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This memoir by the internationally renowned jazz pianist Art Hodes born in Russia in 1904 is in its own way a blues a lament for and a celebration of music and musicians we have lost The last of the living legends among Chicago jazz musicians Hodes joins with jazz historian Chadwick Hansen to provide a unique perspective on than seven decades of jazz history With an honesty not usually found in jazz books Hot Man captures Hodes's professional career from his apprenticeship in Chicago in the 1920s to the present The book offers remarkable inside views of gangster clubowners the great New York jazz clubs and the vicious jazz wars of the 1940s Chicago from the 1950s the very closed and special world of jazz musicians the curious relationships between musicians and their audiences and Hodes's experiences with jazz greats including Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke No other white musician has given us such a full account of learning to play from black musicians This intimate journey takes us to a vast circle of fellow musicians to recording companies and the business of the profession to Nodes's other career as a writer and editor of the Jazz Record a publication that existed through most of the 1940s Hodes's story includes almost thirty photographs and a comprehensive discography filling a gap in the world of jazz literature

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