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For the delight and edification of discerning readers we present diverse stories concerning the lives histories and adventures of the crew of the aethership Shadowless Lament as an upstanding clergyman falls into the villainous clutches of a notorious criminal mastermind Question your sanity as a dissolute governess confronts blasphemies from beyond creation Wonder at the journey of the dashing skycaptain Byron Kae across sapphire oceans through smog choked streets and to the depths of the sky itself Gasp at an entirely true and accurately rendered tale of pirates cavalrymen aethermancers scientists and a power to unmake the world Plus hitherto unseen extracts from the meticulous and illuminating journals of Mrs Miranda Lovelace rogue scientist and first of the aethermancers This 315 page collection includes Liberty Cloudy Climes and Starless Skies Shackles and Sqaumous with a Chance of Rain

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    4 LiBeRtY StArS Anyone for tea So we're whisked away again for tales from that charmer Mr Alexis HallT'waz wonderful so it T'wazYou know this guy can spin a yarn so beautifully Ruben lay staring up at Milord's piece of sky where the moon floated in a haze of silver upon a sea of stars T'waz Milord and Ruben's dalliance that had me like thisand thisGasp I LOVED ITcunning clever smoulderingly sinfulthen we had the dashing skycaptain Byron Kae the loveable rogue Dil sneaked us a peek at their piece of sky sighNot forgetting a whole host of other characters No doubt if you loved Prosperity you'll love this Pour a cup of tea sit back and enjoy xoxo ARC kindly provided by Riptide and Netgalleythank you so muchLiberty and Other Stories is due for release 5th Jan 2015

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    Liberty Other Stories is a collection of short stories set in the Prosperity universe You can meet old friends and learn about their past and also future For fans of Prosperity a must read Shackles Lament as an upstanding clergyman falls into the villainous clutches of a notorious criminal mastermindOh my fucking God I am so stunned Stunned by Milord and Milord and Ruben Stunned When I’m reading their story I am glued to the pages I feel so close to them I can feel their want and despair I can smell the dampness of the cell the fragrance of the tea I am lured in and helpless I have no defenses I am owned and made a prisoner of emotionsThere has never been a person that engrossed me than Milord never been a connection between two people that I adored and I can’t imagine there’ll ever be anotherMilord all on his own is so fascinating to me He’s so cold and broken yet so overwhelmed with want and emotion I pity and admire him and he would hate me for it He’s so proud and ruthless A lost soul A survivorI can’t but be appalled by his deeds that he deems necessary but like Ruben I can’t but love and want him despite everything I want him to experience something good something real and powerful for the first time in his life I want him to live to find love and give love in returnMilord and Ruben together on page are just mind blowing to me They are my own personal brand of heroine Their scenes are so special Tender and wary full of desire and mistrust of hope and betrayal They are everything to me‘Shackles’ is the beginning of their story It is a powerful start to a powerful future that is continued in Prosperity Squamous with a Chance of Rain Question your sanity as a dissolute governess confronts blasphemies from beyond creationSquamous is Jane’s story how she has evolved in her state of seeing horrendous things beyond the aetherThere are universes cold and vast caught at the corners of my eyes like unshed tears Spaces between my thoughts flecked with the fleeting iridescence of a thousand dying worldsWe are nothingA disregarded dream of long dead godsSo I am somehow unfair but from all of Prosperity’s protagonists I feel the least connection to Jane And this is unfair because all the others are such extraordinary people to me that Jane somehow falls short But if I’d look at her on her own she’d still be a great and fascinating womanAnd I want to see her it is just a bit hard for me to distance myself from all the rest and see past themI really like a lot of Jane’s characteristics She’s enticing and blunt and cares naught for what is expected from her as a woman We see the beginnings of this in Squamous and can relish it in Prosperity all the In Squamous we read her correspondence with a friend Parts were gross and terrible others just lovely and funny others were a bit slow for me though It could as well have been me because I was a bit preoccupied in my thoughts with other things while reading 'Squamous' but I had some difficulties with concentrating and getting into the storyAs part of the whole Prosperityverse I still love ‘Squamous’ very much and I love how I get pieces of the whole in everything I read Cloudy Climes and Starless Skies Wonder at the journey of the dashing skycaptain Byron Kae across sapphire oceans through smog choked streets and to the depths of the sky itselfOkay firstI KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW ITAnd no I won’t tell you what D I so knew it Also makes me soooooooo so happyWelcome to Byron Kae’s story of how they became an aethermancerI was too desperate to be embarrassed And Edward simply gathered me up and carried me aboard Wrapped me in a blanket and held me with impossible patience until I remembered how it felt to be safe and seen and knownCloudy is in parts a really heartbreaking story because Byron Kae had not an easy life before they could escape to the skies and be free It made me so angry and sad for them They had been different even before they got changed by the universe and they had a hard time because of thatInfinity I beheld infinityNowhere and everywhere the beginning and the end of all things boundless and impossible vastAnd beautifulIt was beautifulAnd the universe took me and claimed me and when I came back I was changedCloudy is a story full of wonder and love and tenderness Reading about Byron Kae makes me incredibly happy They is such an intriguing character When they talk when they are near I feel like an amazed childByron Kae is just so fascinating They is so innocent but so powerful tooI want a Byron Kae in my life because as much as I adore Milord it’d be too dangerous to have someone like him I really loved how 'Cloudy' was told The framework to Byron Kae telling their story was just lovely The small banter in between with Dil made me smile so muchAgain I am awed by another piece that I could discover and explore in the Prosperityverse I could read nothing else for the rest of my life and die happy view spoiler with the only exception being Joolz writing for his Syntax series because I am so very curious about his assassin hide spoiler

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    I loved Prosperity and Liberty and Other Stories gives you a glimpse of the lives of the characters Picadilly met on the Shadowless You'll find out what made them the people Picadilly got to know and love mostly You'll get Shackle Ruben and Milord's story told by Picadilly who thinks he 'got the shape of it' It is as heartbreaking as I expected And now I am even worried than before How can I love a character like Milord? Squamous with a Chance of Rain Miss Jane Grey's story This one is as funny as it is disturbing if that makes any sense Cloudy Climes and Starless Skies is Byron Kae's story Liberty is about the fall of a pirate town Now declassified documents reveal the reasons behind the fall The title provided by NetGalley and Riptide Publishing

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    I received a free ARC via NetGalleyHave you read Prosperity? Were you left with some lingering questions? besides translating Picadilly speakWould you like to know about Milord and Reuban and how theycame to be? Shackle is for youDid you find yourself wondering wtf was up with Jane and how shegot where she got? Squamos with a Chance of Rain is right up your alley Especially if you love hilarious Sound of Music ReferencesDo you wonder about Byron Kae? Read their story in Cloudy Climes and Starless SkiesAnd learn the story of the fall of the pirate haven Liberty in Liberty with declassified court documentsThis collection is wonderful I loved every one of these stories My only issue was with Lord Silver's story in Shackle because it felt way too coherent BUT I still loved the story over all

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    Loved itWill try to review it soem time next week If possible I loved Byron Kae Dil Milord and Ruben even Lady Jane is still no my favourite though her story was quite wondrous and scary Fans of Prosperity will loved these additonal stories And as a side note they are easier to read in terms of languageHere is my full review also posted on Ellie Reads Fiction This a collection of 4 short storiesnovellas some of which are prequels some sequels to Prosperity but they all add to the stories of our beloved characters from the first bookShackles is about Ruben and Milord It's told from Ruben's POV but it reveals a lot about both Ruben and Milord To say that I absolutely enjoyed it would be an understatement Milord is the unrepentant villain we know from Prosperity and Ruben is the same iirresistibleupstanding man but their meeting and coming together really impacts them both deeply They have their weaknesses and dark sides but I feel all the stories in this collection are mostly about acceptance and loving someone oneself unconditionally Ruben's voice is quite different style than Piccadilly's in Prosperity and that makes his tale easier to read in terms of languageSquamous with a Chance of Rain tells the story of Lady Jane She is my least favourite character of the lot and I don't mean that I dislike I just love the rest of them much Still her story was rather intriguing an epistolary tale with of Gothic horror and somewhat reminiscent of Jane Eyre This story mixes the mundane and the mythical and has steampunk elements than the previous one Lady Jane is a rather unreliable narrator which makes her story all the mysterious and scary Cloudy Climes and Starry Skies is all about Byron Kae and the story I liked the best Byron Kae was the most unusual character for me in Prosperity They were an amazing human being yet I had somewhat difficult time picturing them in my head Their story here completely won me over I have no words to properly describe what it made me feel It's beautiful and painful and full of love and longing and pain and isolation It presents brilliantly the universal desire of the human being to be accepted to be valued for who they are The story is heart breaking and gut wrenching yet ultimately full of love and tenderness It reminded me in a lot of ways of Mr Hall's short story Sand and Gold and Ruin another allegorical tale of love and pain The final story Liberty was not at all what I was expecting and it was amazing still the same It's full of adventure and action and drama and multiple POVs It's a sequel to Prosperity where we see Dil and Byron Kae and Lady Jane back together Told through different documents personal letters official documents some classified government correspondence etc it's an action story where the author skilfully plays with historical fact and fiction to create an emotional tale of power and ambition and love and forgiveness And we meet Captain George England yet another fantastic character created by Mr Hall I hope that we will have the chance to read his story at some point in the futureThese are beautifully written steampunkfantasy stories exploring the human soul in all its beauty and ugliness It takes the readers on a magical journey and it leaves them wanting so much A highly recommended readA side note It's easier to read in terms of language but just as beautifully and masterfully written If you gave up on Prosperity because you found the slang too difficult I'd suggest that you read these first and then go back to Prosperity Or you can try There Will be Phlogiston a free short story mmf set in the same world where the heroine is half sister to Byron Kae

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    sobs Oh God it was so so wonderful But now it's over I don't want it to be over I'm writing separate reviews of each story in this collection but the whole thing was just impossibly good every story with it's own distinct flavor Shackles the story of Ruben Milord's beginning is moving emotional the most erotic of the offerings with a shocking conclusionSquamous with a Chance of Rain Jane Grey's story is just hysterically funny a total laugh fest while simultaneously wickedly sexy darkly Gothic simply dripping with Lovecraftian horror Cloudy Climes and Starless Skies Byron Kae Dil's story is my favorite the most powerful for me The anguish of BK's early life was heart wrenching but in the end it's a moving story of personal triumph over spirit crushing oppression BK's transformation to aethermancer is fascinating the ending joyfully romanticLiberty was a complete surprise a sort of steampunk Victorian espionage thriller featuring our familiar cast of characters a diabolical villain introducing an intriguing new character in Captain George England

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    BJ and I did a buddy review on Prism Book Alliance our reviews are very different but we came to the same conclusion HELL YEAH Shackles This is Ruben and Milord’s origin story YES It really is Can you believe it? We get thisOk ahem now thenOnce you’ve read the book that start all of this Prosperity the opening pages of Shackles will have your heart beating faster at the possibilities the anticipation of what you may learn about Ruben and well those he knew in the beginning New favorite word alert iniquitousI could squee and rave and shout and dance about the major fantasticalness of this story It would be and is all true Here’s the thing learning what we did about Ruben and Milord at the end of Prosperity lends this story emotional weight it may not have otherwise provided ne forced upon me It’s a gift I treasure For Ruben and Milord I was desperate to gloriously suffer through them delicately faints onto the chesterfield I did And I’m grinning Oh and here’s a straight forward example of the things that made me snort with glee Ruben had never been introduced to ordnance before He was not particularly enjoying the experienceHee yes I just “hee’d”Ruben is one of the big huge giant keys to this Prosperity universe His passion and seemingly unquenchable thirst to get to the true heart of a person are two of the gears that make this realm turn and grind and flyAnd let us not give short shrift to Milord Yes he’s a dastardly bastard but try as he might he cannot hide from Ruben His usual defenses are useless abandoning him leaving him open and wantingI want to read Prosperity again 5 Squamous With a Chance of Rain This Is FUN My literary heart was joyfully singing and swinging The word play in Hall’s writing is superb Superbly humorous Superbly direct Superbly sublime Smartly swirled within is that earthy reality to which all of us human types fall prey Our own hang ups need for vindication and the inability to ignore the nonsensical imperfect path – it’s just too irresistibleAlso? The love for The Sound of Music I share that bone deep adoration sirMy adoration for sarcasm is just as mighty Jane my dearest you sing my song If she thought to menace me she misjudged the matter seriously as I have always rather appreciated being underestimated It allows one to relaxYesThe deeper and deeper into this story the and it read like poetry Wonderful desperate mysterious poetry What in the world is going on at Vanstone Hall? With Jane? And Vanstone? Diane? The children?This is a fantastically built story a steady climb further into tentacled horror I freakin’ loved it It captivated me from the sarcastic beginning through the creepy grossness and right on to the perfection that is the ending Is it really though? The end? Jane I know you have too much up your bustle to abandon us now 5 From the Journal of Mrs Miranda Lovelace Alexis Hall has created and can write female characters that represent the hodgepodge of traits we all share at differing levels aptitude intelligence humor a million interests strength vulnerability the unending variety that is us This journal of Miranda’s is so cool She’s a scientist curiosity and method swirling around together in chaotic beauty and discovery Holy crap this is awesome That’s as simple as I can make it And I’m covetous Of this story and Miranda and that’s all there is to itI want I need I’m a’gonna get me 5 a momentary break in the action I just noticed how much “swirling” and “turning” and “flying” I’ve got here That’s what Hall’s storytelling is always in motion even in those incredibly intimate quiet moments everything is moving Such a difficult thing to accomplish to get across to a reader This here be success back to our regularly scheduled jibber jabber Cloudy Climes and Starless Skies breath hitches quill point scratches across paper My Dearest ByronMy heart cracks and splits and crumbles in learning of your history but then you heal it all putting me back together again with your endless kindness strength and love I hate for you my heartbeat increasing and my anger rising against those who failed to see you who simply failed you and hurt you I hate that you hurtFor all of your strength and knowledge and experience you still recognize the precious nature of life of Dil What he is he’s the sky you can now see the life that travels beside you with you instead of only glimpsing it over the wall and beyond the railing He’s everything you don’t yet knowThat makes Ruben the one who helped you see the you that was already there waiting to start the real ride in that skyOh and before I forget thank Dil for me He makes me giggle especially when he teases you for it’s usually based on truth Which is the other thing he sees the true you He sees you and embraces you knowing what you want and why PreciousI wish for you the life you’ve dreamed and Yours in gratitudeAndrea 5 Liberty I don’t have a review per se of this part of the story I will tell you that it’s fun as hell It’s a sort of behind the scenes backstory roly poly’d in alongside It’s like the Prosperity case files got cracked open and we’re the lucky ones to have been in the right place at the right time to leaf through peruse and soak up at willAnd Dil gets the last word as it should be ETA Recommended Read on PBA for January 2015

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    Truth is I reckon we all know less about living than what we pretend we do But one lesson I have been able to make stick through my slender though adventuresome years is that you have to go out and lay paws most handily and most determinedly on whatever stuff it is makes your life worth having Liberty and Other stories is a collection of three prequels and a sequel to Prosperity plus a bonus storyTo say I was happy to meet my favourite characters from Prosperity again would be an understatement In this collection Alexis Hall gives us not only past time stories and new adventures of the ”merry band of misfits” but a deeper look inside their hearts he reveals their strengths and vulnerabilities in a way that made me grew fonder of them all We meet them in prison cells in dark woods and dead houses with their backs against the wall and in the endless skies where the shackles of the past have no hold Shackles is the story of Ruben and Milord “There is to a person than what they do” This is the story that made me want to re read Prosperity the most because I have underestimated Ruben greatly In Prosperity I saw him as this white knight trying to save everyone But there’s so much to Ruben In Shackles he is not the one physically chained yet I felt he is trapped and his encounters with Milord set him free when he least expected He wanted to make him laugh Subdue him with ecstasy Cover him with good things until his own goodness—or lack of it—didn’t matter Of course it wasn’t biblical Milord is well Milord and nothing can put him off balance like Ruben His refusal to give in to emotions of any kind is put through the test here and the end of the story is both surprising and typical Milord Also Nell was brilliantI call this story Alexis Hall’s magic because when he writes about the desires of the heart I find myself hoping that even the villain will find loveSquamous With a Chance of Rain is Ms Grey’s story There are universes cold and vast caught at the corners of my eyes like unshed tears Spaces between my thoughts flecked with the fleeting iridescence of a thousand dying worlds It’s scary Also fun Lots of fun because Jane is so colourful and wonderfully indelicateIt’s told as a collection of letters from Jane to a friend and I admit the letters revealed a softer side of Jane which I did not see in Prosperity – between the krakens' voices in her head the derringer hidden beneath her skirts and the opium running through her veins Jane’s heart is no stranger to the need of love and affection Loved itThe bonus story From the Journal of Mrs Miranda Lovelace gives an insight to the creation of the pirate skytown Liberty and some back story to one not so nice character who plays an important role in the final story Liberty Mrs Lovelace is a devoted and fearless scientist she’s not a woman of many words and yet I learned so muchCloudy Climes and Starless Skies is my favourite story in the collection Because Byron Kae I’ll steal Andrea’s words because I can’t say this better If anyone deserves to be able to fly it's Byron “There’s little value in an unread book”“Before you there was only ever unread books” It is possible that I’m being biased here because I adore Byron Kae since I met them in Prosperity Here they finally tell their story while Dil teases them lovingly and I just fell in love even Forced to endure their father’s resentment claim of ownership and attempts to change them Byron Kae not only refuses to put their head down but becomes a person who can find beauty in a world full of ugly they are affectionate and fair and brave And just because I loved what they say about Dil I’ll quote it here The truth is Dil is full of hungers Greedy for words and skin and the open sky Also Ros and Ruben make memorable appearances in Cloudy Ros is the first light Byron Kae sees in months and despite all the horrible things she says to them I could not see her as a negative character only I’m so glad she got her love story in There Will Be PhlogistonI’d say Byron Kae’s encounter with Ruben is the event that strengthened their resolve to chase their dreams Ruben’s words not only moved Byron Kae but made me appreciate their friendship much “I don’t know what I am” I finished breathless and half sick on confession like the burn of a freshly lanced wound“You’re you” He made it sound so very simple Beautiful and touching story that I’ll definitely be reading againLiberty is the final story in the anthology and it mostly takes place in 1866 – three years after Prosperity Mostly because it includes a back story that explains what led to the events in 1866 Further I have long since known that the human heart is full of tricksome turns and twisty passages and ’tis rare to find one what is all good or all bad It’s a tale of spies and aetherweapons where one very proper Captain George England finds himself willingly at first involved in the plans of a crazy aethermancer in the chase for power Liberty is told as collection of letters from Captain England declassified documents and a number of court statements and it’s a wild adventure full of suspenseBut most importantly what shone throughout the story was Dil’s smile I saw it in Jane’s words in Byron Kae’s words even in George’s words And it made my heart melt because this time it is not Dil using his dimples and charms to get things his way it’s him being genuinely happy Truly fantastic story

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    Shackles This was great As usual I loved the writing and the word choices but my favorite part of this will always be these characters I will never not want of them Squamous with a Chance of Rain Wow on one hand I found this completely hilarious with it's references to oh just everything On the other hand let's not lie some of it was a bit over the top for me I think I prefer things to be a bit subtle although I'm quite sure a few things went over my head or were missed entirely I do love Jane's personality and her bluntness though and the writing was fun to read as always Cloudy Climes and Starless Skies This was really good Of all the characters in Prosperity Byron Kae is the most mysterious and enigmatic so it was great to learn about them Their story was fascinating and so engrossing I didn't even realize until the end that I read it all at once Liberty This was fun because of the wide variety of viewpoints it contained Each of the characters has a very specific voice and I love all of them I'm really sad I don't have any of this left to read

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    I didn't want this to endI don't want this to be the endMilord and Ruben there is so much I need to know Their relationship is so intense and agonizing andhot Milord is a difficult character really quite the scoundrel but I so root for him anyway and its not entirely for Ruben's benefitJane's story was cleverly done as far as the letters and the little hints and slow unraveling But Byron Kae is really where its at One of my all time favorite characters ever written Their story is sad and lonely and pissed me off but I loved it view spoilerI was so happy that they and Dil finally got together though I could have used descriptions in that area hide spoiler