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Mishkan HaNefesh Machzor for the Days of Awe offers meaningful liturgy for both regular service attendees and those new to Jewish spirituality and practice Providing an accessible guide through the journey of t'shuvah repentance and cheshbon hanefesh self reflection it bridges the personal and the communal as well as the ritual and the ethical dimensions of Yamim HaNoraim From feelings of awe to moments of solace from the solitude of contemplation to the solidarity of song and worship Mishkan HaNefesh inspires a multifaceted experience through the High Holy Days while embracing both the rich liturgical voices of the Jewish past and the aspirations of our people today Special Features Fully transliterated liturgy Expanded options for Torah readings Study texts that provide background and context Contemporary poetry and alternative readings Rich commentary drawing from Jewish tradition A range of theological possibilities New translations that capture the beauty of the Hebrew Original woodblock art by acclaimed artist Joel Shapiro Includes essays by the leading Reform Movement thinkers

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    Readanalyzedprayed this set as a part of a project for Ritual Committee I strongly prefer this new Reform version to the older Reform version due to accessibility Majority of pieces are actually closer to traditional in translation and throughout there are transliterations good for folks who are HHD attendees only Instead of having to turn elsewhere for the Torah readings they're included here for congregation to follow along in Hebrew and English Alternate readings too The introduction and essays and reflections are engaging and challenging though not as challenging as I might have liked Other bonuses Egalitarian related reflection readings are properly credited this has been an issue in other books produced by the same non belief is acknowledged not ignored or assumed the end of Unetanneh Tokef is re included in this one after being left out in Gates fo Repentance Other downfalls Unfortunately two volumes This means labor of switching out an entire shul's worth of books during the Days of Awe Also visually very unappealing covers although the interior is fine The Hebrew font is cursive and less block The print isn't big enough for some readers Overall though a definite improvement on Gates of Repentance