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Henry and Muriel's life on the new estate is relatively harmonious despite the vulgar neighbours the Tonkettes the Second World War and the regular Sunday visits from Muriel's mother who believes her daughter has married far below her station The accidental? appearance of Mr Hawthorne Muriel's student at their house one Sunday afternoon brings unexpected upheavals Here is a man of respectable breeding of munificent means and someone capable of refined intelligent conversation Mr Hawthorne has something to offer everyone in the family but his posting to London disturns the delicate balance of personal affairs

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    An odd but sort of enjoyable book set in 2nd World War English midlands about the relationship between a married couple and an older 'gentleman' Written in an unusal manner Initially referring to 'the husband' and 'the wife' Probably lots of symbolism that I missed and got to the end wondering what it was really about

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    In a Jolley novel every character every plot development every page is what it seems and yet not what it seems An Innocent Gentleman seems at first such a simple story mere domestic happenings against a backdrop of WW2 which seems remote and irrelevant But then the oddity of events piles up and the irony of the title provokes one puzzle after another Who can the innocent gentleman be if it certainly isn’t Mr Hawthorn? Is anybody innocent in this complex web of relationships seemingly played out in the dull suburbs of the Midlands? For and a link to an excellent professional review seehttpanzlitloverswordpresscom200

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