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Gluten Free Secrets makes gluten free living easy delicious and uncomplicated The book offers knowledge and inspiration for people who need to reduce or remove gluten completely from their diet or for everyone who just wants to avoid bloating or other symptoms that might arise from eating too much gluten Today we eat gluten than ever before The gluten content of the food we eat has risen and though not all of us react negatively to gluten gluten is not as you might think a friend to your digestion Knowing what we know today about gluten we should probably ask ourselves whether our increased gluten intake is at all desirable seen from a health perspective Gluten Free Secrets offers insights if you're suspecting gluten to cause symptoms You can read about testing procedures for gluten sensitivity if you are concerned whether your own or your child's symptoms might arise from gluten Most people entering a gluten free diet feel lighter and experience an improvement in their digestion when they cut down their intake of gluten rich food The number of people who experience health benefits from a gluten free lifestyle is growing rapidly and today far exceeds the number of people who actually suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease With Gluten Free Secrets you can still make your favorite dishes great pastries and other delicious meals all of them gluten free This book shows you how and offers brand new techniques knowledge and tasty and easy recipes for a gluten free lifestyle for both children and adults Most recipes in Gluten Free Secrets are also free of sugar milk eggs and yeast Enjoy

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