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NEW UPDATED EDITION Thank you to our readers for submitting your comments We've listened to you and fixed our mistakes and will always continue to do so The Complete Vitamix Blender Cookbook will change your life This quick easy to use guide will show you how to make the most of all the nutrients that natural foods have to offer in delicious smoothies juices nut milks spices homemade creams and butters and much Start drinking wholesome all natural smoothies 1 2 times a day and feel amazing so full of energy Your body will naturally start shedding extra weight on its own while your skin glows and appears incredibly radiantThe Complete Vitamix Blender Cookbook focuses on how to turn an ordinary smoothie into a superfood smoothie make fresh squeezed juices that don't suck achieve push button weight loss speed up your body and mind with a daily energy boost slow down your body's natural aging process to look and feel younger than ever make nutritious and filling meals with nothing but a few ingredients and your VitamixWe even included the most popular recipes people search for strawberry banana smoothie kale smoothie avocado smoothie jamba juice aloe vera juice pomegranate juice homemade ice cream recipes homemade cosmetics natural cosmetics homemade lotion for natural skin care like shea butter homemade spicesIN THIS VITAMIX RECIPE BOOK YOU WILL FIND 100 Smoothie recipes including organic green smoothie recipes 20 superfood smoothies 20 high protein smoothies 20 weight loss smoothies 10 anti aging smoothies 10 detox smoothies 10 energy smoothies 10 high calorie smoothies 100 Juice recipes juicing recipes that actually taste great vegetable juice recipes green juice recipes detox juice recipes juicing recipes for weight loss juicing for weight loss25 Nut milk recipes almond milk recipe cashew milk recipe pistachio milk many 10 Organic nut butter recipes cashew butter pistachio butter almond butter brazil nut butter many 25 Easy soup recipes chicken soup recipes potato soup recipes lentil soup recipes vegetarian soup recipes miso soup recipes many 25 Fresh spices and herbs indian spices taco seasoning homemade spices lemon pepper rub many 25 Flavored coffee tea blends coffee recipes tea recipes french vanilla lemon balm tea cinnamon coffee coconut water iced coffee many 20 Milkshake recipes cake batter milkshake frozen caramel hot chocolate kit kat milkshake mini s' brownie nutella milkshake many 25 Homemade skincare recipes body butter recipes lemon cream body butter peppermint body butter baby skin cream many But this book isn't just about vitamix recipes You will also learn 1 A comparison of the top blenders blendtec vs vitamix ninja vs vitamix etc 2 How to use different vitamix blender containers like vitamix 64 oz container 3 How to purchase a refurbished vitamix aka reconditioned vitamix 4 How to properly clean your machineA life with energy time a fit sexy body awaits you You will ooze confidence out the wazooYou won't regret buying the Complete Vitamix Blender Cookbook