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Within the kingdom walls was a dreamer who's dreams carried him to lands far away Where wild imagined heroic flights and thrilling sword battles with dark knights were the aspirations of a blacksmith mouse named Chevalier In the magical realm of The Hither and Yon the noble kingdoms of The Land Ever After and The Far Far Away are on the verge of war A sinister plot is in play The young Princess Faere of the land of The Shire betrothed to Prince Charming of the Land Ever After has been mysteriously kidnapped And all the evidence of the foul deed points to The Far Far Away With his kingdom on the verge of war with Ever After Chevalier the mouse a blacksmith who yearns for adventure and fancies himself a dashing mouseketeer vows to find the missing Princess bring her back in time to stop the war between the kingdoms And fulfill his destiny Chevalier The Queen's Mouseketeer The Hither and Yon Book one of a four book series of Fantasy Books for Kids It's a fabled fairy tale of enor mouse proportions The perfect Bedtime Stories Children's Fantasy Books for Early Beginner Readers If you enjoy Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer The Hither and Yon please try the other books in the Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer series Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer book two For Queen and Country Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer book three The Tides of War Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer book four A Hero's Heart REVIEWS This book is gorgeous Set in the magical land of the Hither and Yon and it's equally magical neighbors Monique MacNaughton's artwork nicely compliments Darryl Hughes' tale of a young mouse who yearns to be a hero and how he gets his start despite his tiny stature As becomes obvious by the end this is but the beginning of a series Chevalier is going to have all the opportunity for derring do he ever wanted and maybe even then he bargained for I certainly intend to be along for the rest of his adventures Kay Shapero Ursa Major Awards It's polished artwork and timeless storytelling makes this a book that can be enjoyed by young and old readers alike The Drunk Duck Awards 2013 Beautiful art I really envy it's wonderful narration Definitely appeals to all ages The Drunk Duck Awards 2014 The pictures are adorableThe storyline rhyming and pictures are fantastic Enigma Bookstore Chevalier the Queen's Mouseketeer The Hither and Yon can be found in the following eBook categories Children's books Books for kids Kids fantasy books Children's fantasy adventure books Children's action adventure books Children's fantasy magic adventure Early beginner readers Fantasy adventure series Fantasy books for kids Short stories for kids Illustrated kids adventure series Illustrated children's adventure series Bedtime stories for children Bedtime stories for kids Rhyming kids adventure books Children's fantasymagic adventure Picture books Rhyming picture books Short stories for children Books for girls 6 8 9 12 Books for boys 6 8 9 12 Series books for kids 6 8 9 12 Children's fantasy books Children's adventure series Kids adventure series Children's action adventure series Kids actionadventure series Swordsorcery fantasymagic magic unicorns Tags Children's fantasy fiction children's adventure series fantasy adventure stories children's adventure stories children's adventure books fantasy adventure fiction fantasy adventure books fantasy adventure quest childr

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    This book was not only adorable it was beautiful to behold A mouse who wants to be like the Musketeers so he lives in their shadow watching their every move so he can learn to be a hero like them The graphics are truly remarkable all the females look different and that add visual pleasure and charmIt is told in sweet rhymes and flows nicely So I give it my best thumbs up

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    Ehh I will not continue to read it Too bland Nice try but no thanks Kids might like it Just not my cup of tea I prefer coffeeTheocpowellgmailcom Thanks anyways Good luck fare there well