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No matter how well you knit if the sizing is wrong nothing works In Good Measure Deborah Newton knitting expert designer and author of the books Finishing School and Designing Knitwear teaches how to personalize any knitted garment pattern to achieve a perfect flattering fit for every shape and size This indispensible reference covers every aspect of fit including how to properly analyze a pattern for customization make alterations in a project as needed determine proper ease in every area of a garment choose which fibers work best with a particular design and so much Including 24 beautiful patterns sized XS to 2XL all shown on a full range of different body types Good Measure is the invaluable resource every knitter needs to ensure a perfect fit every time

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    If you have a background in tailoringseamstress this information will be things you already know For the rest of us this book is full of invaluable information in how clothes are fitted and how to manipulate knitting patterns to get what you need Written at a beginner's level but with lots of intermediate and expert tips and information Includes very detailed measurement suggestions and whywhat specific measurements are important for specific thingsdiscussion about how material feeltenseness of material affects fitdiscussion of how to manipulate increasedecrease materials or patterns like lace or colorworkfit for different body types including plus sizesThese are just some of the subjects and this is not an encyclopedia on any one of those subjects She touches on many things in the process of figuring out individual fit What Newton really wants you to do is think ask yourself questions about your body what looks good on youmakes you feel good and how to manipulate the fabric of knitting to get what you need The patterns may or not be to your taste That is not the point of this book The patterns were carefully created to illustrate Newton's lessons and they do that very well It's worthwhile to flip to the back patterns to follow along with Newton's points Recommended for advanced beginnersintermediate knitters who are interested in upping their game

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    This book explains how to fit your knitting projects by first explaining the body taking measurements and then calculating fit She also shows how knitting swatches first will show a completed fit and give the knitter some practice in perfecting the patterns She uses complicated patterns in here and the projects are not what I call simple They include lacework cables color changes She also explains how to piece together the knitted parts such as sleeves and bodies of the sweaters and coats If you are a beginner knitting the swatches may help you become of an expert

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    This is a fantastic book that covers the essentials of fit Deb's expertise is clear through her gentle yet firm guidance I definitely want to keep this nearby as I begin my path to designing knitwear

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    Although I only found a few of the patterns interesting I did like all the tips around fit and finishing One to go back to

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    DNFIt's a decent book actually but I'm past it; I kept turning the pages thinking Yes I know this and this and this I guess I've read on this topic than I thought It's probably pretty good for less experienced knitters