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Single twenty one year old Aaron James works as a manager at 5 star hotel Working the night shift his job could not be any duller that is until two mysterious and super sexy studs come swaggering into the hotel lobby on a rainy night Sex starved Aaron finds himself instantly smitten by these gorgeous studs They are the perfect male specimens tall muscular and incredibly hot But Aaron knows that because of his quiet personality being with such hot guys will always remain a distant fantasy Shifters Ace and Ethan are looking for a mate Tired of their current mates and their overwhelming jealousy they come into town looking for some fresh young meat But when they set their eyes on slender twink Aaron they both are filled with insatiable lust There is just one problem There is only one of Aaron and two of them Will the two alpha wolves fight over Aaron’s tight body or will they learn to share?

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    Aaron works at a hotel and has had bad luck with boyfriends While working the night shift 2 very hot male came into the hotel to check in Both Ace and Ethan were interested in Aaron they need to show him that he was perfect for them and as a mate I was a little dispointed that it was so short and no good story lineOVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK a good short storyMY RATING 3 Hearts