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• So you think you know why the sky is BLUE? • What is THUNDER and LIGHTNINGreally? • What happens when you wish upon a SHOOTING STAR? • Where did all those craters on the Moon come from? • What’s the real truth about Jupiter’s RED SPOT? • Are Saturn’s rings actually a giant HAT? • Who spilled the MILKY WAY? • Can the HORSEHEAD NEBULA be tamed? • Can you race a COMETand win? • Ever traveled on the ASTEROID EXPRESS? Come fly with STARMAN STEVE the bravest most terrific astronaut Earth has ever seen and his loyal rocket ship Gracie as they travel the universe and learn all its wonderful secrets

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    The title says it all These ten stories for young children are science fiction “tall tales” Through the adventures of Starman Steve and his fetching rocket ship Gracie the tales unfold with wacky explanations for why the sky is blue why the man in the moon looks the way he does how the milky way came to exist how Saturn got its rings and so on These are fairy tales for the modern age so to speak all told with tongue in cheek humor The main characters in these adventures are of course Starman Steve and Gracie Starman Steve is introduced in each story in superlatives as in “the greatest most fantastic cleverest etc with the superlatives varying in each story Gracie is a rocket ship with a cute personality and together they make a formidable team keeping galaxies meteors mother nature and planets on course and setting all matters right Rosenquist’s cartoonlike illustrations fit the tone of the stories well capturing Starman Steve’s Super Hero personality and Gracie’s one eyed hero worship of her captain as well as the personalities of other characters in each story