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Paris 1832 A girl lies alone in the darkness clutching a letter to her heartEponine remembers being a child her swing and the peach tree and the baby brother she loved But mostly she remembers being miserable Taught to lie and cheat and to hate the one girl Cosette who might have been her friendNow at sixteen the two girls meet again and Eponine has one chance But what is the price of friendship—the love of a boy?Inspired by Victor Hugo’s classic Les Misérables A Little in Love beautifully conveys the heartbreaking story of street girl Eponine

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    I couldn’t help but fall a little in love with this book Originally I expected a boring but short historical fiction read Instead I was met with a strong protagonist named Eponine in a story dealing with the hardships in life Ever since a young age Eponine and her sister have been taught to steal to support their family This gave them a stable life that was ruined one day when their father murdered a man On the run for 6 years Eponine and her family struggle to survive When they finally arrive in France Eponine has every right to hate her family and her life She’s a teenager made of skin and bones abused by her family and known only for stealing to make money However Eponine is an admirable and relatable character I saw a little of myself in her as I read this book and that’s all I need in a ya book Sometimes I get sick of the cliche ya girl and Ephonine is nothing like that I aspire to be like Eponine and this book will always hold “a little pebble in my heart”

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    When Sarah recommended this to me I was skeptical about it since I know barely anything about Les Miserables and thought that would limit my enjoyment but I really grew to love Eponine Cosette and Marius The writing style was beautiful the story read like a tragic fairy tale and I definitely fell a little in love with it

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    I can't think of a secondary character in a classic work of literature who is less in need of an author to champion her than Eponine I read it anyways I might not have if it didn't look so much like Fletcher would be taking much of her inspiration from the book not the musical But who knows? I was really just kind of happy that this was publishedThis really is the book's Eponine and the book as a whole is essentially Eponine's perspective of the things she could reasonably know about and nothing else So she does not for example know that Valjean is a convict who broke parole because she doesn't actually have an opportunity to learn that Probably it would be easier for most people to follow this if they had already read the book or at least knew the basic plot synopsis to fill in holes Much of this book is focused on Eponine's relationship such as it is with her family such as they are The Thenardiers are spoiler alert really really terrible people and Eponine is not entirely That she steals only because she's directed to and not because it's in her blood makes her sort of the black sheep of her family Her younger sister Azelma on the other hand is her father's daughter through and through This is all reasonable extrapolation on Fletcher's part by the way I was very pleased with the way she fleshed out both characters and it made absolute sense with the way they were portrayed in the book view spoilerObviously we don't see this in A Little in Love because Eponine's kind of dead but Azelma and her father survive to become slave traders in the US hide spoiler

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    I'll admit that my excitement upon finding a teen novel telling Eponine's tale quickly turned to dubiousness as these kinds of books can often end up as a let down I'm delighted to be able to say that A Little In Love was not one of them this is a moving thoughtful gorgeously written book that adds so much to the Les Miserables storyEponine's always been my favourite tragic waif in Les Miserables and Fletcher does her wonderful justice here from her childhood in an inn being taught to steal from patrons by her parents to her jumbled adolescence hiding from the police as her murderer father goes on the run and drags his family with him A Little In Love is based on the novel rather than the musical sadly there are no interludes of singing in this book but it'll make sense even if you haven't waded through the original Victor Hugo brick and if you have there are lots of little details and cameos to look out for Eponine's desire for affection and her struggle to be good are beautifully emotively written as are the other characters her sister Azelma delighting in her life as a thief her poisonous parents Cosette both as an abused child and a strong young woman and Marius who Eponine finally falls hopelessly in love withThis is a lovely sad richly atmospheric novel Fletcher's writing conjures up nineteenth century France perfectly and her characters are amazingly vivid We all know Eponine's story before even opening the book but new life is breathed into it here making it a lovely and not at all superfluous addition to the Les Miserables canon And inevitable or not I still brushed away a few tears at the end Wonderful and heartwrenching

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    It's beautiful and sad and melodramatic and even though you know very well what will happen you will be sobbing at the end Just a really lovely re telling of Eponine's story from Les Miserables by one of my favorite writers Susan Fletcher Marketed as YA the book itself is strikingly pretty red with black endpapers and a good introduction to Hugo's novel for a young person although it is a great read I think for any age

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    It is so amazing how could a story few pages make you think about every single little thing you do and it had could be the life its self I won't lie I already know that but to be honest this book makes it so clear to me To thank the God for the Good parent who raises me up to a better person no matter what and for this lovely house I have food warmth Decent life I'm living through this lifeless life and it is sham if I asked the God for than that

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    I received a copy of this audiobook from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewAudio Melody Grove does a fantastic job of bringing Eponine and the rest of the characters to life Her French is flawless and her accent made the whole experience much enjoyable Story I love Les Misérables I saw it on Broadway when I was 15 and have loved almost every adaptation since Except the movie version where Russel Crowe sings That nearly ruined the whole story for me Les Mis was the inspiration for this book but if you go into it expecting a straight retelling of Hugo's story you will be disappointed I was expecting a backstory filled with details and emotions that would add layers to the character of Eponine I admire and respect A girl who doesn't always make the right choice does what she needs to survive but who loves a boy so much she is willing to set aside her own feelings for his happiness A girl who was bold strong and ultimately selfless What I got was a sad depressing story about a lonely girl with horrible parents and little to no backbone The Eponine in A Little In Love is a shadow of the girl in Les Misérables

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    See of my reviews on The YA Kitten My copy was an ARC I got at BEA 2015 Diversity Rating 0 – What Diversity? Racial Ethnic 0 QUILTBAG 0 Disability 0 Intersectionality 1 Eponine’s family is ridiculously poorThere I was just sitting near baggage check at BEA waiting for my roommates to get their tickets for a signing of Fairest by Marissa Meyer and generally getting off my feet Me and my tote bag full of books Of course you don’t just get off your feet at BEA without either reading or finding someone to talk to and I’d exhausted most of my abilities to be social by then so reading it was I picked A Little in Love because it was the shortest book I had on hand Pretty easy method of choosing a read It was also a good one because I loved A Little in Love–and not just because I already fell in love with Eponine thanks to the musicalLike me people will be having their eyes on this book most likely because they’re fans of the musicalmovie but it’s firmly based in the canon of the novel For instance Gavroche is acknowledged as a member of the Thenardier family and Eponine utters the sentence the title is taken from “And then do you know Monsieur Marius I believe I was a little in love with you”–a book exclusive line Based on knowledge of the musicalmovie alone the novel is entirely readable and may even make you want to take on the hefty task of reading Les Miserables yourselfFletcher’s portrait of Eponine is a little too clean in that she’s portrayed as a girl who was only mean to Cosette because her mother forced her to be and such but the strength of her Eponine and the girl’s development over the years is formidable Because she’s a side character in her source material we don’t get a good idea of why Eponine does what she does when she’s a teenager helping Marius and Cosette so it’s Fletcher’s choicejob to give us Eponine’s motivation Her choice? Eponine is so tired of her father’s group and life and hypocrisy that she decides to live as a good person no matter what life brings her It’s such a simple thing but it’s so powerful on the page through Eponine’s own wordsThings are a little slow at times due to how the novel is chopped up into pieces and I as a musicalmovie fan don’t know about the Eponine sections that stayed in the book In fact it’s the scenes that show what’s happening while other characters get the spotlight in the source material that feel most like filler Necessary filler but filler nonetheless It’s also heavily reliant on the reader knowing about Les Miserables one way or another so this isn’t at all for someone who is expecting to be introduced to that world through EponineSo the novel would have been three stars for me as an entertaining read lacking the special something to make it stick but the ending gave it a hefty bump up in the ratings department There’s no such thing as spoilers for booksmovies beyond a certain age so here it is Eponine dies We get that in the prologue of the book and yet her death in the end is still a tearjerker To make readers cry over a death they know is coming from a long ways away is talent–especially if they’ve already read the book seen the movie or seen the musical and experienced Eponine’s death beforeFans of Les Miserables who want a novel about the tragic young woman with the legendary solo song “On My Own” will want to pick up A Little in Love for themselves when it comes out Any book that can make a reviewer tear up multiple times just trying to review the darn thing cry count 3 by the way is one to save for those days when you want to read something that makes your heart hurt in all the best ways Susan Fletcher takes Eponine from a beloved side character to a main character you will cry for

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    If you don't mind that the ending was unfaithful to Les Misérables and didn't wholly make sense it's a good miserable book And Enjolras is in it

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    Its very rare I get excited about a book which in many ways is just ‘glorified and bound fanfiction’ and from my past experience books in this category can be horrendously disappointing So when I read about a young adult novel telling Eponine’s story I admit I was nervous nervous about one of my favourite charters from one of my favourite novels was about to be butchered into a tale which she wasn’t going to belong in However I needn’t of worried this book is thoughtful potent and wonderfully written and grasps what Hugo failed to do it gave a back story which I never realised I was craving Which is why when I sat down to read a quick chapter one morning I didn’t move until I was turning the final page quietly content that her story had finally been toldIn my opinion Eponine is so much than a thief and a pawn to get the two lovers together in Hugo’s ‘Les Miserables’ she has a character and a presence which I personally felt Cossette never possessed which is possibly why in the musical world at least Eponine holds popularity than her rival in love Cossette This may have to do with the fact people will always route for the underdog and Eponine is nothing if not an underdog or it may just be that ‘On My Own’ is one of the most well loved songs which springs from the epic stage show Fletcher managed to capture this love while adding subtle details and references to the novel which as a lover of Les Mis in all forms I’ve been missing A Little in love follows Eponine from her younger years of childhood in the Inn where she is forced to steal originally in craving any kind of affection from her parents to being forced by her mother to become hardened and cruel Although ‘A Little In Love’ is based on the novel as apposed to the musical which in recent years has possibly become well known than the original 1000 page long epic it still makes sense if you haven’t read ‘the brick’ Although there are details which are only picked up on if you’ve read the original text Cameos of characters that are only mentioned briefly in the musical if at all play a part in the bookThe novel is beautifully written depicting Eponine’s struggle to be good and also still be accepted into a family of thieves is touching and emotional while not losing the depth of the other characters Azelma is cruel and spoiled and in many respects depicts what Eponine could have been had you not had an ounce of good in her Although this novel is obviously going to be a desperately sad Fletcher manages to keep the story rich and atmospheric a true ode to Nineteenth century France I’m sure that anyone who picks this novel up knows the tragic story of Eponine’s life but Fletcher takes the character laid down originally by Hugo and adds colours to her life while not changing any details from the original novel although as I brushed way tears at the end I wish she had This book was exquisitely heat breaking