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Emily's psychic abilities have grown since the acceptance of her “gift” and the defeat of the father and son sociopaths the Nelsons whom she has sent away to prison for life But when an old friend of her boyfriend Tony comes to Charles City Emily is suspicious and fears things may not be as they seem Something or someone a “Shadow” of darkness appears to be taking over the bodies of new friends and old Then Max Emily’s murdered dog from her childhood suddenly comes onto the scene Emily is certain the ghost dog’s presence means big trouble is brewing As her fears grow the arrival of a young murder victim adds to her stress but she vows to find a way to help the child no matter what Her visions aren’t working and only adding to her confusionA young man shows up ostensibly to be of assistance He claims to be her ‘soulmate’ of sorts But is he? Or is he simply symbolic of trouble on the horizon for Emily and her true love?Will Emily accept his help to protect those most important to her from an evil vengeful ghost and prevent him from turning the innocent into killers? And will she discover where the child’s body is hidden and who killed her so the young girl and her family can finally have peace? Perhaps in this case only the “Shadow” knows

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