Science Environmental Journalism 60 Minute Masterclasses

From superbugs to asteroid strikes many of the most important and exciting stories come from the world of science and the environment The challenge for journalists and other science communicators is to convey the wonder of new findings in complex fields without compromising accuracy Your success depends on explaining complex information to a general readers without falling victim to the hype that surrounds new discovers – which means digging out and making the most of good stories is hard work Throughout this 60 Minute Masterclass the Guardian’s environment and science news editor James Randerson will teach you how to spot and write accurate informative news story – that your audience wants to read You’ll learn about the major common sources journalists use to find stories You’ll also learn about the ways science journalism can go wrong and how inaccurate stories make it into print Perhaps most importantly the ebook also explores how to pitch your work as a freelancer and the range of channels available for science writers ‘Science and Environmental Journalism’ covers What do science journalists do? What makes a good story and where do they come from? How newspapers deal with science health and environment stories How to write your story How to make an editor notice your freelance pitch Common pitfalls and how to avoid them 60 Minute Masterclasses are expert ebooks that help you do with your creative writing journalism and entrepreneurship Locking on to the stuff that you actually need to know each title is a precise practical pointer on the matters that matter most

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