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Protectors Orphans WatchersWatchers skim millions of thoughts across parallel universes Their charge keep their universe hidden at all costs But when the Galactic Regency seizes control of Watch Station the Watchers fight to surviveThe ensuing operation launches Emre into the heart of the bond between mother and child where he must choose between what is best for the Watch or what is best for mother and child knowing what it is to grow up without oneIn this science fiction space opera novella that spans parallel universes Jeffrey A Ballard a classically trained scientist delves into the heart of the bond between parents and their children

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    I been provided a copy of this book in exchange for honest review35 stars but since Goodreads doesn't allow half stars I am going to lean towards 4It's interesting and well written piece of sci fiIt's only flaw is that it's too shortonly 94 pages long so lot book's potential is unusedAnd that is too bad since it had lot potentialThis book might not get into anyone's favorite shelf but nonetheless it's good book that deserves attention if you are sci fi fanAnd if you are just looking for quick sci fi fix you might consider book's small length a plusI would definitively like to see another book in same setting

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    Amazing wee story I was hooked from start to finish I thought this story was well thought out and a wee gem of a story So my thanks to the wonderful author Jeffrey A Ballard for the privilege and pleasure of reading this wonderful story this book I would be very happy to recommend this book to my friends so happy reading to all from wee me xxx♥

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    I've received this book from the author as a review copy via goodreads giveaway This is not influencing my opinion whatsoever Now to the booknovellaI give it like 35 starsAt the beginning I had a hard time getting into it which was a problem for me because this novella is short anyways It started to get interesting to me in the 3 chapter it just broke the ice for meI really liked the main protagonist Emre he really did what he wanted influenced by his feelings his intuition what is right and what is wrongWhat I enjoyed the most was the interaction between Emre and the family in the other universe Emre tries to help the mother of the newborn Branden and gets in trouble afterwards because he got too much into the minds of that familyThis novella shows the extreme bond between a mother and a child in many ways As Emre is an orphan himself he wants to save baby Branden to be an orphan as well That part of the story is really emotional and action packedSomething I didn't enjoy as much was the part at the Watch Tower it was hard for me to relate to the other characters besides Emre and it was hard tp understand the mission Aditionally the couple universes were a bit confusing to me but maybe that's just me?All in all I enjoyed the novella and would recommend it to high fantasy and sci fi fans

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    This is a short story but quite complex Basically there's two universes and for some unexplained reasons telepaths watch over the second universe Never their ownIn the first universe the government has gone through a regime change and the new government is violently against the watchers In the second there's a new law that discriminates against newborns based on a genetic trait The story is about a young watcher wrapped up in the second while her desperate superiors order to do the forbidden and look into her own universeThe story lacks one thing which is motivation Why are the watchers so against doing as the new government says? Why is the government so aggressive? What are the goals of each group? For that matter what is the goal of the heroine? Besides apparently saving a baby And why does she pursue that goal to the point of her own destruction?I feel like this story is too clever for me to grasp That there was some overreaching point that I missed that would cause this all to make sense As I did miss whatever it is I can't say that I like this story even though it's well toldI received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review

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    A wonderful novelette in an intriguing universe A tremendously exciting ending I would love to read in this setting

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    This novella was a most interesting and thought provoking story It's short but contains the kind of ideas that are meat and drink to a mind like mine The punctuation could probably use a little polish as well as some of the sentence structures I had to read a couple things a couple of times to understand them but I can recommend itI'm so fascinated by consciousness Where does it come from? What is it exactly? Why can't I describe it and how do I know for sure it exists? Is it just a by product of brain function? Or is it possible that it does exist outside of us is perhaps limited by our brains and in fact permeates all of creation? Who am I? Am I than just a physical being? Can my consciousness my awareness be linked somehow to another? My philosophy derives from Advaita Vendanta which says there are not two things Many people know that 'we are all One' but perhaps differ in what way are we all One?The story is one of a young woman an orphan a Watcher who has been trained to skim and penetrate the thoughts of others It is only allowed however in an ancillary universe Somehow an alternate universe has been created to be a test subject and skimming in the Prime Universe is forbidden The Prime Universe is not a perfect universe Political coups still happen and they happen over along term What is a Watcher to do when she and her kind are under an attack that has been planned for centuries?A substory to this is the story of DNA profiling where a baby born with certain traits is to be taken away from it's mother so it can't cause harm This kind of dehumanising testing is an issue of our time and many other traits of this ancillary universe compared to our world makes one ponder 'are we a testing ground an ancillary universe?' The idea is preposterous to many although a very old idea one explored by the The Cathars among others and yet as The Matrix questions you've always known there is something wrong with the world it's like a splinter in your mindThe ancient Gnostics created a mythology of Sophia Wisdom who left her fathers house got lost and her journey leads to the creation of the material world The world misunderstands it's existence and the wisdom of Sophia is splintered Until one understands the Unity of all the fractures cannot heal and the world wanders ever in confusion and misunderstanding the true meaning of the word Sin The Watchers reminded me of this mythRow row row your boat gently down the streamMerrily merrily merrily merrily Life is but a dream

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    Ballard writes of two universes In one there are Watchers who transcend into the other universe reading thoughts to make sure the secret of two parallel universes continues These Watchers are in their own way a sovereign nation within a national government They are honor bound to only view the other universe and not spy on their own So of course the government wants the powerThe Galactic Regency assumes control over the Watch Station and attempts to replace the altruistic Watchers with loyal subjects A race against time beginsWatcher Emre the main character is drawn to a family in the other universe and does what he should not – move beyond observation – and try to control a situation gone badly While doing this he must become than he ever thought possible as a baby in one universe and a rebellion in his are simultaneously drawing all the energy he can musterThis one is out there a bit – speculative fiction interesting Could schizophrenics actually be in tune with the real reality? No it isn’t the scope of this novella but just an afterthought of mine With that I hope all readers will have some internal debate The concept in this work opens larger doors to ponderThis is a short read 94 pages and moves quite quickly Don’t skim or you may miss some key detailsRead January 2015 Copy supplied by author

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    The Watchers by Jeffrey A BallardAvailable from New Rochester Publishing 2015This copy was provided in the hopes that a review would be written Although I had expected a book this is actually a long short story The concept is that a number of individuals can split their awareness and send it out into the world to track criminals gather information and all the other things that governments might want done with that skillThe protagonist is one of these individuals He knows full well that splitting his awareness multiple times makes it harder for other watchers to watch what he’s doingbut it also risks splitting him into so many fragments he can never compile his consciousness again The day comes when he must risk everything to save the one person who can save every citizenAn exceptionally well written and engaging story The pacing is fast and since the concept is never buried under garbled language readers of suspense fiction will love this even if they don’t usually read sci fi5 starsIf you like high stakes stories of suspense check out Reparation A Novel of Love Devotion and Danger

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    This is just a novella not the whole story Keep this in mind while reading The story is about the watchers a group of people taken from their parents at the age of 2 so they can be taught to use their minds to open up others thoughts within another universe It is against the rules to become involved in one person or to delve too deeply into one person The main 2 character in this short story are Emre a watcher and Branden an infant child less than a day old Emre accidently attaches to Branden when he is born but helps him and his mother Sumiko escape capture by delving into their thoughts and speaking with them When the watchers station is attacked Emre is supposed to delve into his own universe and find out what happened but it is too much for him to handle The ending is left WIDE open and I am still not sure what really happened guess I will have to find out in the actual book Good short read but left a little too open to be an actual story

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    This is a quick well written story about how a trained mind can go off track when it encounters something so inherent in their DNA that he has no choice but to respond The author gave me this story A fascinating and fast paced plot that was interesting to me The author and genre is new to me Enjoy the read I did