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    This book is in double contrast to the last book I reviewed on writing craft Jodi Henley's Practical Emotional Structure The first contrast is that this one is well organised and clearly expressed The other contrast unfortunately is that unlike the Henley it didn't really give me much that was new in the way of content At 399 for a very short book I read it in little over an hour and the last uarter is extracts from and advertisements for her other work I feel it's overpriced to the point that I almost returned it for a credit on I didn't though because it is very well structured and laid out and does give a useful overview of an important writing skill and I can imagine myself referring back to it as I work on my novel It's aimed at novels rather than short storiesIt does tend towards the formulaic have this many scenes and seuels in a chapter they contain these elements in this order start your scene with a statement of your scene goal yes in the actual text of your novel I tend to think that formulaic advice produces formulaic writing but you do need to know your scales before you can improvise Will I be implementing some of this advice? I'm sure I will as I tighten my novel up and increase the tension at points where it's lacking Will I write to the exact template? Probably not Would I advise a beginning writer to buy this and read it? On the whole yes with a warning not to start painting by numbersAnd I'd feel happier about my purchase if it had been a dollar or so cheaper

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    Good bookThis book was good most I already knew the rest I will use towards writing my next book You can never have enough tension

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    An excellent book I tried only one of the ways and liked how the suspense appeared on my plotUnfortunately I don't have time to write any Putting it under long term reference Will definitely come back to this book again later when I start writingI haven't read much books on plot building but this one has easily been the best one among whatever I read The points chapter ideas are clear and precise They tell you exactly how you need to build suspense They give you a couple of examples for each point to illustrate it That's than enough I would say

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    This is a nuts and bolts book about story tension It gives 13 ways to develop tension in the story that makes readers keep turning pages I would suggest you read it before writing anything Then read it again as you develop your story You may have heard it all before but sometimes a book like this makes you think about the tension you need rather than the stakes you’ve already set up

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    Good techniues for beginners

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    Some great ideas here that every writer of fiction should useThere are a few ideas that are pretty obvious but probably overlooked by many A short read but well worth the time

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    Amy Deardon's How to Develop Story Tension while brief is truly one of the most helpful craft books available The author not only describes techniues for amplifying the tension in your story but also summarizes her suggestions in than thirty writing tips If you're interested in writing engaging fiction this book is a good investment both of time and of money

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    A short primer on tension that I read in half an hour Tension is a critical component of good fiction and this short but sweet list offers concise explanations and clear examples Deardon's explanation of Dwight V Swain's highly recommended Scene Seuel techniue is probably the most accessible version I've ever seen The only negative was how short the book was for the money and it felt a bit padded with one particularly lengthy example

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    This book is a uick read that doesn't provide very much if any new information to someone who regularly reads books on the craft of writing If you've already read Save the Cat I would skip this one For anyone looking for a uick refresher or beginning overview on story tension you might try this one I got through it in an hour flat but I tend to read faster than average YMMV

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    So yeah this is a super short book I read it in a little over an hour And I get why people say she doesn't offer any new information because if you've heard of scene and seuel she definitely doesn't offer anything new there However I found the organization of her 13 tension techniues to be invaluable Her list I'm obsessed with lists may just save my writing