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Mark?s a practical man who expresses his feelings in actions rather than words When his wife Nicole tells him that his ex Kim has called he?s speechless He hasn?t seen Kim or his daughter Lily for over ten years When Mark meets Lily it is not the joyful reunion he had been hoping for She has grown into an angry and wayward teenager much like her mother and when Lily comes to stay with Mark and Nicole for Christmas her disturbing presence threatens to destroy the new life he has built for himself Kid?s Stuff is a painfully insightful novel about the modern man and the terrible damage that family members can do to each other

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    Quite interesting take on responsibility family relationships and past mistakes I liked Sutton's style short chapters and immense readibility The main character was a bit complicated so unlikable obviously a tad stupid and sexist but then again you wanted everything to work out The ending was very unexpected and threw me off a bit it just didn't quite fit