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With the Holy Land in turmoil seven year old Jesus and his family leave Egypt for the dangerous road home to Jerusalem As they travel the boy tries to unlock the secret of his birth and comprehend his terrifying power to work miracles Anne Rice's dazzling kaleidoscopic novel based on the gospels and the most respected New Testament scholarship summons up the voice the presence and the words of Jesus allowing him to tell his own story as he struggles to grasp the holy purpose of his lifeINCLUDES A NEW INTRODUCTION AND A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR

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    I have wanted to read this book evver since I heard about it I hadn't read any of Anne Rice's prior stuff but on a professional level I'm a Lutheran pastor and just on a level of personal interest I thought I'd give it a try The very concept of this novel writing a fictional book about Jesus at age seven in the first person from a perspective that takes New Testament and Apocryphal writings seriously is needless to say hugely ambitious And when your main character is someone who 2 billion people on this planet believe to be the Son of God it's clear that whatever kind of book you write not everyone will be pleased with where your imagination takes youAll that being said however I think Anne Rice's portrayal is fascinating I won't say it was flawless but it was fascinating There are several aspects of the story that I thought were insightful Jesus being raised in a solidly middle class family if you can say that about a first century family To be able to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem Bethlehem to Egypt Egypt back to Jerusalem and back and forth from Nazareth to Jerusalem on a yearly basis all of which the NT says Jesus' family did that takes certain means I'm fascinated by Rice's idea of Joseph quiet principled hard working maybe a little stubborn from time to time but generally a very good man The roll models that mold Jesus Many of these arise from Rice's imagination Uncle Cleopas and Old Sarah for example and if you pay close enough attention you can see that she put a great deal of thought into what and who would have created the kind of teacher that Jesus would become My favorite little detail was the rabbi in Nazareth who walks with a limp from being robbed beaten and left for dead on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho Sound familiar? Rice's historical research She did a LOT of homework for this book and it shows Sometimes it's even a little heavy handed where she'll insert sentences and even paragraphs of information that while interesting do not advance the plot OK I get it You've read up about first century Judea But it's ironic considering all her historical research that she adopts apocryphal gospels so uncritically The book's opening sequence is lifted directly from the Infancy Gospel of Thomas which most scholars date to the second or third century at the earliest Makes for an interesting story I guess but if you're going to go to such pains to make it realistic then why go there?My warning to most anyone who will approach this text is that it is a piece of fiction and yet almost noone religious or secular will truly approach it as such If you want to really enjoy this book then this Jesus has to become a fictional character for you This is Anne Rice's Jesus not your Jesus This is a fictional first century Jewish boy a creation of the piety and imagination of one woman not a real human being I think the learning I take from this book is that in Western society almost everyone has their own Jesus Whether we're religious or secular whatever we regard our relationship with Jesus to entail we all have a mental construct of who Jesus was or is that may or may not bear any resemblance to Rice's Jesus or to the historical Jesus of Nazareth It's fascinating when all those Jesus's hers yours the Jesus of the New Testament the Jesus of history interact