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Rick and Karin Dina are both healthcare practitioners and long time followers of a raw food diet They have provided scientific information on how to construct nutritious raw diets through their Science of Raw Food Nutrition classes to hundreds of students This book is a compendium of the latest information from peer reviewed research and their own clinical experience on why raw diets are so beneficial and how to construct a raw diet that will provide all the necessary nutrientsThe Raw Food Nutrition Handbook covers issues such as getting enough protein understanding calorie density and nutrient density focusing on whole plant foods hydration and food combining The Dinas provide examples of some of the most popular raw food diets and discuss the nutritional adequacies of each one They also share some of the success strategies they’ve used over the years to help people stay raw over the long term make sense of conflicting nutritional information and engage family and friends in their dietary journeys

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    Full of information A wonderful reference Will remain on my shelves

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    This book is extremely detailed and is of a text reference book than a straight forward read I have recently started using a nutrition app and I wanted to understand about where certain vitamins and minerals could be found and how to put things together This book covers this up to a point but not completely I didn’t reduce my rating because of this as it really is no fault of the bookWhat we do get is a very good overview of macro and micro nutrients and things that affect their bioavailability There is also an interesting discussion about food combining fact or fiction that might come as a surprise Overall this is well balanced and leaves you wanting to know about many of the topics covered

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    Wow if I could have tailored the perfect book on this topic it would have been EXACTLY this book It is sooooo amazingly full of information You don't have to be a raw foodie I'm not in order to enjoy this book So easy to read and yet very scientific It doesn't mince words it doesn't waste time with information that isn't relevant It stays true to it's title of a handbook and gives you information on fat fiber minerals etc etc of all categories of food What's nice is the author isn't telling you that unless you're a raw foodie you're doing it wrong She recognizes that most people aren't going to eat 100% raw food diets and in some cases you can't gain nutrients you need without some cooking grains for example Highly recommend