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Spending Three Weeks Of Her Summer At The Elite Foxwoode Riding Academy In Northern Michigan Should Have Been One Of The Happiest Times Of Sixteen Year Old Brynlei S Life But From The Moment Brynlei Arrives At Foxwoode, She Can T Shake The Feeling She S Being WatchedThen She Hears The Story Of A Girl Who Vanished On A Trail Ride Four Years Earlier While The Other Girls Laugh Over The Story Of The Dead Girl Who Haunts Foxwoode, Brynlei Senses That The Girl Or Her Ghost May Be Lurking In The ShadowsBrynlei S Quest To Reveal The Truth Interferes With Her Plan To Keep Her Head Down And Win Foxwoode S Coveted Top Rider Award Someone Soon Discovers Brynlei S Search For Answers And Will Go To Any Length To Stop Her As Brynlei Begins To Unravel The Facts Surrounding The Missing Girl S Disappearance, She Is Faced With An Impossible Choice Will She Protect A Valuable Secret Or Save A Life

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    Excellent mystery and adventure When I started Laura Wolfe s Trail of Secrets, I was immediately pulled in by the characterization of Brynlei and the other girls and animals at the Foxwoode riding academy A summer camp for girls that excel at horses is the perfect setting for a ghostly mystery The cabins with squeaky floors and woods that seem to have eyes The voice of Kelli Andresen brings the entire story a vivacious and energetic feel Reminding the reader that these are teenage girls The horse detail was really nice to read and learn It is a really great story and kept me involved and interested If you like a good mystery, then this is a good book to read.

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    I found this book very hard to put down Wolfe writes strong, believable characters And the mystery was very suspenseful I don t want to reveal too much, so I will simply say that I absolutely wanted to know if Brynlie would figure out the mystery that looms over Foxwoode I enjoy reading all types of books, including a lot of YA This novel felt refreshingly different Yes, there is a romance element, but it is not the focus of the story Instead, its focus is the mystery, and dealing with friends and relationships in a new setting The conflicts between the characters were very realistic Also, Wolfe clearly knows the world of horses Except for one summer of horseback riding lessons as a kid, and some recreational riding as an adult, this is not a world that I am very familiar with, so it was fun to step into the world at Foxwoode Riding Academy I actually feel like I learned something, and I am motivated to do a little riding again soon I would recommend this book to anyone who loves YA. It is definitely appropriate for the younger YA reader as well.

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    I hate to say this, but I usually don t have high expectations when a local author asks us to add his or her book to our collection Fortunately, this book was not only good enough to add, but exceeded all expectations This was a real page turner that caught my attention and kept it from the very first page It was a great story, well written, and kept me guessing until the end Well, okay, I kind of solved the mystery in general terms a little bit before it was revealed, but there still was a bit of a twist near the end At first I was a little disappointed in how I thought it was going to end, but then I was happy with the actual ending I ll definitely be recommending this one to our tween and teen readers, while letting them know that the author lives right here in our community.

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    Trail of Secrets is not my normal evening read, but I was asked to preview it for my neices to see if they would enjoy it I am happy to say that I wholeheartedly recommended it The author takes you on a journey to a sleepaway horse camp and keeps you engaged by skillfully reminding the reader that there is a lot happening beyond the campfires and mess halls It s also fairly evident that the author is a rider herself as she fluidly guides you through the ins and outs of horsemanship and competitive riding without ever getting too technical Can I make a horse jump a four foot fence after reading this Nope Do I kinda feel like I know what it s like Yep.I liked that this was not the average campfire ghost story come to life It is of a modern take on the genre with believable characters in real situations Oh and miles better than Wet Hot American Summer My two cents.

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    Thank you for reading and spreading the word about my book if you enjoyed it.

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    I couldn t put down this suspenseful YA mystery, the first in a series, and read it practically straight through The author does an excellent job of creating a complex heroine complete with her own faults while fully developing the characters around her I particularly enjoyed entering the world of a riding academy something I knew nothing about and learning about the horses, as well as the instruction and competition I look forward to reading of the series

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    Wolfe has done an extraordinary job of creating interesting, strong and believable teen characters in this tale woven around the mysterious disappearance of a student of the academy There was no point in this story when I thought ok, I know what s coming next Her characters have been crafted in a way which is just a little kwirky and yet completely believable, which has been so refreshing to experience Kelli Andresen is an excellent narrator and her performance of this story is outstanding I was able to connect with the characters and could easily visualize the settings in this story However, I am not sure if there was an issue with the length of the finished production or if Kelli is just a fast reader, but I changed the speed of the story to 0,75 after the first chapter The speed at which the story has been recorded is so fast that I felt like I missed sections Such a pity because this story deserves better Even though this mystery is classified as Young Adult, I highly recommend this book for teens and upward.

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    I received a copy of this novel in a Goodreads giveaway Trail of Secrets was just like those nostalgic mystery adventure books I remember getting out of book orders as a kid, but still a book that many young adults today can relate to Taking place at the prestigious Foxwoode Riding Academy, it combines paranormal themes with horses, adventure and mystery Brynlei is an easy character to relate to and isn t generic or superficial the way most young adult book characters can be I really liked the way her personality and adventures were written The style and imagery were similar to books like The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines and Coming Home All in all, Trail of Secrets was a really great novel and I m really glad I got the chance to read and review it.

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    I truly enjoyed this book, although I am not an equestrian The main characters kept me engaged and the mystery kept me on the edge of my seat Even though the book is a spin on a campfire story, the interwoven flashbacks and beautifully written scenes make it so much than that.Trail of secrets is an impressive debut Yes I am a fan

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    DISCLAIMER I thank the author for sending me a free copy of this book through the Goodreads giveaway I really enjoyed this book The characters were well drawn out and the situations were incredibly intricate My only slight problem with this story was in the beginning it described the horseriding aspect of the story in intense detail Which, if I knew anything about horses, would likely be very interesting to read, but as I don t, seemed to drag the story a bit Other than that small issue that would only apply to people like me, I really recommend this story for a good book to read on a cold day with a blanket.