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The Red King controls his forest kingdom not just by force of arms but by spreading disease All who question his authority are infected with the deadly red fever Who would dare oppose such a man? Only a tiny band of entertainers a magician an acrobat a monkey and a bear

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    Loved it when I was small although I only really remember the parts where they were attempting to escape and had to brave a number of horrors Definitely a lot of tense gripping moments for young readers and it makes a trilling inspiring adventure with a lovely message of hope at the conclusion

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    Well Thank goodness that's over The only reason I read this is because my friend Adam wanted me to I wouldn't have picked it up otherwise and I never will again Such a tedious journey for a completely forgettable destination I'm sure the only thing I'll remember of this book in two months is Kelleher's ridiculous overuse of the phrase withered breasts

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    I read this book in high school because I felt sorry for it It had sat on the library shelves for several years and I was hoping to find a hidden gem Unfortunately this book was the worst book that I had EVER read still is

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    Any fantasy novels are expected to be enormous epic length ordeals look at the works of Tolkien Martin Goodkind Rothfuss and others I have nothing against a long book but too often authors feel that for their fantasy to be compelling it has to be massive and often that leads to packing books with loads and loads of unnecessary detail The Red King hearkens back to the days of Lloyd Alexander's Prydian Chronicles and Susan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising and proves that you can tell a compelling fantasy story with interesting characters without writing a phone book's worth of pagesThe Red King takes place in a forest kingdom where the titular Red King rules with an iron fist using a terrible plague to punish and kill those who would defy him Timkin an acrobat who has been a slave since she was a little girl has been promised her freedom by her current master but when her troupe is cornered by the Red King's soldiers she alone survives the awful plague Now a trickster and thief named Petie has declared himself her master and strikes a deal with her her freedom in exchange for helping him defeat the terrible Red King and rob his treasure stores With the help of Petie's animal companions the bear Bruno and the monkey Crystal can Timkin find the courage and strength to destroy a tyrant and save a kingdom?While the book's relatively short length does mean a lack of worldbuilding the elements of worldbuilding we do get are compelling and interesting The idea of a villain weaponizing a plague to maintain his control was fascinating and said villain was actually given a compelling backstory in the bargain The setting is your typical European medieval setting common in a lot of fantasy but with enough added elements to make it interesting And the story is thrilling even if I agree with another reviewer in that view spoilerthe final battle feels like an anti climax after so much buildup hide spoiler

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    Wonderfully creepy and dark The copy I picked up in an op shop has a great creepy cover which is what attracted me to it along with Kelleher's name Some of these other editions have very obvious covers The blurry weird and scary mask lit by flame on my copy is a better depiction of the contents whilst leaving much to the imagination This book is subtle in many ways and leaves much to ponder on the nature of morals and relationships I particularly found the ending thought provoking especially the reference to the sky trees and grass seen through different perspectives the perspective of isolation and that of belonging Such an interesting concept that I hadn't thought of before and I found to my surprise that it resonated with me

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    Gripping I couldn't put it down