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Algures no seio do governo norte americano existe uma lista muito bem guardada Nunca é vista sequer pelos membros do Congresso apenas pelo Presidente e a sua equipa secreta de assessores Quando o nome de uma pessoa surge na lista só é eliminado quando a pessoa está morta Alguém acabou de adicionar à lista o nome do agente contraterrorista Scot Harvath E ele agora terá não só de escapar às equipas designadas para o assassinarem como descobrir quem colocou o seu nome na lista e porquê E isto antes que os Estados Unidos sofram o maior ataque terrorista de todos os tempos Uma leitura intensa e compulsiva cheia de ação e assustadoramente real onde uma vez mais a ficção se confunde com a realidade

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    35 to 4 stars if Goodreads allowed half stars I would have gone 35I am kind of amazed that Brad Thor can write an entire book without too much ire thrown at the Middle East While his usual target is Islamic extremists this time the bad guys are a little closer to home This is a good thing because the repetition of Muslim bad guys was getting a little oldAll of that aside this book was pretty entertaining For those who enjoy political thrillers Thor is is a great author to check out Be aware though he leans quite conservative Makes Tom Clancy look liberal However I felt like this book has less political commentary than some of his earlier books There is a lot of continuation of the overall story from previous books Because of this it may be hard to enjoy this book if you are not familiar with Scot Harvath and the usual cast of characters Note this book is not related to the Black List TV showWarning Thor seems to enjoy writing about torture interrogation If this is something that makes you uncomfortable he might be worth avoiding There are a few torture scenes in this bookThe following is a spoiler worth reading if you don't mind spoilers or don't plan to read this book I am interested in what everyone thinks view spoilerOn the cover of the book you can see parachuters in the letters As I was reading I kept wondering where the heck the parachuters were? Finally three people parachute on the very last page of the book Not that seeing people parachuting gives away a key point of the story I just thought it seemed odd that a very small event that occurs at the very last moment of the book was featured on the cover Thoughts or other examples like this you have seen? hide spoiler

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    A Dime store Romance for Shit kickers Meat heads Misogynists Another dime store romance for cro Mag dimwits misogynists and shit kicking rednecks and cowboys apparently a burgeoning crowd Formula hollow characters check connect the dots plot check US desperately in trouble check European only exacerbates the problem check I specially like politely nipping a Brit's pompous buda damsel in distress optional sometimes the heat's too much for the mamacitas if ya know what I mean ScotHar saves the day oh hell yeah you better know it rescuing the world from mass destruction 'every freakin' time my man' with a big cheesy grin I really read this book in 2007? Would I waste time so frivolously? What possessed me? Who in hell reads such books? Apparently a pre lit binge me SMHSee eg bestseller lists with novels by Brad Thor POTUS election

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    There is only one direct allusion to 1984 in Brad Thor's Black List but an Orwellian world permeates every page Thor creates a terrifying scenario of what would happen if the government's data mining capabilities were turned on the American citizenry By chapter 20 I was ready to take down my Facebook page dismantle my cell phone and move to a cave somewhere When one character a cyber genius begins describing street lights with the ability to record video and audio of all who pass by all the ways people can be tracked by the gadgets they already own and people being tagged with microchips like their pets not to mention surreptitious eavesdropping capabilities through systems like OnStar in cars Thor definitely raises eyebrows Most ominously he begins the book with an author's note All of the technology contained in this novel is based on systems currently deployed in the final stages of development by the United States government and its partners He's able to sustain suspense throughout the thriller and he has than a few eccentric characters to keep steady interest This is definitely one for the conspiracy theorists but great food for thought for the average reader