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The DASH Diet Guide Prepare Survive and Motivate Yourself Through the DASH Diet The DASH Diet lifestyle is all about living a healthy consistant and sustainable life It's about educating yourself in what you should be eating in order for your body to work optimally It's a flexible plan catering to all goals and health issues And most of all the DASH diet is maintainable and enjoyable The DASH DIET program was designed to lower your blood pressure make you look slim and make you feel healthy It is a complete program that rejuvenates fortifies strengthens and helps maintain a healthy body and mind You don’t have to eat less or eat bland foods to lower your blood pressure or to lose weight This is not the actual DASH diet program but a guide In this book I share what the DASH diet is all about what the different programs are DASH diet friendly recipes and meal guides tips and tricks on motivation and how to succeed on the DASH diet and much BONUS Includes a 7 day meal plan with recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner And 35 DASH Diet Recipes The DASH Diet Guide Covers What is the DASH diet The DASH diet food guidelines DASH Diet Portion Control The DASH Diet Shopping List Losing Weight on the Dash Diet Seven Day DASH Diet Meal Plan 35 DASH Diet Recipes Tips for Surviving the DASH Diet

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