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The Knitting Revolution? What is revolutionary about knitting today is who is knitting what they are knitting and most of all why they are knitting What better time for a fresh approach to the learn to knit book? The Knitting Revolution focuses on the knit stitch with introductory chapters This primer is the closest thing between 2 covers to a knitting coach Hundreds of clear step by step photographs take you through each skill Loads of tips and special attention to details ensure that absolute beginners can complete any of the than thirty projects successfully Like knitting today this book is personal passionate powerful exactly what the new knitter is looking for and irresistible to the already converted Author Sally Melville Softcover 162 pages Made in USA

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    Superb handbook for EVERY knitter get one of these and keep it in your own knitting library ASAP Part of a three book series this first entry exemplifies what I believes ought to be in a knittting book clearly presented instructions methodically presented with good patterns that have many many possible options and thoughtful forsight as to possible problems Although posited as a handbook for beginning knitters there's enough good information here to warrant it's usefulness for all thouse who knit And most of the patterns are rather nice albeit very basic at least in their shapes From the back coverA learn to knit book that's not just for beginners 25 go for it projectsthe skills you needthe details that matterfriendly advice constant coachingrescue techniques for common mistakesThis large paperback is beautifully arranged in several sections with each having self contained basic info a skill or techniques to learn or practice and several rather nice patterns illustrating each technique All the patterns are offered in eNORmous size ranges with excellent needleyarn information at the very beginning In short pretty much everything I love in a knitting book except for not being spiral bound Well you can't have everything I guess grinBut both the books in this series that I've seen 1 Knit 2 Purl are superb and well worth the investment Now I'm off to convince my library that they really truly do need to order 3 Color

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    I'm loath to give 5 stars to anything that doesn't move me to tears in a good way like Middlemarch so this is 45 rounded up because Ms Melville's so delightful in person and such a great teacher I'm a 53 year old guy so I'm less likely to get excited about making some of the garments illustrated unless they were gifts but if one worked one's way through the book one would learn an awful lotI've been knitting for over 4 years and still have much to learn and there were new tips in this book It's not terribly long and the new tips stand out in stark contrast to the patterns so I'd suggest everyone at least skim through it to see what you might pick up even if you know the basics and then some alreadyNote 5 stars amazing wonderful 4 very good book 3 decent read 2 disappointing 1 awful just awful I'm fairly good at picking for myself so end up with a lot of 4s

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    I didn't check but I hope there's a Purl Experience Book that is a companion to this very thorough engaging eye catching colorful usefulpractical introduction to knitting just knitting the knit stitch only The patterns range from scarves to men's sweaters children's knits and full length dresses yet a beginning knitter could easily conquer them all Good starting point for would be knitters with no one to physically guide them through the process

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    This series of books by Sally Mellvile are the best knitting books I have read And I've read a lot of themHer interest and sense of enthusiasm about her subject comes through clearly While the photos are somewhat dated due to hairstyles most of the patterns are clothes that one can knit and wear today and in the future Most books with patterns contain at most two patterns I might knit sally's always has many and the techniques she teaches not only save you time how nice is it not to have to rip 12 rows out to fix a dropped stitch? but allow you to adapt the pattern in any way you'd like

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    I love these patterns This book contains the Einstein Coat which will be completed by me one of these days I actually had it almost done and realized my yarns didn't match so completely frogged it 52514 found a copy of this at Half Price Books so will start in again on my Einstein Coat

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    I've had the book for years and frequently looked at the finished pieces with longing but I still haven't been able to teach myself to knit But to be fair I haven't really applied myself just yet Perhaps this year

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    I love the clear instructional photographs for technique I don't so much love the designs but there's still much to be learned from the book even if you don't knit any of the patterns Same as for the Purl Stitch

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    the I knit the I go back to review this book to learn the exact way to do stitches and patterns and just general knitting ways If I had to start all over I might have gone through this book from the beginning to end instead of haphazardly looking up answers to my many questions

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    An excellent book for the beginner knitter It has great photo instruction and it's well written I made the Einstein coat early in my knitting career and it got so many compliments plus it's really easy

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    Love this book I love the simplicity and the style of it The book can sit on my shelf forgotten for yearsthen I decide it's time foe an Einstein and it comes out again I thumb through it and find all sorts of treasures that I had forgot about Her patterns are timeless and a joy to make