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A manhã que mudou a vida de Nicki Clements seria como tantas outras se o seu filho não tivesse esquecido a mochila em casaFoi com o objetivo de lha entregar que ela saiu Não planeara passar vezes sem conta pela casa do controverso jornalista Damon Blundy recentemente assassinado Mas a verdade é que passouÉ a estranheza do seu comportamento que leva a polícia a interrogá la Nicki diz a verdade não conhecia Damon E não não sabe explicar a enigmática arma do crime Nem tão pouco entende a mensagem que o assassino escreveu a tinta vermelha na parede da vítima “ELE NÃO ESTÁ MENOS MORTO” O problema é que não poderá nunca revelar porque estava tão perto do local do crime Se o fizer terá de confessar um segredo que a destruirá É que Nicki pode não ser culpada mas está longe de ser inocente

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    If I had to pick a word to describe this book it would be 'tedious' It seemed to just go on and on not quite knowing what to do or where to go with all the characters that had been created I haven't read any of Sophie Hannah's previous books so wasn't aware that there was actually a 'Culver City' series featuring the partnership of Detectives Simon Waterhouse and his wife Charlie I'm not sure this book has inspired me to read others from the seriesThe book starts off with an advert from a website called 'Intimate Links' where someone is looking for a response from someone with a 'secret' It swiftly moves on to the bizarre death of infamous journalist Damon Blundy and we meet our main extremely unlikeable character Nicki Clements Nicki's carefully constructed life is based on an intricately woven web of lies stretching back to early childhood Her ex best friend Melissa is now married to Nicki's brother Lee and we slowly realise that there is to this triangulated relationship than meets the eye Nicki's non entity of a husband Adam doesn't seem to have a clue about the woman he's married to and although throughout the book we hear how much she loves her family husband and two children we never see or hear evidence of a cosy family lifeNumerous oh so numerous characters are introduced who would have had motive to kill the vicious Damon Blundy and the story quickly takes on a 'Whodunit' format Unsurprisingly Nicki takes centre stage as the Number One suspect Clearly the book did have some element that kept me reading wanting to know about Nicki's past and how her private life had inextricably tied itself to Damon Blundy and his ill fate But sadly even when the 'punchline' was delivered it wasn't the 'Ohmygosh' lightbulb moment one wants from a semi suspense filled prelude My response in the end was like 'who cares?' than the 'Wow' that it should have been Big big disappointment

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    A meticulously structured puzzle but with an utterly unbelievable plot and characters It's as if Hannah is only interested in putting the pieces of the puzzle together in a cerebral and sterile way and cares nothing for what the finished picture actually shows or means It's a page turner though in the sense that you need to know how she's going to resolve the convoluted mystery I'm not sure if this is any better or worse than her previous works most likely I've just grown tired of them Loyal fans will probably enjoy it

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    Readers hooked on Sophie Hannah's crime fiction may understand what it is like to suffer addiction Indeed you could call me me a punter When each of Sophie Hannah's mysteries featuring the Culver Valley Constabulary appears I promise myself that I'll waste no time trying to solve the puzzle just enjoy the bizarre characters situations Meanwhile a small voice whispers 'This time she's not going to fool me This time I'm going to pay careful attention to all the clues figure the damned thing out' Like someone addicted to drugs or alcohol pretending to think he's in control Here I was totally jerked around trying to figure out the identity of Nicki's online lover who uses the sobriquet King Edward VII Why would anyone adopt the name of that rather ungainly monarch? As usual in a Sophie Hannah novel Simon Waterhouse figures it out tho' we're not told how it was only after finishing that I realized how to solve it view spoilerLook up the address on p 402 in Google maps it'll be staring you in the face hide spoiler

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    Coming April 24th from Hodder and StaughtonThank you kindly to Hodder and Sophie for arranging an advance reading copyStuck in a traffic jam Nicki Clements sees a face she hoped never to see again It’s definitely him the same police officer stopping each car on Elmhirst Road Keen to avoid him Nicki does a U turn and makes a panicky escapeOr so she thinks The next day Nicki is pulled in for questioning in connection with the murder of Damon Blundy controversial newspaper columnist and resident of Elmhirst RoadNicki can’t answer any of the questions detectives fire at her She has no idea why the killer used a knife in a way that involved no spilling of blood or why ‘HE IS NO LESS DEAD’ was painted across Blundy’s study And she can’t explain why she avoided Elmhirst Road that day without revealing the secret that could ruin her life Because although Nicki is not guilty of murder she is far from innocent One of my favourite times of the year – time for a new Sophie Hannah book and time for me to head back into the world of Simon Waterhouse and co as they try and untangle yet another twisted web of murder This year I was lucky enough to get an early look – so here we are a couple of sleepless nights later and I am done And very happyNicki is hiding a secret So when certain things put that secret in jeopardy her paranoia causes her to take an impulsive action – one that will set off a chain of events that will eventually lead to a cold blooded killerOh twisty turny wonderful tales – no one does it better than Ms Hannah Her extraordinary ability to write uncannily realistic yet psychologically deep characters then put them in a situation often of their own making is second to noneTHEN she sends the equally extraordinary detective Simon Waterhouse in to untangle the ensuing chaos Every time a little gem of reading joy especially for those of us who love a brain work out as we try to untangle things right alongside himIn this particular instalment we have a murder victim who was not particularly pleasant in life although I kind of loved him a woman who is hiding mostly from herself along with an eclectic cast of other suspects all misbehaving in various ways – not since Agatha Christie’s novels have I come across stories with such a flair for the dramatic all wrapped up in the often mundane routines of lifeall with their very own “locked room mystery” atmosphere Its interesting therefore that it IS Sophie Hannah who will bring us a new Poirot story A perfect fit – if anyone is going to do it then they have the right person for the jobAs always characters are key Yes Simon et al have their own ongoing story but they are as always often very much in the background Each new novel brings us new and compelling people to meet and judge and love or hate – the tales are always emotive for one reason or another and provoke a response from the heart As stated earlier I had a particular affinity for our victim here but also Nicki our main protagonist had me tearing my hair outMs Hannah puts you firmly inside the heads of these people and its often highly disturbing Cleverly doneThis is definitely my favourite so far and that really IS saying something because I have loved them all And so we come to the outcome no spoilers ahead do not fear of my well loved game of Beat the Author Ms Hannah has been close to beating me with several of her previous novels and I was reliably informed going in that this might be “the one” Well I’ll start by saying that again as usual this was intelligent fascinating and outstanding plotting from someone I would be happy to call the heir apparent to the Queen of Crime when it comes to compelling mystery writing Who won? Me?Ha Well Yes And No I did untangle a lot of this very twisted tale but not all oh no There was at least one part of the whole that I did not know until I was told Now I had the main parts but Sophie Hannah is devious Yay Obviously I can’t tell you – but once you have read it do feel free to come back and ask and I’ll give you a breakdown Ms Hannah thought at least a portion was unguessable but I think she does herself a disservice There is no cheating of the reader here looking back it was possible I just did not I call it a drawFive Bright Shiny Stars and an entry into my Beat the Author hall of fame for this one Fair is fairHappy Reading Folks

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    Sophie Hannah has an extraordinary talent She takes an array of fine ingredients•Complex believable heroines•Unusual seemingly impossible crimes•Thought provoking contemporary concernsAnd she ties them up into complex knots that appear impossible to undo before throwing the whole thing up into the air with a flourish and having it land as a clear picture that you could never have foreseen but that you have to accept makes perfect senseThat makes distinctive and compelling crime fictionI had decided that I wasn’t going to rush to read this book after being horribly disappointed by the book that preceded it But I wavered when I saw it because so many of the books before that were very very good It seemed that it might be a return to form Yes I think it is a return to form but not to her very best Not quiteThe crime scene is strikingAn opinionated newspaper writer has been found dead bound and gagged on a chair in front the computer in his home office A knife has been taped over his mouth and the words “HE IS NO LESS DEAD” have been written on the wallIt fell to Detective Constable Simon Waterhouse and his colleagues in the Culver Valley police force to investigateFirst they spoke to his wife who had stumbled into the crime scene with a cup of tea She said that she had heard nothing because she had been in another part of the house with the radio on leaving her husband with the peace he wanted to work And she said that she was sure that the murder is linked to the fact that her husband never really loved her she knew that even though he had played that role of loving caring doting husband to perfectionThe dead man’s columns lead the police to a number of suspects•An athlete who was a drug cheat•A rival pundit accused of hypocrisy•A bestselling author who has behave badly•A former MP charged with hypocrisy tooBut the most interesting of all of the suspects was Nicki Clements a married mother of two and the woman that the story spun aroundWhen the police were stopping traffic outside the crime scene she did a U turn to avoid them because she didn’t want a particular police officer to see her She took longer routes several times that day between her home and her children’s school to avoid that particular road And of course that was noticed She might not be guilty of murder but she was definitely guilty of somethingNikki is a wonderfully realised character a woman with an unhappy past with difficult family relationships with a gap in her life that she tries to fill her online That leads her into no end of trouble ‘The Telling Error’ is a wonderful puzzle mixed up with analysis of modern marriage of celebrity culture and of social media very much a book of the here and nowIt was the eclectic cast of characters who made the story work Each had their own story their own mystery and they had such psychological depth They weren’t likeable but they were fascinating And horribly believableThe police characters were on the back burner this time around and the story was much the better for itIt seems impossible that there will be a solution that explains everything but there is And there were revelations along the way that made the story twist and turn and increases the intrigue The explanation for Nikki’s U turn was particularly strikingOne or two points stretched credulity too far but when so many things are done so well I can forgive that quite easilyI was gripped from the first page to the last and I will be rushing to grab a copy of whatever Sophie Hannah writes next

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    Woman with a Secret is unfortunately the second book by this author that I have not been able to finish It is the 9th book in a series and to me it didn't hold up well as a stand alone I was expecting a thriller but it was just dull I made it about 25% of the way in and gave up It kind of rambled and I found myself re reading parts to figure out what was going onThere were a few reasons that I didn't care for this book First I didn't like the way it waffled back and forth between Nicki's first person perspective and the third person perspective of the detectives That was threw off the flow of the book for me Another reason was Nicki herself She gets herself into her mess because she is having it seems and affair online with someone She is married with two kids I knew I wouldn't like her as the book progressed Finally I really felt like I needed back story on the detectives I felt like I was coming right into the middle of a movie and was playing catch upI think that fans of this author's will like this book as well as fans of the series But it wasn't enticing enough for me to go back to the beginning

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    There was very much of this part psychological thriller part murder mystery that I liked very much and it was a refreshingly different slant on a familiar basic story but some of it jarred a touch with meThe main premise surrounds the potential involvement of a woman in the brutal murder of a controversial journalistcolumnist Sections of the tale were narrated from the POV of this woman and I found her a compelling and unique character with her thoughts and deeds very interesting to follow as damaged and messed up as she was Other parts of the story from a conventional slant routine police procedural aspects were a lot less special slightly confusing and even boring in places The tying up of the story didn't quite convince me eitherSo yes I may read other Sophie Hannah novels but I understand why I have heard she can be inconsistent

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    Title should be Chronic Liars and Obsessive Cheaters with Secrets then I wouldn't have bought it and been disappointed Like the blurb on the back cover it was off to a good start Nicki and her sister in law balance each other well Then the wheels fall off did this novel know how it was going to end before it was half finished? It is a who done it with a decent murder but poor clues There are four Stooges that play the cops and a cliché of a female character that I wished someone had knocked off And spare me know it alls that talk just to hear the sound of their own voice or in this case the sight of their own wordsIf you like self indulgent silly cheaters and plots that go off on tangents this is the book for you

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    The books starts with very interesting exchange between two strangers who found each other on the website where people tellkeep secret toof each otherNicki Clements who has a loving husband and two kids is unhappy in marriage and tries to seek for an affairs to spice up her married life in Intimate Connection website She falls in love with the man and becomes obsessed Then she is spotted by a police officer fleeing the crime area of a controversial newspaper columnist named Damon Blundy This darkpsychological thriller takes you round and round I almost felt I was dealing with a character very much similar to Gone Girl The story is very captivating and believable The recent out break on the story of Ashley Madison website made this books very interesting It is also scary to think that social media and every kind of website out there is not only luring to young people but also many older people as well More people are cheating online because it is easy and less guilty? It is very interesting to watch Nikki who claims how much she loves her husband and her children yet she is ready to meet a stranger in a hotel room whom she does not know Quite a book

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    Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for letting me read this brilliant bookSimon and Charlie are back Yay After reading all of the previous books in the series I am over joyed to read the next one I just love those two and the way these stories are so cleverly put togetherAs usual we have a complex mystery Internet emailing and obsessional behaviours combined with marital mayhem A woman with a gift for telling porkies who has an intimate relationship over email sharing secrets with a stranger A man murdered in his own home full of anger and hurtful opinions Who wanted him dead and why?This is a wonderful Sophie Hannah read that makes you wonder and guess It was a pleasure to read