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NoIt S A Small Word That Says So MuchIt S A Word Most Of Us Don T Use When We ShouldIt S A Word That Could Have Kept My Life On An Easy PathNo Is The Word I Should Have SaidBut It Never Left My Lips That NightNow I M Torn Between Two Men One Is Tender, Sweet, And Dependable The Other Is Rough, Dirty, And Unreliable One Man Will Lead Me To The Life I Ve Always Planned The Other Man Will Lead Me To A Life With Wild New ExperiencesI M In This Mess Simply Because I Didn T Say That One Word At The Right Time I Couldn T Resist HimIt Would Have Been Easier If I Had Said NoI Should Have Said No Recommended For Due To Subject Matter And Sexual Content HEA, No Cliffhanger, Interconnected Stand Alone Novel He was supposed to be my destiny, my soul mate Noah Noah Noah I loved Noah He and Skye have been friends since childhood He is three years older than her but they ve been best friends ever since their parents became next door neighbours, and she s known that she was in love with him since she was 14 The story moves back and forth between the past and present with snapshots of Skye and Noah at different stages in their lives Even when he wasn t physically in her life, he was always around in spirit and they kept in constant touch However, Skye has dreamt of an ideal life with the whole shebang of white picket fence, married with children to a hardworking man Noah is a wanderer and has no plans to commit to anyone She sees him as unreliable but keeps waiting for him to wake up to the fact that they belong together.Once Noah introduces Skye to Caleb, Skye puts her dreams and love for Noah away, and starts to fall for Caleb and concentrate on being the perfect partner for him In the present day, Skye is beginning to see the cracks in her six year relationship with Caleb even though her best friend, Kendall, and Noah have been trying to tell her for years that Caleb is not good enough for her Skye keeps objecting to the fact that they both call her na ve but that s exactly what she is Kendall is a fantastic friend and I can t wait to read her story next and Noah sigh he s an amazing man who waited too long It takes a heartbreaking decision before Skye sees that he s not at all the kind of man she thought he was.he s actually quite the opposite.She needs to decide if she would rather keep striving at an unbalanced relationship in the hopes of a perfect future, or risk it all on the love of her life.I couldn t put this book down I thought it was amazing The love and trust between Skye and Noah was beautiful Noah s love and care for Skye was just so obvious to the reader Loved this book Love this author I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. SexyAlphaMale NewBookBoyfriend I never want to be the rebound guy I want to be the forever guy I love a hot alpha male with a beard Noah is a steamy stand alone novel and the first book in my Forbidden Desires series iBooks Teaser 1 You were no longer the girl I grew up with You were no longer the girl I used to call my best friend and dreamed about spending my life with You changed Noah 2016 Justine ElviraTeaser 2Unedited version If I never introduced him to you do you think we d be together right now We are together right now, I reply as my lips brush against his chest in a tender kiss between lovers We just had sex, Skye That doesn t mean we re together I don t have all of you because you re still with him Let me clarify what I mean so there s no misunderstanding If I didn t introduce you two, do you think we d be married with a white picket fence, a dog running around the backyard, and kids filling our home I hesitate to answer him honestly If I lie I ll hurt him, but the truth might hurt worse I m not sure we were ever meant to be together, Noah, but back then it was what I wanted And now And now I don t know what I want 2016 Justine ElviraUnedited version DNF 53%i had high hopes for this book the synopsis sucked me in and the cover is yummy but the heroine, skye, suffers from TSTL syndrome total woe is me girl her issues are purely because of her own poor decisions she dropped out of college to move across the country with her boyfriend after HE graduates and receives a job offer now she s complaining cos she has to work different jobs to equally afford their rent which is ridiculously expensive if she didn t want him paying 100% of it like he offered, move somewhere you can BOTH afford equally at this stage in life she then says she doesn t want to be stuck being a housewife because it won t be enough for her in the future, she ll want well why didn t she do long distance with caleb until she too finished college or just transfer and continue studying near him, continue with her own career goal i don t feel anything for this heroine other than irriatated and annoyed all this and the current man in her life isn t even the hero.i didn t mean this to be a rant but honestly i got to 50% and i am not even connected to her relationship with noah, our hero he is her childhood friend and also introduced her to her current boyfriend caleb, his best mate skye and noah have a loved you from afar but didn t say it type relationship and yet she s made side eye worthy life choices for caleb who she s been with 6 years and would marry YET i am to believe deep down she has always loved what no, thank you get a clue sunshine.i am sure that others will probably love this book and all the power to you guys but i just can t with this heroinejust can t. DNF 40%moron heroin too dumb to live The heroine is so stupid, she annoyed me deeply I dropped everything.I won t even rate with stars, because I like the author and I m not going to give 1 star only.