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Ron is a middle aged man of the house with a frigid wife a fast sports car and a hot step brat Holly's a bratty bookworm who started living a secret life of dangerous sex and easy money during her first year of college She's back at home for summer break and Ron is figuring out uickly that the coed has changed into an experienced professional Holly tightened up her youthful body with aerobics and bought classy clothes and seductive perfumes with the cash she's making as an escort She started flirting with Ron in ways that are driving him mad with the desire fill her up Ron knows she's just begging to be taken but is worried his wife will find out What will Ron do when he catches the little brat? Will she be punished? Will he use her secret to negotiate access to her tight body and leave every inch filled? You can be sure that everything these two do will be hard and without protection even in the backdoor because when a man finally gets his hands on his little princess being risky and kinky is part of the fun

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