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My name is Jessie Cooper I was determined to stay focused on my career as an assistant personal trainer and to not let my penchant for being attracted to wounded men that I needed to “fix” get in my way However determination couldn’t stop me from falling for Paul an MMA fighter I searched my soul and found the strength and will to walk away before I got in too deep and find myself once again drowning in someone else’s problems But was it already too late? Follow along on this exciting MMA romance series

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    Ehh an aloof nearly mute male that literally communicates with shrugs grunts and angry looks for the entire book and a female that has diarrhea of the mouth about wearing dirty clothes and acts like a 15 year old that's just discovered the opposite sex when said mute male is in the vicinity This book is basically a sex scene and a tutorial on fitness exercises and dirty laundry Bad just bad I read on in the series since they're all less than 100 pages each free Don't look for it to get better because it only gets shittier While the male does finally finds his vocal cords miracle by book three the plot if you can even call it that just gets worse and the characters have all the allure and personality of cardboard Boring? Yes Romantic? No Put aside that the actual dialogue between the two MCs is limited what does happen is far from romantic For example Book 4 involves the female selling out the male his sister and her kid to the sister's wack job ex that she knows is abusive to save her druggie mama from sitting in jail Lucky guy right?? Another example He's asked what he likes about her and all he's got is her hair eyes and smile Deep man really deep shit for four damn books in right?? Bottom line skip it

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    Blimey So boring I don't even care that it's a series The 'heroine' spends her whole time in dirty clothes contemplating doin laundry and a significant amount of her time detailing her clients workout Possibly the only think I hate than being in a gym is reading about someone else being in a gym Paul is just blank There's nothing going on there I just don't care about either character

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    4 StarsI like MMA books but this one was kind of not my cup of tea I feel like we heard about the broken washer than the couple And then it is a cliff hanger Not my thing at all

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    I just didn't feel anythingThere was absolutely no feeling at all toward the male protagonist in this book He was hot He was a great fighter However that was not enough for me to form any connection to him at all Really there needed to be dialogue in this read Maybe some dual POV There needed to be something that even hinted that this guy wasn't a robot plus I just needed to get out of the female's head because she really wasn't that much engaging than the hero

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    not my thingI like all kinds of topicsbillionaire MMA crazy serial killer paranormal But this book didn't get me excited Jessie seemed a little immature for 23 She had too much dialogue with herself And Paul was so aloof that I had no idea what made him passionate or motivated

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    he talented Alycia Taylor Loved this book and the flow it has Loved the storyline and the way that the story is moving This book also has great characters I also love the way Alycia ended this book with a cliff hanger but it was an oh sht ending Cant wait for the next book

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    I love the MMA fighter stories but this one was disappointing I felt that effort and detail went into explaining unnecessary things such as her clients workouts i mean do we really need to know the exact workout a guy did? It wasn't even relevant to the story Not for me im afraid

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    Good read Lately I have found myself drawn to these fighter romance series and this one was a great pick It's unlike most I have read and less predictable which is awesome Thanks I can't wait to continue this story