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See my review at Fans Of The Greater Miami Megalopolis Rejoice Finally There S A Novel That Nails Your Part Of The World Gary Shteyngart, Author Of The Russian Debutante S Handbook And Absurdistan How Sweet It Is Plunges Its Fictional Character Into The Thrilling, Dangerous And Often Absurd World Of Miami In The S, And As A Result The Readers Get To Experience The Historical Events As If From The Inside It S That Rare Book That Manages To Be Both Intensely Informative And Huge Joy To Read Lara Vapnyar, Author Of There Are Jews In My House And Memoirs Of A Muse Didn t finish He s in the hospital because it turns out the Surgeon General was right about smoking four packs of cigarettes a day Sophie Posner, a Jewish gangster and a survivor of the Nazis, resides on the same floor The fat man s equal and confidante, she s a hilarious and pitiable character who s so tough that when the doctor tells her she has cancer, she says, You think this is the worst news I ve ever heard Go to my blog and then to The Washington Post Have Word Will Write Em A great fiction on Jewish Miami Beach and its roots of organized crime The fictional characters surrounding Jackie Gleason are awesome I love Rat Pack meets Jewish gangster tales.