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In My First Christmas warm illustrations and easy to follow text celebrate the joys and traditions of this special holiday From decorating the tree to putting cookies out for Santa the Christmas spirit is beautifully captured by Tomie dePaola

10 thoughts on “My First Christmas

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    The first Christmas part of this isn't explicitly in the book as far as I remember It's a quick sweet overview of some Christmas traditions

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    always a favorite by this author I like that there's an angel and manger but no other religious mention so it's nice for secular homes

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    Really cute Lovely illustrations My only ding on this book is the title I feel like this is too cute a book to just read for your first Christmas

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    A basic book sharing symbols of the season with classic dePaola illustrations A nice Christmas book for the very young

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    This story was very simple and straightforward The pictures were bright and colorful and the text was written in black bold print making it easy to read I liked that the illustrations were simple and children could copy them or relate to them meaning they were not elaborating done The author talks about decorations a lot cookies and Santa It was an okay children’s book for me nothing really special except it was very simple and basic I wondered about some of the words used in the story though words like manager mantle and scene Children would need to be introduced to these words beforehand reading it to them There is a religious aspect to one page as they talk about a manager scene so that would have to be considered if you are reading this to a classroom 35 starsI want to thank YABC for a copy of this novel for I received this book as a part of YABooksCentralcom 12 Days of Christmas This is my own opinion of this children’s book

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    I could see this story as potentially raising a lot of excitement for the youngest kids celebrating their early cognizant Christmases Tomie dePaola's illustrations seem to deepen and elongate the text bringing the Christmas experience into sharper focus and allowing the traditions of the holiday to be richly savored This is a good book

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    I read this to Natalie at the grocery store today It is a nice first Christmas book as long as you are looking for a non religious one It focuses on several traditional holiday items like stockings window candles and wreathes Santa is also at the end The illustrations are simple rather than busy or overly detailed which helps children focus on the items being discussed

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    The book doesn't offer a story per se While it does introduce all of the things we traditionally associate with Christmas it's fairly bland See how our reviewing family liked the book

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    a cute story for young children about the importance of the holidaya cute story for young children about the importance of the holiday

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    I always love dePaola's illustrations and this is a good book to introduce children to the basic items surrounding Christmas