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Miranda Hendrix delivers a dozen kinky streetwalker fantasies Hot submissive females role play prostitution scenes with their Masters or pimped out to show their submission forcibly feminized sissies are ordered to walk the walk for their Mistresses and real working girls shake it for a buck and encountering their own intensely erotic scenes along the way With twelve stories and 40000 words of erotica Streetwalker Stories is a walk on the wild side for anyone who loves street side eroticism and sex work fantasies Streetwalker Stories is an explicit erotic collection intended only for an adult audience that wishes to read frank descriptions of sexual behavior including sex work fantasies public and semi pubblic sex female and male domination erotic humiliation forced feminization and other kinds of sexual behavior Do not sample buy or read it if you might find such themes offensive TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Dirty by Erica Dumas Police Harassment by Amory Hubbard A Date at South Station by Xavier Acton Creatures of the Night by Thomas S Roche Moneymaker by Isabelle Ross Sissy Trick by Yvette Moody Working Girl by Simon Torrio Streetlight Fandango by Erica Dumas There’s No Place like Home by Casey O'Neill One Hour Parking by Kylie Cooper Parts of Heaven by Thomas S Roche Full Service by Erica Dumas

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