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There's no doubt about it socks are an indispensable part of every wardrobe Whether you need an ultra comfortable pair for chilling out at home or a gorgeous stylish pair to add an eye catching twist to some stunning stilettos this book has 35 original easy to make designs from the fabulous fashion label Lowie

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    Nothing for me

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    Cute sock projects but seriously bad photos where the socks are clearly not fitting the models which makes me think that this was not a professional job because the presentation is not goodLacy cotton socks gold peep toe socks flip flop socks flower socks tabi socks lacy long socks cabled socks Turkish socks lacy stockings and garter belt men's city socks lacy button socks winter flower socksBow legwarmers dog's legwarmers literally for the animal stirrup legwarmers and sparkly legwarmersKid's patterns pink bootees spotty baby socks picot sandals and stripy socksOutdoor socks Lace cuff boot socks walk the dog socks tennis socks gardening long socks ski socks men's Aran boot socks argyle golf socks and striped football socksSpotty slippers Turkish mini socks TV slippers possibly the best pattern in the whole book with super cute original low cut heel socks slouch socks Cherry slippers Christmas stockingI'm hoping that when I try out a few different patterns that they turn out better then most of these pictures128 pages2 stars

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    Very cute socks some not so practical but still cute

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    I love the Flip Flop socklets and can't wait to wear them during the summer The patterns are easy to follow and for all skill levels which is great for me as I am a beginer at knitting socks