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In their first adult novel authors Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan take on a story of romance and rivalries inspired by today's most talked about royal couple Will and Kate If I'm Cinderella today I dread who they'll think I am tomorrow I guess it depends on what I do next American Rebecca Porter was never one for fairy tales Her twin sister Lacey was always the romantic the one who daydreamed of being a princess But it's adventure seeking Bex who goes to Oxford and meets dreamy Nick across the hall and thus Bex who accidentally finds herself in love with the eventual heir to the British throne Nick is everything she could have imagined but Prince Nicholas has unimaginable baggage grasping friends a thorny family hysterical tabloids tracking his every move and a public that expected its future king to marry a native On the eve of the most talked about wedding of the century Bex reflects on what she's sacrificed for love and exactly whose heart she may yet have to break

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    This is 100 percent Kate Middleton fan fiction and I have absolutely no problem with that The authors' blog is great; so is this

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    25 generous starsSO THE ROYAL WE started amazingly well One might even say it was like a modern day fairytale Bex Porter in a bid to discover who she might be away from her stifling twin sister enters a study exchange from her program at Cornell with Oxford's Penbroke school She arrives dirty and probably smelly dragging her suitcases behind her in the rain and is forced to pound on the locked door of her housing accommodations No one answers She pounds some Finally an English chap appears apologizes for making her wait he was dozing on the watch and helping Bex with her bags takes her to her roomOn the way she cracks wise about syphilis and crazy amongst the royalsHe laughs drops her off at her new digs invites her down for a drink with the rest of the house when she's settled and strolls away Before he's out of sight Cilla across the hall pops out and shortly thereafter Bex realizes English Chap was really English Crown PrinceWhoopsiesWhat follows is the story of how Bex and PRINCE Nick become best friends and fall in love It is fun It is sweet It is often hilarious As it stands I’ve never heard any of the senior royals even say the word condom although I suspect Eleanor would pronounce it like my own grandmother did as if it’s the nickname of the local cad who scandalizes all the gossips in the retirement village “Did you see Con Dom at the grocery store? He was buying six boxes of wine and a frozen burrito What does it mean ?”What does it mean?giggle snortsAnd then everything falls apartSlowly PAINFULLYTHE ROYAL WE is split into five parts and three of them are miserable The last part ends well enough but it's a fraction of the length of the others so in reality roughly 75% of this book is PAINAnd not the rip the bandaid off quickly kind of pain either No this is the slow agonizing see it coming but helpless to stop it kind of pain It's also about 100 pages longer than it needs to be 75 pages of unnecessary PAIN Also also and somewhat unsurprisingly based on the cover it strangely mirrors the real royals of England Except Kate is an American named Bex Harry is Freddie Pippa is Bex's twin sister Lacey and William is Nicholas As for the rest of them I don't know how much of this art is imitating life but there's enough similarity to make the reading uncomfortably voyeuristic Or maybe that's just my American bafflement at the British and a lot of Western Europe besides fascination with blue bloods and the legitimacy that fascination bestowsI do not get it At all The idea that people are greater or lesser depending on what their ancestors where doing hundreds of years ago Pfft Like I said American #sorrynotsorryAnd that's all I can dredge up a cutesy beginning that goes horribly awry but ends well except I'm not really convinced it will stay that way Bc rabid and tenacious paparazzi and the public they serve scrutinizing your life under a microscope FOREVER Plus snooty blue bloods with their judgment and interference Ugh Just no It is laugh out loud funny at regular intervals but the funny doesn't make a dent in the misery So not really recommended Unless marrying a prince is your thing and ANYTHING that ends with that goal is worth the effort Then you know go for it

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    You know I pride myself on not being what some would call a book snob Sure I like my classics and literary fiction as much as anyone else but I also take a great deal of enjoyment from fast paced entertaining and light books Sometimes I just want some YA fantasy or fluffy chick lit; you know what I'm saying?So I looked past this book's appearance as an obvious William Kate fanfic to the positive reviews and all the good things this could possibly be hilarious silly enjoyable Bridget JonesLou Clark style fun I think I'd already shelved this under guilty pleasure when I picked it up and imagined the faux embarrassed positive review I would write Well I got it so wrong I'm not going to judge this book for basically being a retelling of the WilliamKate romance with Rebecca instead being an American student at Oxford Nor will I judge it for not being deep and offering new perspective honestly no one should be going into this book expecting that And I'll totally ignore the rather comical British stereotypingBut I can't ignore that this was just a boring flat romance Literally the only selling point this book as is that it offers lighthearted entertainment and cute romancing but damn these characters are so bland The book isn't funny or even a hide it under your pillow kind of guilty pleasure Here's a horrifying thought for you Fifty Shades of Grey was entertaining than this bookBoth Bex and Nick are one dimensional and have no personality At all They're two beautiful white people who are so nice polite and dull that I'm genuinely very surprised to see they have so many fans The angst of their relationship is centred around the fact that Nick is heir to the throne but the actual romantic tension andor angst between them is non existentMost surprisingly the plot moves very slow This is an almost 500 page novel and a lot of that features drunken college nights pretty tame ones at the local pub I might add and platonic TV watching in Bex or Nick's roomsI wanted to giggle and swoon Instead I was yawning and skimming towards the end

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    45 stars Review originally posted at Mostly YA Lit Real talk This book is basically thinly disguised Wills and Kate fanfiction and I AM OKAY WITH THAT  But seriously though The Royal We is written by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan better known as the Fug Girls of the celebrity fashion website Go Fug Yourself If you've read their site at all you know their penchant for snark wit and hilarity and they've infused their book and their protagonist Rebecca Bex Porter with those characteristics  The novel starts with a framing device Bex about to get married to Nick and questioning her choices Then we rewind back to when they first met and fell in love at Oxford followed by the years afterwards where Bex and Nick are like many young adults figuring out their lives The novel loosely follows the William and Kate trajectory no spoilers for those of you who don't know and what we miss as the public and in real life we get first hand in this book And that is a gift 

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    I just really really can't bring myself to take this book seriously

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    The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan is full of soapy royal intrigue as the heir to the throne sets his sights on a young American womanWhen Rebecca “Bex” Porter first meets Nicholas Prince of Wales he lets her in to their dorm at Oxford where she’ll be studying for a year He even helps carry her luggage But she hasn’t the first clue who he isWhile their second meeting isn’t much impressive she’s in a towel so perhaps it was for Nick but she also drops her tampons all over the place over time the two develop a close friendship bonding over their love of bad American television and junk food and the fact that she treats him like a regular person unlike the women he's been dating and other women he encountersGiven the fact that one day he’ll be the King of England and she’s an American whose father invented a couch with a refrigerator under its seats there are a million reasons they shouldn’t fall in love But that’s what happens despite a number of suitable women being pushed at himAt first they keep things quiet so as not to rile up his family or the press but after a while Bex gets tired of hiding She is unprepared for the frenzy that follows her wherever she goes and all the ways she’s declared an inappropriate choice She doesn't understand why Nick expects her to rise above all of the criticism she faces from every direction why he won't defend herCan true love survive the machinations of the royal machine not to mention those of so called friends family and the scandal hungry press? Is Bex willing to transform herself into the woman she must be in order to be an appropriate bride for Nick? Is Nick willing to fight for Bex?I’ll admit I’m a tiny bit obsessed with the royals so I really enjoyed this fun soapy romance which was apparently inspired by William and Kate It’s a little long and the will they or won’t they drama drags a bit but I was still hooked and I’m looking forward to the second book in the series due out this summerCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at

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    25 stars There were some genuinely great moments in this book The scenes with just Bex and Nick interacting were funny and adorable and I was really into them HoweverI know this book is supposed to be inspired by Prince William and Kate Middleton but this is full stop RPF with a name change The arc and trajectory of their relationship is virtually the same It made a lot of this book seem plodding as we basically know what happens and why already I'm a weirdo and own the William Kate lifetime movie and at times reading this felt EXACTLY like watching that movieThis book could have been a shorter tighter better story without all the nonsense asides based on real royal scandals Some of them just made me roll my eyes ala Prince Edwin and his film company and generalized slapdickery but some I found a smidge offensive specifically I hatedhatedhated the bodyguard potential father plot line It was totally unnecessary to the story and it felt cheap and kind of gross And it sucks It really sucks because when the authors were just writing their characters everything was great I was invested and having fun and thought it could be a great satire of how people see the Royals It's when they went on the semi biographical tangents that things went to shit because it stops being satirical and starts being almost tabloidyAnd now my real issue view spoilerWe only really see the fun parts of Nick's relationship with Bex for about five or six chapters the Oxford times And really a good hunk of that is her settling in to England These were the most engaging parts of the book However a month into their friendship Bex is storming Windsor Castle to tell Nick she loves him and he is saying the same And it was a romantic moment But Not once do we see her consider what that means On the one hand it's refreshing because she doesn't see him as this Public Figure but as a person On the other its pretty deeply dumb I don't need her to sit down and evaluate with a list of pros and cons but the difficulties of what a relationship like this might mean should flit across her mind at least once or twice in a meaningful way before taking this stepWe spend almost the rest of the book dealing with how dumb it was that she didn't consider these issues Nick almost immediately in part 2 starts to be a bit of an asshole You feel bad for Bex because she's being so patient and understanding but I was also annoyed with her because not once did she listen to the advice of ANYONE around her and say ANYTHING And it made me not like NickHonestly I don't care that he had his reasons for how he reacted I personally don't think those reasons were good enough In real life Princess Diana dies essentially at the hands of the paparazzi who hounded her for her whole life And because they didn't want to make this an EXACT copy though it was in so many other respects instead we have Nick's mom having a psychotic break with reality so that she's this shell and it just didn't work for me The stakes didn't seem as high somehow On the one hand this is worse to have someone you love right there but totally out of reach And on the other it made zero sense was not explained in any way and it felt like a cheatSo of course when Bex's father dies which is glossed over completely in favor of her reunion with Nick which was really disappointing Nick comes running back and Bex essentially just forgives him I get it death is a great unifier it reminds us that we're alive but not forever But And this is a personal but But The fact that it was so easy for Nick to handle this issue and fix these problems all of a sudden makes it so much frustrating that he treated Bex so badly before And he did I almost never agreed with his criticisms of how she was acting and the things that he claimed looked so terrible He was as dumb as Bex when it came to considering the long term and also selfish in not thinking it through Loving someone and being in a relationship means you're a team you have to stop and think at least SOME about what your actions will mean to the other person Not to mention that this too is a cheat It's an easy plot device to rely on to get them back together without having to see Nick OR Bex work for it And of course once this happens Nick promptly abandons her again for over a year to plan a wedding totally alone and navigate the waters of his family TOTALLY ALONE so he can chase after HIS dream never mind the fact that he KNOWS this is going to be a difficult and uncomfortable process subjected to extreme scrutiny which is why he pushed her away in the first place But he also abandons her so we can have a semi love triangle plot with FreddieOh Prince Freddie He was great You could tell he was the most fun to write Howevera problematic thing with the way this book developed was that we spend a lot of the most emotionally wrenching scenes watching Freddie be there for Bex Freddie is the one who shows up when she's sad Freddie is the one who tries to get through to her Freddie is the one who picks up her pieces and nudges her on her way again Freddie is the one who SEES Bex and understands her Freddie is the one who calls Nick out on his nonsense from the get go You can FEEL his frustration with Nick in the scene at Bex's job and in the scenes after it Freddie is the one to tell Bex she deserves better than how his brother is treating her And honestly for a split second I really thought this book was NOT going to go the way the real story went Freddie and Bex had loads chemistry and meaningful scenes together I loved them together because they kind of brought out the best in the other without any expectations that they had to be or should be anyone other than who they wereThis whole plot is brought to a head by the background mystery conflict And I'm going to say it anyone who doesn't know all along that Clive and Joss are going to be betrayers of friendship is a dummy because it's ridiculously obvious in the same way it's obvious about Lacey These were my three least favorite characters because there was no subtlety Lacey in particular I found trying especially in her relationship with Freddie She felt desperate all the way through and there was not a single scene on the page that made me think she actually cared for him as a person rather than a prince It makes her tantrum after she comes upon Freddie and Bex which also seemed totally random and hard to believe extra petulant and than a bit patheticAnd while I actually thought this was an interesting confrontation opportunity between Bex and Nick because Bex was clearly and definitely in the wrong for making out with her fiancee's brother it is also clear to me as a reader what drove her to the edge of the cliff she stumbled off I liked a lot of the discussions they had because they were discussions Bex should have been having with Nick from the get go But because everything I loved about this book seems to come with one all this happens on the eve of their wedding a HUGE fucking deal international EVENT wedding There's no time to deal with the aftermath of the revelations There's no time to work through it There isn't a whole lot of choice left for Nick who has spent this whole book putting duty ahead of almost everything And then boom happy and somewhat improbably though actually really romantic issues aside ending hide spoiler

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    My soul married yours that first night at Windsor and while I'll be the king of this country someday EVERY day I will be your servantDid I tell you I've been having dreams about whatever I've been reading? For instance a few days ago I read SupermanBatman Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Special Edition #1 and then I had these dreams where Batman and Superman blush Um things happened Kissing blushANYWAY while reading this book Ihad dreams about marryingsnoggingshagging a princeEw no What are you crazy? No I had a dream where PPO Stout one of the Prince's bodyguards and I met up and well never mind blush Details aren't important The point IS I'm not the intended audience for this book You know how I feel about rich men huge turn off Plus he's a prince Ew Being hounded by the paparazzi and living life under glass is NOT my idea of a good time I also don't give a fuck about weddings royal or notThis book is basically Kate Middleton and William fanfiction Cocks Morgan don't even bother to hide this I have zero interest in the royal family ZEROAs I said there's about a billion reasons I wouldn't enjoy this bookBex Rebecca is an Iowan who goes to Oxford on a study abroad program and is thrust into Prince Nick's life because of it being assigned to his dorm floor They fall in loveLet's break it downTHE BADISH The book is a complete soap opera Complete Soap Opera Everyone sleeps with everyone else There are a limited number of people in NickBex's circle and they all including Nick and Bex themselves will sleep with everyone else in the circle in a huge game of musical vaginas Musical penises? This leads to tons of drama This could easily be turned into a soap opera y mini series I really COULDN'T understand why everyone was playing musical beds It made no sense It often seemed as if Cocks Morgan just put all the characters' names in a hat and drew them randomly to find out who would be sleeping together on each page The writing It's almost baffling in its incomprehensibility and it took me 84 pages 18% to stop complaining about it I guess you could say I 'got used to it' But it's weird It's extremely weird writing And I don't know if it's because the book has two authors or because they have a weird sense of humor but the writing is meandering and all over the place Sometimes I had to read a paragraph two or three times to understand what is going on Cocks Morgan can and often do start a paragraph in one place and end that same paragraph in a completely unrelated place It's very weird It's very 'swoon over the British royal family' I have no interest in Kate and Will And this is strongly Kate and Will fanfiction Very long very detailed Kate and Will fanfiction which is for some people is going to be a dream come true However I don't care Also does anyone find Prince William attractive? I just don't find him attractive even if I were attracted to princes which I'm not Cocks Morgan take this into account and play up the dirty ginger snap younger brother Harry who makes William pale in the face of his supernova hotness or something Cocks Morgan CANNOT resist a pun and will slip one in there whenever it is possible This can get annoying Everyone also exchanges witty banter like they were born to do it in the vein of Gil Girls or BtVS NO ONE talks this way IRL no one can possibly be this sharp and this quick all the time I can't relate to Bex at all Not only because she's dating a prince but she's just so I don't know NOT CARMEN that I can't wrap my head around her decision making processes The book keeps trying to convince me that Nick is Bex's best friend I'm not buying it The book keeps trying to convince me that Lacey Bex's twin is desperate for Bex's attention and the spare to Bex's heir I completely wasn't buying this I was like oO That's not how you described their dynamic at all for the first 55% of the novel Then at 56% Cocks Morgan just spring this completely weird idea on us that Lacey is somehow the lesser sister to Bex and it just makes no fucking sense Everyone in the book is extremely selfish self centered and spoiled I wanted to smack all of them upside the headTHE GOOD The book is very realisticIt's about dating and marrying a princeYes I see your point but it VERY REALISTICALLY covers this The horror of being unable to escape from the paparazzi Being told what to wear what to say where to go and what to do ALL THE TIME Having approved music that you can admit to listening to Being weighed every week and being told you constantly need to lose weight Realizing you will NEVER be bare faced in public again and that all your makeup is going to be dictated to you along with your clothing and your foodIt's scary shit and I have no idea why Bex would willingly sign on for this Nick as written just isn't compelling enough for me to want to sign my life away to living in a veritable prison because of him The book although it annoyed me with its constant two years later headers really showed two people gradually falling in love and getting to know each other both the pretty sides and the ugly sides No insta love here and no fake sugary love fests Both hero and heroine make a tea ton of mistakes I enjoyed this realistic slow slow developing romanceBut I wouldn't call it a slow burn because there's no burning The sexual chemistry between the leads is IMO nil and there's no on page sex scenes which I'm almost grateful for Bex's parents are amazing and hilarious Bex isn't a jealous woman Romance heroines are usually extremely jealous Bex seems to have sidestepped this much to my immense relief So did Nick pretty muchTl;dr It grew on me Once I got used to the weird writing which took me a LONG time I found this book readable and reasonably interesting despite it's subject matter And that's saying a lot since I am far from the intended audience on this oneShe throws away her ENTIRE life for this guy I just didn't get it Also a lot of other people sacrifice their own lives in service of the royal couple seemingly voluntarily I did not understandGroup read with URR

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    Edit 1019 GUYS CBS FILMS HAS OPTIONED THE BOOK THR reports that it may star Mae Whitman of Arrested Development which I'm pretty meh about har de har but I am willing to move past that because THIS COULD BE A MOVIE AHHHH THIS BOOK IS GREAT The premise has been done many times American girl goes abroad to Oxford where she meets and falls in love with the heir to the British throne But this book captures almost eight years of their relationship and you really get to know Nick Bex and their funny charming group of friends It is a fantastic romance that you will not want to put downThe real tension in this story isn't the will they won't they but will they can they? which is a change for the better In fact I was so invested in the relationship that at one point I did the unthinkable and skipped ahead to see what was going to happen next IT'S ALL TOO STRESSFUL which I never do So score one for you Fug GirlsThe inside look at the royal life is one of the main attractions of the novel and the Fug Girls have spent years researching this book in very serious ways mostly by covering The Royal Ascot and other occasions where one would wear a fascinator You'll also get some great settings like Windsor and Buckingham Palace And there are endless inside Fug Girl jokes the names of Freddie’s revolving girlfriends made me do spit takes by the end of the book as well as a TV series that I’m mad isn’t real Devour foreverI was so obsessed with this book while I was reading it and so drawn into the story that I thought for sure it would be 5 stars Unfortunately I thought the ending was uneven which is why I've dropped it to 4 Spoilers abound aheadview spoilerI have two main problems with the end of the book 1 I could have done without the subplot of the friend turning traitor on Bex and 2 I thought the FreddieBex subplot came out of nowhere and was shoehorned in just to add some drama The ending really fell flat because of the FreddieBex thing; after all that Nick and Bex have been through he's just going to forgive that and get married right away? I don't know Relationships are messy but I'd been through so much with Nick and Bex that I really wanted them to find even footing in the crazy royal world before actually saying I do hide spoiler

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    EDITED March 2020 I think Goodreads lost my rating and messed up some of the comments when the listing was edited to become the first in a series Anyway this has always been five stars for me My favorite book and one I go to for comfort and to read at least once a year Like putting on my favorite well worn jeans and Breton striped top ;Original reviewSomeone's review said that this is Kate Middleton fan fiction and that is spot on If you're a royal lover like I am you will Devour this heh hehthat's a joke you'll get when you've read the book PASS THE CRACKER JACK Seriously you'll devour it I read it in a little over 24 hours I am a big fan of the royals particularly Kate and I unabashedly watch and read pretty much anything about them that I can get my hands on cheesy somber fact fiction probably fiction and otherwise When the smart and funny authors the ladies behind the Go Fug Yourself blog offered the first 7 chapters of their new book for free on I dove right in and was immediately hooked It felt impossible to wait another month for it to come out It's the perfect combination of fun story actual facts about Will Kate and royal life like the painting of Queen Victoria in the shower of the Royal Suite at The Goring Hotel and total fantasy I see where some people say the story slows down in the middle a bit but the characters are so well done and the bits of royal life that are worked in are so irresistible it doesn't matter This is the only book that I can recall has made me literally laugh and cry in equal measure which was a lotI already know this is a book I'll re read regularly; a true favorite Well done Fug Girls Well doneNow when is the movie coming out?In the interest of full disclosure I received a free copy of this book from the authors I was so enthusiastic about the first seven free chapters and engaged with them a bunch on Twitter I entered a giveaway they had and though I didn't win they graciously asked if they could send me a copy anyway Opinions are my own including the opinion that the Fug Girls are a damn delight