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Graduate School for Working Adults Things You Should Know Before You Commit is a quick guide for working adults who are thinking about or have already made the important decision to go back to school You've received your bachelor’s degree and have decided again now several years later to pursue the student’s life But what’s different this time around is that you’re older possibly have children and probably have a full time job that you’re going to attempt to juggle while being in school This book provides an honest assessment of what the graduate school experience will be like for you as a working adult More than just a chronicle of the graduate school experience this book can be a starting point for your journey into thinking about graduate school Take the information here and shape it into food for thought for yourself Use it to develop a plan to ensure you’re prepared for all of those things your admissions counselor will never tell you about This way you can make an informed decision about future about your academic path and about your experience in graduate school

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