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The three volume Witch School teaching series will prepare you for initiation into all three degrees of Correllian Wicca one of the largest and fastest growing Wiccan traditions in the world As an additional bonus WitchSchoolcom offers many optional interactive features to enhance your textbook learning experienceThe Witch's JourneyVenture further on your journey into the magical life of a Witch The twelve lessons of the Witch School's Second Degree designed to be completed in the traditional year and a day format build on the skills and knowledge you gained in the First Degree training program Each lesson has four sections an in depth lesson magical exercises a spell and a glossary You'll round out your magical education and be ready choose your specialty within the Wiccan arts when you master the following advanced tools and techniquesTarot Physiognomy Astrology Magical Alphabets Numerology Death Spirits and Spirit Guides Sex Magic Magical Calendars Advanced Chakra and Energy Work Ley Lines The Ba Gua Group Dynamics Completion of the twelve lessons in this book makes you eligible for initiation into the Second Degree of Correllian Nativist Wicca

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    If you understand the idea behind the progression from learning the basics of the Craft within this tradition at First Degree to getting a broad sampling of several different areas in order to find what moves with you in Second Degree then you will thoroughly like this book It gives a broad overview of many different metaphysical subjects It is not meant ot be an in depth study of any topic

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    Mixing a bunch of spiritual traditions without explanation calling it eclectic to lampshade Forming a church and clerical school complete with patches and garb Whoa man this is decent world building for Urban Fantasy but nobody should take this seriously For any reason They call it the Correllian tradition Highcorrell is a name the dude gave himself It's one letter from being Han Solo's home planet Check out my new religion it's called M'Falcon and we prefer blasters to hokey magicThis is the cheapest Kool Aid I've seen since RaelismREASON TO BUY THIS BOOK If you can find them for a 1 at goodwill and you're a writer and for some reason have a group of Wiccans that read your books you want to write realistic magic for that audience and you don't want to read a bunch of books from Llewellyn's I'm posting this on all three books in the lol trilogy

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    I was with the tradition for a long time This book was supposed to be a introduction to what they are about I was wrong There is so much misinformation in this books and a lot of terms that if used would not be something that other pagans would understand They claim to be inclusive but that is just a way to get money from the students After their Common Book of Wicca and Witchcraft failure it has been shown and proven that they are not a true school The classes at their site are full of grammar and usage errors This is due to the fact that most of the classes are written by students as part of their classes there Even with all that are paid monthly by students you would think that they could at least keep their classes updated and correct I have been pagan for a long time and what are in these books could can find better explained in books written by better authors

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    This book goes into some detail about the dozen topics it covers A lot of the material falls into the skim and save for future reference category