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From the mixed blood of his white father and his Cherokee ancestors John Dane is a born warrior who finds his niche when he joins the United States Marines and goes to fight in Korea Here he learns to unleash his violent instincts fighting Korea's Chinese Communists Sharpening his deadly combat skills Dane soon becomes a professional soldier for hire stalking enemy after enemy in the jungles of Laos and Vietnam As Colonel Dane black belt mercenary soldier adventurer he falls in love with a beautiful war correspondent whom he rescues from the Vietcong in a deadly mission

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    Aside from being a great story it's very relevant into how things work in south east asia One of those books that's worth reading again all the way through Romance and adventure very nicely mixed with historyI was living in Thailand high school years and later served in Vietnam during the central years this story covers so it was easy for me to tell the author knows what he is talking aboutHowever i think the native american aspect while excellent from a spiritual point of view might have used a bit verisimilitude such as the kinds of detail found in Louis L'Amour's Last of the Breed

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    This is the first and so far the only book I've read about the Korean war apart from school history books which never tell you the real cost pf the war in human lives I wont say I enjoyed the book as some parts were hard to understand and maybe the jargon Still it tells a haunting account of that time in history

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    A compelling novel with lots of violence from the war in Korea It then moves on to Vietnam where the main character becomes a soldier for hire Still there was a decent portrayal of the man and his upbringing being of mixed parentage Overall an enjoyable piece of war fiction