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What would you do if they captured you? As the Titan’s second in command Luse Cohen has no choice but to follow orders That order is to bring males back to his home world to mate with the royal family He picks three to take back but one triggers a wicked hot attraction inside of him he never felt before While investigating the disappearance of his friend from NASA’s satellite research facility Dr Fallon Regan discovers that an alien life form has taken him Face to face with the alien Fallon feels an intense fear and fascination he can’t deny Caught between his past and future Luse must make a choice between the man he loves and the world he comes from All the while hiding a secret that could get both of them killed Will he love Fallon or will he hand him over to the royal family to be used? Reader Advisory This book contains scenes of sex with aliens and anal sex Male pregnancy

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    Captured Titan Year Book 2Look the idea of the story is brilliant I'm onboard with every detail The aliens needing human males to procreate? FineThe evil Royal Family that rules all Turitans with what seems like an iron fist? Of courseThe physical differences between humans and Turitans Male pregnancy? Giving birth? AbsolutelyThe original and quite sexy way of the interspecies sex? Fck yeah I gotta say all kinds of hot how that worksYou name it All of it worked for me big time cause well when you buy the whole alien idea you mostly buy everything that goes with it And this here works I love the idea of the storyWhat I didn't love so much was the actual telling of the storyKinda weak Full of inconsistencies from one line to the next What they do what they say what they say they'll do won't really add up when you read the next paragraphSo much so that I couldn't focus on anything else Just kept thinking to myself 'but that's not what he said 2 seconds ago' or something to that endI wanted to like the story This story I gave it 4 stars most of all cause of the idea that's behind it all I can see the story she wanted to tell and I love it I just cannot actually read that story hereAll this said I think I'll give the next book a try Gotta know if the storytelling gets betterAlso please don't make human males behave like little girls PAll that crying and whining and virginal drama c'mon xDEnjoy

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    25 starsMost of the time I give the reason for my rating but this is a big reason of why I rated this story only 2 starsIt has a huge spoiler so if you don't want me to spoil this series for you view spoiler I'm afraid every single sequel has a the end something that I dislike the 3 most hating words to be continuedIn my humble opinion the story has too much doom and gloom apart from the great sex perhaps some will think it was too much sexnot even once you see laughter having a good time this is just a constant worry about how to protect the humans and themselves I had a sneak peek to the next sequels and it seems that this series is not for me book 4 also has to be continued another sequel with a deal breaker hide spoiler

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    25 like generously I want to love this series so freaking bad But I don't Omg it makes me so sad the concept is awesome like totally awesome but the execution is just not goodat all I'm not sure what the heck is the deal but this book is not representative of this authors talent The characters are ok but Fallon is a little bit annoying He starts the book as a leader among his peers then by the time he sleeps with the alien Luse he's a weak whimpering submissive Very confusing I just think the way the story progresses is just not that entertaining Tbh By 46% I was kinda over it I had to pull on my big girl panties to finish it off