lot of them and the mistakes were ones that a proofreader beta reader or editor should’ve caughtIt was simple things like the absence of commas or question marks“What are you doing Mike”And this one puzzled me the most and happened often failure to use proper capitalization“Yeah I am dad”Just a few lines later“I love you dad”Notice the lack of comma and capital letter in that last exampleThis book could’ve been really great but it did not live up to its potentialhttpwwwprismbookalliancecom2016

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    4 Heart Review by RobertaSo this book is not what I’d thought it’d be and I’m actually gladThis book brings on the question of family love and how love can triumph over hatred This is such a sweet and wonderful book that I got caught up in reading it and didn’t want to put it down until the very endMatt Kailen has been hurt before who hasn’t but two of the hurts come from within his family His father and I use that term very looselyis nothing than just a bully who has nothing but hatred in his heart His second hurt is the fact that his sister and very best friend Meredith died in a car accident Matt now has custody of Meredith and Alan Meredith’s husband’s children Matt has been single since just about the time of his taking on his kidlets I love how Matt loves his family I love that he’s put them first They mean that damn much to him I love that they have a routine and it just makes me smile to think of this single dad doing what needs to be done and handling his business and doing it well I was sad to see that he doesn’t do relationships but I get where he was coming from Who the hell wants to come into a relationship and it comes with an already made family? My guess would be the “Right” ManTrent Paleck is an ER doctor who was openly gay in High School Trent was lucky as he had his family’s love and support They didn’t care a single bit about his orientation I love that kind of support Trent went away for college and med school He got a job on the West Coast and he liked it but felt the people were so damn fake and he really wanted to come back to the East Coast I really have to say that I really liked Trent He’s this really sweet guy who just wants the same as most people the chance to fall in love with the right person and share their lives together Trent is a great ERTrauma Doctor He loves what he does and he does it well Trent is actually the perfect match for Matt He’s the balm for Matt’s battered soul Trent is such a great guy and he’s wonderful with Matt’s kidletsThis story was just the sweetest story that I’ve read in a long time It’s heart warming to see these two men fall in love with each other I like that Matt’s kidlets are sweet and that the author made them pretty age appropriate Some authors make them 3 going on 30 but this author made them just cute normal kidlets and that they didn’t overwhelm the story Grace who is the Nanny is actually Alan’s Aunt and I love the fact that she stayed and helped Matt and Adriana and Alex She is a good woman and a great resource for Matt Matt and Meredith’s father Mike is a Jackass He’s an awful person and it’s a shame to know that there are really people out there who are like that but it’s nice to see that even though he’s a Jackass Meredith and Matt turned out to be pretty wonderful peopleThis is a wonderful book that is filled with lots of heart and warmth Good Read This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below

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    I received one copy of this book at no charge in exchange for my honest review All opinions are my own Review first posted on Nautical Star Books In Love On Life Support by John Charles Mathew grew up in a household where he knew it wasn't acceptable or safe to be gay He kept things under wrap long enough to get a degree and a job as a paramedic A freak accident leaves him the sole caretaker of his niece and nephew a fact that his homophobic father hates with a passion Matthew works hard and has no interest in forming a serious relationship when he has so many commitments alreadyTrent has come back to town as an ER doctor He and Matthew knew each other in passing in high school and Trent is eager to get to know him again Preferably without clothes He soon realizes that there is to Matthew than just a sexy paramedic The two slowly start to explore a relationship with each other but there are a few hurdles in the way of their happily ever afterWhile I liked the premise of this story and the characters and background of each of them the writing itself was a bit choppy and rushed It felt like most of the story was being TOLD rather than SHOWN I think some slightly creative writing would have built a better storyline and drawn me into the actual relationshipMatthew has priorities other than a relationship which is totally understandable He gets annoyed at Trent's pushy behavior but decides to give him a shot The story had that one thing that really drives me nuts though Instant attraction ie getting hard the moment you lay eyes on a person for the first time and a rushed emotional connection I think Matthew was already saying his heart was involved the first time they went on a date I really prefer a bit character development and interaction before they start proclaiming their love for each otherMathew's father was a jerk but it felt a bit over the top I'm sure there are some seriously homophobic people out there but his behavior just seemed forced to create tension I think the tension and point of the story could have been made without quite as much yelling Sometimes it's the quiet ones you should fear mostTrent seemed like a good guy and it's nice that he wasn't put off my Matthew's kids He is very comfortable with who he is and never once had to worry about being accepted when he came out in high school Their physical relationship is rushed and each time they are together I felt like it should have been MORE I don't need pages and pages of sex but the interaction should last than just a paragraph I think a slower pace would have done wonders to really portray their attractionOverall I like the premise of Love On Life Support by John Charles and the characters that the author creates It definitely needs some editing for spelling and grammatical errors as well as just polishing up the rough edges to create a smooth flowing story

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    HeartfeltI have some definite favorites when it comes to story types and genre Among them are single Dads reactions to dating a Dad medical personnel in particular paramedics ER docs as well as the other staff they regularly work with This was a Sweet story of heart ache broken hearts guarded hearts shielded hearts and the gradual thawing of hearts How do you learn to love again when fear of getting hurt is such a huge concern? How do you learn what a real loving family is supposed to be like if you never had the opportunity to experience it? Except with a sister who also tried to get out of a crazy home A sister and eventual brother in law with an aunt who cared for all of them dearly finally began to show him what family truly meantBecause I spent most of my time listening to the book I was at times confused by just who I was listening Eventually I became familiar enough with the MCs that I knew who I was listening toI really enjoyed this book a first by this author and was glad to see he already has additionally published works If you enjoy stories featuring medical personnel first responders slow building romances gay dads men who put others first falling in love reluctantly but thoroughly Having friends who are closer and care than family How important is work to you? How important are your work friendships? Do you cherish their council and advice? Do you spend time at work than at home? Do you put your all into your job despite the potential for danger or maybe because of it? Do you have a great time with work acquaintances during on and off hours? This story can be just what you're looking for I most certainly plan to read it a few times I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

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    I really enjoyed both of the main characters in this book and loved seeing glimpses of the various patients the men were working on The story is sweet and I really believed in the connection between Trent and Matthew I love the way Trent slowed down and allowed Matthew time to adjust to the idea of a relationship and I love the way Matthew’s kids encouraged the relationshipThe storyline with Matthew’s father felt overblown I hate the cliche mm plot device where a bullet wound brings everyone together for the HEA and this story uses the very tired formula with limited effect Matthew’s relationship with his parents is far too simplistic to be believable and his father becomes of a comic book villain than a human being by the end I found the prose very choppy and at times I wanted a red pen Frequent simple spelling mistakes your instead of you’re hold up instead of holed up rath instead of wrath were distracting while punctuation errors altered meaning in places A thorough edit would help the author show not tell his story and add a layer of emotional resonance to the story The stars are for the connection between the main characters and some entertaining moments where we see the men at work I would love to see this story fully developed and edited properly as the premise has great possibility I was given copy of this book in exchange for an honest review for Inked Rainbow Reviews