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Twenty year old twink Zachery White would have never thought he would have doomed himself to a life of slavery and boredom when he fled home from his ultra controlling parents and found himself working at The Den a twink gay bar in the middle of small town Honor Oregon But that’s exactly what happened Now feeling used abused and underappreciated by his intimidating boss Zack wonders when he will be able to escape his new life of hell Meanwhile time is running out for six hundred year old Lycari Alpha Brom Cromwell Brom is in need of a human male who can bare his Lycari children If he doesn’t find one soon all hell will break loose When Brom finds naive twink Zack working at The Den he believes he’s hit the twink lottery With his adorable dimples bubble butt and slender body Zack is very cute and unsuspecting the very type that Brom likes But when Brom claims Zack as his mate he is challenged by another Lycari This Lycari young and handsome Liam Gladstone is as resourceful as he is powerful and could prove to be a major thorn in Brom’s chiseled backside Will Brom lay all on the line for twink Zachery and challenge the young Lycari warrior Liam to the death or will he learn that sometimes sharing can be far pleasurable and beneficial than war?

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    In all the mpreg and omega stories I've ever read I've never heard of a guy having a male period If you were a guy and upon getting out of the shower felt blood flowing down your legs would you not go to the doctor or a hospital? And why has this never happened before? This is just one of the issues that plagued this story Poor vocabulary ran rampant repeated reference were made to the ability to bare children and in one place Zack is told he is comely and it's supposed to mean ugly but doesn't Zach is an irritating queeny hothead who is very unlikable I was struggling to finish it even for comedic value when I got to the ritual and just gave up since it was so over the top and ridiculous I don't see myself reading any by this author other than what may be contained in this anthology Ugh

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    Zachery was an annoying whiny little shijerk A couple of pages in and even though he has just been groped by some creep any sympathy I might have for him is buried under a wave of what an asshole Not saying he should have to accept being groped he shouldn't but being groped does not suddenly make him a nice person either

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    Spawn of The AlphasThis book was ok It could of used background information on the Lycari and how some human males are special I liked how BromLiam and Zack worked out their relationship with each other Erin

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    It's a shame this turned out to be menage as I would have liked it just to be a MM mpreg story Oh well on to next shifter book