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The sisterhood can be a real killer Brittany Hope Shelly Beth and Lindsay are headed to the mountains for a ski trip to celebrate their high school graduation There are laughs and good fun at every turn until the girls swerve onto an icy lake The ice cracks and Lindsay disappears below the surface never to be found again Five years later the girls decide to commemorate Lindsay's death by visiting the ski resort again It starts off well with laughs of days gone past as the girls catch up on what has been going on with their lives But when Beth finds Lindsay's old necklace in Brittany's belongings she begins to get suspicious Soon each girl begins to air their suspicions on what really happened that day And when a fire starts in their cabin each of the young women find their own worst fears realized Lindsay's death was not an accident She was murdered And now the killer is after them in an evil game of cat and mouse

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    It never ceases to amaze me how much John Del Toro can pack into a short story A group of friends have just graduated from high school and they have decided to celebrate with a ski trip Tragically one of them dies in a horrible accident Five years late they return to the ski resort in memory of their friend But details emerge during their stay and suddenly they question the accidental death