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Sam is falling for her doctor a woman she had always believed to be straight who just told her she is getting a divorce Sam is married unhappily to a woman Now she is driving herself crazy trying to figure a way to start a relationship with this woman who she calls “Doc” But she is afraid she’ll lose the best doctor she ever had if she crosses the line with Doc Doc is a compassionate doctor who cares about her patients but is feeling something strange for one in particular – Sam What is it exactly she is feeling for this woman? And then there is Vickie to contend with Vickie is a crazy member of a drug ring who also stalks Doc and has decided to kill Sam Throw a beautiful lake and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background and you have a humorous love story with a lots of gunfire This is Ms Mauldin’s first novel and if you’re a sucker for romance with a few tense moments and a few giggles give this one a read

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    I really liked Wishing Between the Lines It tells a sweet love story between AnnDoc and SamCowgirl Their relationship takes off like a race run on an obstacle course The synopsis mentions a character called Vickie but this character is called Alice in the book Her name should be mud because she is up to no good Plots are hatched and trouble brews First person narration is my favourite storytelling technique In this novel the main characters alternate and overlap their narrative duties It is an unusual technique but it works On her author's page Pamela Mauldin states that she will be publishing a sequel to her novel I look forward to reading a continuation of this romance series The main characters are in loving relationship and I will happily revisit them