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Nuts was just what I needed I haven t laughed out loud at a book this much since I read Wallbanger Clayton s done it again Brimming over with clever, quirky, sexy, bawdy wit, Nuts is pure escapism with a heroine to love and laugh with and a hero to drool over Oh and I have to mention the food For the love of all that s yummy and sweet in this world I finished this book with a craving for cake Lots of cake I recommend having it or a bakery on hand while reading it Hot, hilarious, and hearty Nuts is the perfect start to the Hudson Valley Series and firmly on my favourites shelf Leave it to Alice Clayton to make you grin until your face hurts.Bailey Falls reminds me of my small town It s idyllic, that s for sure, and I haven t noticed any hot farmers around here which is very disappointing , but the basics are the same It s Sunday morning, you go to church and a bunch of old ladies scan your outfit for 5 minutes straight, reminiscing how many times you ve worn it and under which circumstances And when the mass ends, a middle aged woman known as the Lady of the Caramels because her bag is always full of caramels and candies for the kids approaches your mother and asks if you re single, because her son is an eligible bachelor and she would love to have you as her daughter in law No kidding I can empathize with Roxie Now bring me my hot farmerShe knows her customers orders, she s becoming famous for her sweet treats, she s emphatically not crushing on a farmer what a summer Roxie Callahan s havingRoxie is a successful private chef, until butter happens and she loses her clientele and is forced to return to her home town for the summer, attending the family diner while her mother participates in a reality show Roxie hates Bailey Falls, because there she is defined as Trudy s daughter, the one who blushes a lot, instead of the strong, confident woman she has become But summer in Bailey Falls is not that bad when she meets Leo, the hot farmer billionaire, and their chemistry alone makes the charts explode The question is, will she manage to spend three months with kind, caring and sexy Leo without getting attached And if that happens for the first time in her life I may add , what about her futureMaybe you ll show up at my back door with your nuts againI ll start with the only negative thing I found in Nuts the descriptions could be really tedious at some points and I almost skipped them But setting this aside, Nuts was exactly what I wanted and needed, a steamy, amusing, sweet romance that gave me butterflies I really liked the homey atmosphere and the little town setting, I got a warm and fuzzy feeling and I could picture the landscapes and hear the gossip and smell the food The food My mouth watered on many occasions, and I was overwhelmed with an urge to bake cakes and stuff but thankfully I suppressed it before the presence of the Fire Department was required Or I died of food poisoning The only thing I liked than the food porn was the romance The sizzling, heart warming and tingly romance that made me sigh and blush and drool and swoon.If you wonder when Old MacDonald became the new Hot Guy archetype, you need to meet Leo Maxwell Aka sexy farmer Aka Steamy McDreamy Blond Green eyes Beard Strong and wicked arms Oh to the my, I need to fan myself He s tender, and sweet, and way hotter than the peppers he grows An easy going guy who smiles a lot and does funny things to your stomach, who certainly has his baggage but that doesn t make him less than perfect I m trying to come up with a smart innuendo about what I d want him to do to my vegetables but I can t, so I ll leave it to your imagination His scenes with Roxie An example of why calling the Fire Department is inevitable after all Their encounters, their flirtations and the banters made me smile like a fool, they were hilarious and witty and oh so sexy I loved witnessing Roxie falling head over heels for him, and even though she got scared and acted a little stupid sometimes because let s be honest, every romance with self respect out there scares you a little towards the end I hate it but no one cares about my opinion Dramatic sigh she s a character I grew very fond of I understood her need to get away from the town that seemed to smother her, and her determination to not become her irresponsible mother that fell in love every week, and I admired her for what she achieved and the way she let herself trust Leo and get re acquainted with her town And for her culinary skillsSummer lovin , happened so fastAlice Clayton knows how to give you all the feels, and she s become an author I can rely on when I want a gripping and enjoyable romance Please do check Arianna and Nissa s awesome reviews that made me wanna read Nuts so badly Oh my, I just realized that this was my 200th review Drinks all around 4.5 Summer Lovin Stars BR with my Beatiful Bestie Dee ARC Provided by Author in Exchange For An Honest Review Another hit from Alice Clayton Whenever you pick up an Alice Clayton book, there are a few things you are guaranteed you will laugh your ass off, you ll have new characters to fall in love with, and you re in for some incredible STEAM NUTS, delivered and them some I found myself cracking up so hard throughout the book and then needing a couple of cold showers to boot Roxie Callahan has come back to her hometown of Bailey Falls, New York, in order to run the family diner while her mother goes off to be on the reality show,The Amazing RaceShe s not at all happy about being back home as she moved thousands of miles away to Los Angeles to escape the small town life and inevitable destiny of ending up like her hopeless romantic mother But things aren t working out with her personal chef biz, so this visit back home couldn t have come at a better time.The day she arrives back home, she literally runs into the most gorgeous man in town Leo Maxwell, is the owner of Maxwell Farms and heir to the Maxwell fortune This guy oozes sex appeal but also has a very laid back attitude He was a man of few words at first so I couldn t really get a read on the kind of person he was, but oh did I enjoy every bit of this sexy farmer He definitely had poor Roxie panting and tongue tied.Since Roxie is only in town till the end of summer, she decides to have some summer lovin with Leo, and she makes it clear to him that this thing they are starting is only a fling She will be heading back to Los Angeles once her mom s back home But as time goes on, Roxie begins to question whether she will be able to walk away from this amazing man I loved Roxie There were things about her quirky personality that I related to I think this is why Alice is such an amazing writer She always makes her heroines someone we can connect with This woman has an extreme fear of bees It seems they tend to seek her out and terrorize her She loses all self control and starts running for her life whenever she comes in close contact to a bee I totally share that fear of bees Those suckers really are assholes The sexual chemistry between Leo and Roxie was off the charts and Alice doesn t make us wait too long for the steamy times to commence Holy hotness was I panting while reading this one Don t even get me started on the nickname Leo gave Roxie Sugar Snap I was feeling a little faint just as Roxie was every time he uttered that name And I was feeling oh so nostalgic when Roxie would use her nickname for Leo Almonzo Roxie was a hugeLittle House On The Prairiefan, as I was also That Almonzo Wilder had a ton of young teenaged girls swooning, back in the day There is a twist that you definitely will not see coming but I absolutely loved because it gives some characters depth It was also lovely to get to spend some time with some familiar faces That really put a smile on my face.The Hudson Valley series is off to a great start Can t wait to read the next 4 Bees are assholes STARSAre those nuts in your pocket, or you just glad to see meCan you gain weight from reading a book I m assuming that Alice Clayton sure knows her way around the kitchen and or a menu This story had me up at 5 a.m this morning making blueberry pancakes totally foodie dream inspired This is an enjoyable read about a girl heading home to run her mother s diner and falling for the sexy farmer in town It s funny, a bit wordy, has a smidge of drama and so many yummy food descriptionsMaybe this could be real 4.5 Following the Recipe for Life Stars 1 2Spoiler Free You know that saying Be careful what you wish for..for you might just get itWell, when wishing for a snappy, smart, fast moving, humorous and sexy read from Alice ClaytonI didn t need to Be Careful because I got everything and in her new book, Nuts.Ms Clayton wrote a very interesting Acknowledgements and placed it front and center She talked about how she came up with this book how it hit her at the Schlafly Farmers Market she went to with her hubby in St Louis Missouri There she saw her inspiration, a farmer who was everything a Leo should be handsome, charming, fit with muscles and body only working with the land could accomplish It is in this front piece shared by Ms Clayton where you first taste the thrill she had in researching this book learning about farm to table, farm shares and all the other methods and associations moving to a back to the clean eating and living movement Clayton took that concept and ran with it It was the underlying focus throughout the entire book We learned so much about these ways of growing and marketing the food many after reading this may look to their own local Farmers Markets to experience what they had read Which leads me to another part of the storythe cooking and food don t worry I promise to get to the romance soon The way all of it is woven into the essence of these two characters is smartin other hands it could have been too cute or over the topBut Clayton skated a very fine line and each time she used a food metaphor it was something you would expect from the characters she createdthere were all kinds of play on uses and words think Cucumbers, Lettuceetc all of them were integrated in sex play, conversations and swearingAfter all both of them did work live food The food OMG mental Food PornWhen Roxie makes something and then brings it to the table or counterit is as if We are consuming itwe can see the pulling of the melted cheese when the Roxie Special is cut and separatedWhen a customer has their first bite of a Caramel Cakethe sense memory we have of tasting something so sweet yet crunchy comes to mindNeed I say All I can tell you about the impact of this continuing part of the tale was the shopping list and cravings I had while reading this book.And now to the other fantastically good stuff Roxie, Leo and all the surrounding characters Roxie is a person who experienced small town living from the worker s side of a Diner s Counter From a very young age, she saw her mother work hard and run the town s only Diner She also saw her mother look for love in all the wrong placesand experience the high of it, the lust of it and then the crash and burn of it only to watch her mother do it over and over again Her mom was a very free spirit during a time when the hippy movement was happening.so life organization wasn t always the first thing on the Mother s mind There were missing sign up sheets, permission slips and forgotten appointments with teachers There was the ever disorganization of day to day stuff except at the diner her mother ran.It was at the diner where Roxie felt what she loved not a slew of rock and roll boys like others her age no her heroes were chefsones who made a name for themselves and were at the pinnacle of their field It was this love of cooking and wanting to be a top chef which drove Roxie and with the luck of only a woman like Roxie s momwas she able to go to the Culinary Arts school in Santa Barbara, CA It was there she honed the skills she already had it was there she met her 2 best friends in the world and it was there she learned something very important about what she did not want to doShe did NOT want to be a fine dining Top ChefShe did not want to be tied down to paperwork, staffing conflicts and other high maintenance mattersThose things got in the way of the cookingInstead she decided she wanted to be a Personal Chefcooking for those who would let her do her thing and cook to her wayRoxie worked hard and finally had a select clientele of very rich, carb conscious Beverly Hills trophy wives It is in the kitchen of the top dog of these superficial women we first meet Roxie She is performing her everyday magic of creating something amazing out of basically nothing for this witch Naturally everything is timed to the Milli Second One false move and disaster could strike Naturally, it is during this process Roxie s mom calls and drops a virtual bomb she is going to be on the Amazing Race and is needing Roxie to run the Diner while she is on the adventure of her life.As Roxie flashes back in PSTD form to all of the adventures and misfortunes she has had to save her mother from.her perfectly timed whipped cream turns into butterOur superficial witch waiting for her magically tasty meal is appalled and fires Roxie for this treasonous act With the self righteousness of a snake, she calls all of her minions and now Roxie is on the DO Not Use List Roxie still has a loyal Movie Star couple she takes care of and it is with her time with them, Roxie decides to go back home to run the Diner for the summer.When Roxie returns home, thoughts of her childhood and clumsiness hit her She is afraid she is going to revert back into the lost kid she was before she leftWill she be able to hold onto the confident Los Angeles Roxie she has reinvented for herselfor with the force field known as her mom, the gossip mill and small town living suck her dry and lower her defenses At the diner, life has gone on just the same as Roxie left it all the same regulars at the counter, all the same call outs to the cook and even the same decor The only thing which is different is a farmer coming in from the back and knocking Roxie on her ass with her landing face down on his lower body As they both scurry to get up, Roxie looks into this farmer s eyes and is lostthe feel of him on her sparks and she has been zapped The farmer delivering nutstakes all of this ina comment or two is saidand then he leaves Oh, the mom and waitresses have a field day teasing Roxie She will have none of itwell, maybe she would have someif she knew who he wasfor Roxie had no issues with fun sex She liked and needed fun sex, tension sex oh, hell any type of sexbecause it worked out the stress of the day and was there for the taking What she did not do was LOVE sex or relationships She had a front row experience growing up of what that could do to a personoh, nofun summer sex yes relationship No.Now that farmer she landed on Leo He was something elsehe was of course, eye candybut so much More than his back ground and privilege than the course of what his life was supposed to be He had been groomed to carry on his family s career and positionBut Leo saw another path and took it He turned the family s farm from yester year and made it a template of how humane farming can be It was a work of art For the last 7 years, he has devoted himself to the farm and what mattered most to him Then his life is turned on his ear by the one encounter with Roxie.So this is how things get started and you better buckle up and be prepared to grin, laugh and swoon We have this couple which works on so many levels and it is silly fun to watch The conflicts and discussion of what actually matters is at the heart of this Roxie needs to come to terms with her memories of the good and bad of her life By going through this summer with Leo she has an opportunity to see a path clearly for herself the trick will be whether she is brave enough to try We also have secondary characters which move this whole story forward they are solid and needed The town plays a role as most small towns do and everything falls into placeeven the conflicts I will warn you, though there is a lot of details about everything farming and sourcing of the crops etc We are given knowledge and understanding about clean farms, farmers to table cooking and farm shares It is interesting and important yet some may not be into it But here is the deal everything which is on the page comes with a sense of joyof nurturing and warmth It was all there while reading and the realization of how things were playing out for these people made mefeel great.This is a first in a new series for Clayton and I think she has a huge winner on her hands There was a tease in the back of this book and from what I readI will be lining up to read it as soon as it comes to market Nuts Hudson Valley, 1 Cream of the Crop Hudson Valley, 2 Buns Hudson Valley, 3 Before ReadingI have been reevaluating my diet More Protein, less Carbs.But I will always gravitate to delicious.And Alice Clayton s Nuts seem to fit the billA hunky smart mana talented beautiful chefSeems like a perfect recipe to me. A gifted copy was provided by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books for an honest review. For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways 4.5 Stars I ll see you around, I m sure It s a small town Maybe you ll show up at my backdoor with your nuts againAdorably quirky, laugh out loud funny, and deliciously sexy, Nuts was the perfect escape read I ve had in quite a while Alice Clayton just gets better and better with each new book, but she simply outdid herself with this one If the Nuts is anything to go by, we have quite a bit to look forward to in Alice s new Hudson Valley series The eyes and the hair were a package deal, the hair was falling across his eyes in a careless way that said Hey, girl I ve got peas on my shoes, but who cares, because I ve got these eyes and this hair, and it s pretty fucking greatRoxie Callahan is a celbrity chef in hollywood catering to the rich, famous and the entitled She loves to cookdealing with some of her clients Not so much So when an unfortunate butter incident costs her almost most of her clients, suddenly her kooky mother s request for her to come back to the town she grew up in and run the restaurant while she s away doesn t sound so bad Then a certain bearded farmer changes her outlook on the small town entirely You didn t really bring me beets, did you I did, he murmured, his thumbs sliding underneath my T shirt the tiniest bit I brought mad beets Oh manDid you bring me anything else He brought his face back to mine, tinged with the slightest of blush I hesitate to say it now What did you bring I asked, shaking his shoulders.He buried his head once again into my neck A really big zucchiniAnd you know what the best part is The entire book is filled with witty humorous dialogue like that I must have read the entire book with a goofy smile on my face My cheeks hurt I was grinning so much Leo and Roxie together was pure gold There s enough sexual tension to truly make things sizzle Alice Clayton definitely gives some good sexual tension There s just enough sexy to appease even the biggest pervies like me, but without being so much that it takes away from the book It was the perfect balance of romance and humor.It was also a refreshing change to get a heroine that s the commitment phobe instead Roxie is a strong, career oriented woman that s not afraid to admit what she wants without any shame Pin 1 Don t get involved.Pin 2 Enjoy the penis Engage no other organ,Pin 3 Attachments are for suckers See also Mom.Pin 4 Falling in love sucks. In addition to the fantastic secondary characters, the wit and the humor, the setting of the book is what really hooked me The author did such a fabulous job truly engrossing the reader in this wonderful town I couldn t help but be transported there myself as I was reading it.Roxie is probably one of my favorite heroines I ve read in quite a while And it has nothing to do with the fact that she shares my unreasonable fear of bees They really are assholes But everything to do with her quirky personality All the characters in this book were so well developed that even the secondary characters jumped out at you in vivid clarity The writing was simply luscious.In a shell, this book was fantastic If you ve loved any of this author s previous titles, you re pretty much guaranteed a win with this one I can t wait for the next one in this series Fingers crossed it ll be the grouchy Oscar Are those nuts in your pocked, or you just glad to see me BothARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit 5 Sugar Snap Stars If you need a pick me up, read an Alice Clayton book Seriously This book turned me into a mushy, laughing, happy piece of mess Who knew dairy could ruin a career Roxie Callahan sure didn t She also didn t expect she d ever go back to quaint Bailey Falls after moving to sunny Los Angeles.Now that her career as chef to the stars is over all because of BUTTER she has no other reason to refuse her mother s request to take over the family diner while said mother jets off to join The Amazing Race.It s just three months Just for the summer Roxie will make the most of this setback maybe even find someone to play with Blue blooded farmer Leo Maxwell yes, those Maxwells comes walking in at the diner with the most beautiful green eyes, a full beard, a basket of walnuts and sugar snap peas After a run in with Roxie, the two end up on the floor, on top of each other, with sugar snap peas and walnuts splayed all over and around them It was the first of many close encounters, and the most innocent I love this book Seriously I love everything about this book.The food It s a good thing I ate before I started reading this book because the food It made my mouth water and stomach growl maybe just a little Imagine what noise my tummy would ve made had it been empty And I want need the recipes The nicknames I am a sucker for endearments and inside jokes It makes my heart and stomach feel tingly and mushy and ahhh.The food metaphors and innuendos Man they cracked me up Keep em coming You didn t really bring me beets, did you I did, he murmured, his thumbs sliding underneath my T shirt the tiniest bit I brought mad beets Oh manDid you bring me anything else He brought his face back to mine, tinged with the slightest of blush I hesitate to say it now What did you bring I asked, shaking his shoulders.He buried his head once again into my neck A really big zucchiniThe voice and tone of the story This is what I love the most about Alice Clayton s books It s so effortlessly funny It s not slapstick nor is it trying too hard It s the kind of voice you hear from a naturally funny person.Roxie and all her female leads, really Boy I think I rolled around the bed in secondhand embarrassment times than I can remember Her leads are confident, sexy, but awkward And they re great They have a goal and a dream and flaws and strengths I m all about well rounded characters.Roxie has struggled to step away from the shadow of being her mother s daughter and from being the shy girl in high school Her mother, although kind, was flighty and easily swayed by love Roxie had to grow up early because of it, and it was then she promised herself she wouldn t let love take over her life the way it did her mother Moving to California gave her that confidence she s always wanted, and it made her feel like a different person.Leo He makes me giggle like a schoolgirl There s a bit of mystery around Leo, but he s a well liked person in the community, and I understand why He s great Leo is adorable, kind, HOT with a capital H, and a damn good farmer And oh my god He s something else entirely after the plot twist I may have swooned a little I have a soft spot for his kind of male lead But something happened that I wasn t expecting It became than just a summer fling don t you thinkChad and Logan Chad was Roxie s crush in high school He was this handsome, unattainable jock at school who was basically everyone s secret crush Roxie didn t expect to find a friend in Chad and Logan , but it was great to have them in her life in Bailey Falls.The plot twist blindsided me I knew Leo had a secret, but I didn t expect that I was so relieved when it didn t go in the direction I expected it would Last, but definitely not the least, the chemistry I could place a frying pan with eggs near the two, and end up with close to burnt eggs Heh But seriously They re comfortable in each other s company and their banter is great They have this spark you ll root for I want them to turn into fireworks The big bang Not only did I enjoy this book, I learned quite a bit, too Who knew I d learn about plants and vegetation from a romance novel Life is full of surprises Now, excuse me while I acquaint myself with Oscar Mendoza in Cream of the Crop Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram 5 Nuts about Nuts StarsARC kindly provided by author BR with Patty and MelInsert dreamy sigh I love this book and absolutely every single thing about it The small town setting, the complex and hilarious characters and the romance, OMG At this point I can safely say that Alice Clayton can do no wrong in my eyes I was so enthralled and enad with this story that I even wanted to cast myself as Roxie when I was doing the casting collages Leo is currently holding the 1 spot on my fictional boyfriend list Be ready to swoon, laugh and even get a little hungry while reading Nuts I was craving to make all the delicious cakes Roxie was baking Nuts was such a delicious romance, make sure to read it my friends Roxie Callahan is a private chef in LA, she prepares meals for the rich and famous She s been living her dream of cooking and having a safe and strictly no strings attached love life ever since she left her hometown of Hudson Valley Back home she was always the shy girl, who thought nothing was special about her and who lived behind the shadow of her free spirited mother Roxie s mother s latest crazy adventure is forcing her to go back home to run the family s diner Roxie is apprehensive at first because she s tired of having to bail her mother out after every crazy whim she gets, but the timing is right after Roxie has suddenly found herself fired from all her jobs after a silly butter incident Who knew butter could be evil LOL Roxie doesn t want to admit to herself how much she has actually missed the charm and familiarity of her home town, but after meeting the very sexy farmer Leo, she won t be able to hide her excitement any longer Their mutual passion for food and her always present Bee fear will throw Leo and Roxie together, literally A sweet and delicious relationship is born between them but Roxie makes it very clear to Leo that after her mother gets back from her adventure, she s going to go back to LA and that they should keep just things light and fun for the summer.These two characters are waaaayyyyy too compatible and this makes it impossible to just have a summer fling but what will happen when after too many sweet kisses they both realize things are actually serious I gotta tell you never have I ever wanted to reach inside a book and become the main character as much as I did with Nuts. I wanted to be Roxie so freaking bad Not only because I fell madly in love with Leo but her attitude, her friends, her culinary talent, everything about Roxie was awesome.I loved this book because true to her style, Alice Clayton always brings us a good time She s one of my favorite authors because her books always make me happy Don t pass up this fabulous book I ve already decided that Nuts will be the book I ll gift to all my book loving friends in this coming holiday season. Roxie Callahan Is A Private Chef To Some Of Hollywood S Wealthiest, And Nastiest, Calorie Counting Wives After A Dairy Disaster Implodes Her Carefully Crafted Career In One Fell Ploop, She Finds Herself Back Home In Upstate New York, Bailing Out Her Hippie Mother And Running The Family DinerWhen Gorgeous Local Farmer Leo Maxwell Delivers Her A Lovely Bunch Of Organic Walnuts, Roxie Wonders If A Summer Back Home Isn T Such A Bad Idea After All Leo Is Heavily Involved In The Sustainable Slow Food Movement, And He Likes To Take His Time In All Things Roxie Is Determined To Head Back To The West Coast As Soon As Summer Ends, But Will The Pull Of Lazy Fireflies And Her Very Own Almanzo Wilder Be Enough To Keep Her Home For Good Salty Spicy Sweet Nuts Go On, Grab A Handful 4.5 StarsNutswas the perfect fun romantic comedy in my opinion I had so much fun reading this quirky, funny, sexy little gem What made me enjoy so much this novel is the fact that it has a little bit of everything Needless to say it made me smile, it made me swoon and fell in love with the characters and really with the entire small town.Roxie Callahan is a celebrity chef in Hollywood She loves her job and she loves California However, she can t say she loves L.A or that she likes all her clients When her mother calls her telling her that she needs her help with her dinner for the summer, because she was selected to participate in the reality TV series The Amazing Race , Roxie agreeseventually Roxie doesn t like too much Bailey Falls, the small town she grew up because everyone knows everything about everybody She has fond memories about her mother s dinner, because after all that s where she realized she wants to be a chef, but she never wanted to run it, not even for a short period of timeI ll see you around, I m sure It s a small town, I replied Maybe you ll show up at my back door with your nuts againIn her mother s dinner she meets Leo, a deliciously sexy farmer who seems to be as smitten with her as much as she is with him Sparks fly and Roxie doesn t mind the idea to get involved, only for the summer with this very hot farmer boy, especially since she always had a farmer fantasy As Roxie and Leo start a no strings attached relationship and they get to know each other, they also become friends and as the summer goes on Roxie realizes that maybe the small town and the sexy nuts guy is what she really wants and needsAre those nuts in your pocket, or you just glad to see me BothI m happy to say this turned out to be a very enjoyable read Like I mentioned above,Nutshad a little bit of everything and I have to say I enjoyed very much how the romance was blend with the humor I loved the witty humorous dialogue It kept me glued to the pages, it was smart and it was perfectly done Roxie was a fun, relatable character to read about I loved her quirky personality and I can honestly say I really connected with her She was sassy, smart mouth and overall I adored her Leo was this sexy farmer I fell for immediately He was sweet, easy going, funny and charmed the pants off me from the start Roxie and Leo s chemistry was fantastically done I loved all the sweet and sexy moments between these two They were fun, they were sexy and they were perfect for each other in every way The passion and sexual tension between them were sizzling, their interactions entertaining and their sexy moments so hot I couldn t get enough of themHe was thick and hard and I was wet and warm and he kept his eyes on mine the entire time, not letting me look away, not letting me shrink away from this intimate contact For an age he pushed inside, as he panted and I gasped, and holy hell, it felt like the world slowed down and then stopped spinning altogether, becoming only the feel of him, pulsing low and deep and I could feel my heart literally beating around himThe supportive characters were as vividly portrayed as the main ones I have to admit I fell in love with them as much as I fell in love with Roxie and Leo They were enjoyable, relatable and I can t wait to read about them in the next books in the series Alice Clayton painted the small town in such a great way The descriptions were so great and yes, it was like I was there myself If you need something sweet and sexy that will put a smile in your face you might need to pick this book up Give it a try and maybe you will end up enjoying it as much as I did