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This short story is taken from an exciting new game Terra BellumTerra Bellum a miniature war game is the first release from newcomer Morgorach Games and it is sure to capture the attention of veteran gamers and casual players alike Featuring all new force building dynamics and inventive gameplay that lets players interact seamlessly with their armada in space and troops on the ground crossing the line between both genresFive unique factions are at war over their homes and ideals in this fast paced science fiction fantasy miniature war game Unlike other war games Terra Bellum takes place not on the ground nor in outerspace but both at the same time

7 thoughts on “The Imperium

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    There are four MC's in this short story Christoli Delphine Shadra and Tiberon They've known each other all their lives I've read one other book by this author which I quite enjoyed and wanted to read of her works Earth is falling to pieces The government is non existent Those with money are able to leave it behind and go to New Eden The prime planet to inhabit The government is in ruins but there is one man that finds a way to bring Earth back to its former glory General Tollis He did not think New Eden was the answer and formed the Imperium restoring normalcy to Earth and beliefs in a safe society People looked up to him as their savior The story reads like the first chapter of a longer book so I don't fault it for not having a lot of time for development Like any good piece of writing It draws you in I could picture the scene and feel the budding emotions of the characters I want to know how Tiberon's story ends

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    InterestingAs with everything I read By P M Barnes there is never enough story for me and this is no exception It was a well thought out military themed story It drew me in and connected me to the characters Another great read by her

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    Very good readVery good job I was intrigued and saddened What a tragic sad story Yet again PM Barnes has left me befuddled The amazing things that come out of her pretty little head Love you PM Barnes