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An Obscure Magic series book 2Benny is swept on a quest to save her parents and binding herself to her agents is all part of the plan Who knew it was permanent? Benny has completed the XIA course that will let her work with the agents she became close to while hunting a serial killer It will take effect the moment they are cleared of demonic influence Nothing like knowing that your blood is despised to make a girl feel wantedAfter a night on the town with Freddy Benny runs into the agents and they are not only hogging her favourite taco joint but they are interested in her social status She is about to say yes to whatever they can come up with when she gets a call from her house and the night goes downhill from there Karaoke kidnapping and binding spells make up the rest of the night when Benny must head to the demon zone and Argyle Smith and Tremble refuse to let her go alone Nothing like jumping into a dimensional prison to lock in a first date

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  1. I'm digging this series even though it features a foursome No crazy sex just 1 on 1 I'll be interested to see where the author takes this series