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While your grandparents and parents generations were raised in a traditional society where dating one person was the norm today's society has begun to revolve around hooking up rather than dating Why has hooking up become so popular in recent years? One contributing factor may be society's new found reliance on technology and social media As an example whilst previous generations may have relied on old fashioned methods of meeting new people you may be connected to the internet 247 via your smart phone Therefore it shouldn't come as a surprise that modern day singles are turning to dating sites and hook up apps such as Tinder to meet someone new You may be wondering why individuals aren't using dating sites and apps to make a meaningful connection and why it's become so popular to use such tools to organize a quick hook up instead One reason why is that such tools make it a lot easier for people who just want to hook up to find interested individuals Whereas in times gone by the only way to find a hook up may have been to visit a bar Many apps such as Tinder also revolve around choosing the photographs of the individuals whom you find physically attractive rather than getting to learn about the personalities and interests of other users Therefore it shouldn't come as surprise if you meet someone you find attractive on Tinder but whom you have little in common with Whilst you may be tempted to hook up with them it's unlikely that you're be interested in dating them It has also become popular amongst younger generations including those in their twenties and thirties to use apps such as Tinder to fit in with their social circle In fact it's not uncommon for friends to get together and swap humorous stories about their Tinder or Ok Cupid dates The sheer volume of singles on apps like Tinder also encourage a culture obsessed with hooking up As some individuals would wonder why someone would go on a second date when there are potentially thousands of good looking singles which they can make a move on Another influence which may be responsible for the rise of the hook up culture may be that there is a trend for adults in their twenties and thirties to wait to settle down till their forties While in previous generations young adults may have settled down by thirty today's young adults want to enjoy being single and the freedom that comes along with being a single working professional with a disposable income before settling down and having to worry about mortgages and children So if you're single and considering using an app like Tinder think carefully before signing up as whilst using a hook up centered app may seem like a bit of harmless fun the attraction of using such an app will wear off in the long term After all you can only hook up with so many people before it starts to seem monotonous and you find yourself wanting something

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