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Rick Straub's focus on the biopsychosocial model genderlifespanculture perspectives and real world applications makes Health Psychology a riveting and culturally enriched educational experience for students This redesigned new edition has been carefully and extensively updated enhanced by Straub's meticulous revision process and feedback from instructors and studentsWith emphasis on positive health the new edition examines information from biological psychological and social aspects of health offering students a balanced perspective that can help inform their future health decisions in real life”

10 thoughts on “Health Psychology A BioPsychoSocial Approach

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    Meh pretty dry but I liked the course that went along with this book

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    Livro muito bom e atualizado que utilizo nas minhas aulas de Psicologia da Saúde Recomendo

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    This book was very well written for the subject matter Straub did a good job of progressively giving the information to clearly understand it