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The Witch School teaching series offers instruction and intiation in Correllian Wicca one of the largest and fastest growing Wiccan traditions in the world As an additional bonus WitchSchoolcom offers many optional interactive features to enhance your learning experienceMaster the Art of RitualFrom the Dance of Death for Samhain to fire jumping for Bealteine ritual is at the heart of religious devotion Reverend Donald Lewis Highcorrell author of the Witch School series is back with an in depth exploration of ritual from a Correllian perspective The Wheel of the Year is an ideal framework for mastering the art of ritual Moving through the sabbats Lewis Highcorrell covers every step of formal ritual casting the circle invoking the quarters performing the magical working sharing the offering and closing the circle Encouraging improvisation and innovation Lewis Highcorrell also offers tips for keeping ceremonies fresh There are suggestions for decorating costumes colors and props Sample ceremonies which can easily be adapted for solitary practitioners are offered as inspiration for creating your own effective and moving rituals

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    I like it as it set out the basics for rituals both sabbats and esbats full and darkas someone that was a solitary for many years is was easy to read and follow and is a great compliment to witch school series