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Dominic has spent his entire life fighting and hiding After leaving the Marine Corps he is embarking on a new life Cutting all ties to the man he was before he’s in a new place with a new name But some ugly truths from his past that he thought long buried will come back and are refusing to be ignored

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    For this author's first debut book in a series this read was extremely impressive She really knows her stuff when it comes to military agencies and such I enjoyed reading the different missions they went on and the teamfamily entity was a great addition too The two main characters were strong and had a solid chemistry that I fully enjoyed The underlying mystery in the story line was also well delivered and intriguing Johnson's editor addresses punctuation a bit differently than I'm used to but surprisingly it didn't disrupt the flow of the read much at all Great foundation story engaging characters and an unresolved mystery antagonist that I'm very curious to read about in the next installment Great job Sharon Johnson

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    I wanted to love this because CIA sanctioned black ops mercenaries and assassin stories are literary crack for me The military jargon and the mission actions seemed very realistic I liked the cast of characters overall Domenic and Keith were typical military alphas and their initial interaction was good I enjoyed the idea of a cold blooded female assassin as Keith's bestieIt was issues with the style and construction of the story that I had a real problem with This is the first thing I've read from this author so I don't know if this is a typical writing style for her There were shifting POV's among several different characters which could have made the story stronger if done as longer developed chapters Instead they switched around far too rapidly often with no than a couple of paragraphs before the same scene was continued by another character and another It made it terribly confusing and hard to follow what was happening There was at least a bit of distinction between some of their voices but not all and not much It also ruined what could have been a very hot deflowering of the 35 year old gay virgin Also for alpha guys they were pretty sappy and their conversations seemed at odds with their characters There was also the stereotype roar of Mine during sex BlehIt was also hard to follow the time jumps Events sounded as if they were close together in time but we're told it was 8 months later then a year in the next chapter and a year and a half in the next I would hope the author is at least getting feedback from beta readers that would make the next story much engaging I'd really like to read it but I'll have to sample and see if the style improves More editing would be the best solution

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    I started this novel earlier tonight but couldn't finish it The writing is extremely stilted I can't believe that this went through any sort of editing process no commas incorrect spelling pastpresent tense issues robotic language contractions would help The characters didn't hold my interest at all and the plot was fairly weak Also I just couldn't get past the silly nickname Chaos especially in the throws of passion Disappointing because I love a good adventure novel with a little romance DNF

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    I really enjoyed this book I was pulled in from the first page was immediately drawn into Dominic's story It was very hard to put down when real life called I just had to know what was happening next I really loved the alternating POV's I felt it gave the reader a greater feel for the whole story I also loved Dominic's angel Dominic Keith's first time together was super hot they burned up the sheets frequently after that I happily recommend this book look forward to the next one in the series I was gifted a copy of this book by the author

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    A Very Fine Group of GentlemenThis book brings together two men who thought that a HEA was not in their futures The prime characters are developed so that you understand their needs and you journey with them in their voyage of discovery The story helps you see how a man can still find a home amongst strangers and hope for the unthinkableWell written this book deserves the five star rating I am looking forward to the series

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    In spite of the lack of proofreading which seems to be a trend since all her books that I've read are the same